Jonathan Levine to Direct Coming to America Sequel


Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about an Eddie Murphy comeback with a new Beverly Hills Cop movie in the works, a potential return to standup under consideration, and rumours about a Twins sequel that would team him with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. Earlier this year we also heard that Paramount might be developing a sequel to his 1988 classic Coming to America. That now appears to be confirmed with a director and writer officially joining the project, although Murphy himself is still not yet locked down. Could this be the movie that turns around Murphy’s career? Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to THR, Jonathan Levine (Snatched, 50/50, The Night Before) has signed on to direct Coming to America 2 for Paramount. The latest draft of the script is being penned by Kenya Barris (Black-ish), although original Coming to America scribes Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield wrote a previous version. The original film was directed by John Landis, but he does not appear to be involved in the sequel.

Eddie Murphy is said to be involved and is expected to star, although there is no deal in place as of yet. No word on whether or not any other cast members may return (ie. Arsenio Hall). It is also unclear if Prince Akeem’s brother Tariq will make an appearance (played by Tommy Davidson in the unsold pilot for a Coming to America TV series). Do you have any interest in a Coming to America sequel?

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  • Jake

    I think I would much rather see Murphy’s stand up comedy comeback. A sequel could be alright I guess. With all the money Netflix has been throwing at comics, I’m surprised they haven’t offered Murphy anything. Maybe they have and he turned them down, or maybe they ran out of money after they gave Seinfeld 100 million for two specials (!).