Father Figures Trailer Starring Owen Wilson and Ed Helms


With Daddy’s Home 2 targeting a November release instead of a December one, that leaves a bit of room for another dysfunctional family comedy to try to carve out a piece of the holiday box office this year. Enter the Warner Brothers comedy Father Figures, which stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as two adult brothers who find out that their mom (Glenn Close) has been keeping a secret from them and set out on a road trip to determine who their father really is. The four paternal candidates? None other than J.K. Simmons, Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames and Christopher Walken. Directed by Lawrence Sher (cinematographer on The Hangover trilogy) and written by Justin Malen (Office Christmas Party), this looks like another slightly desperate R-rated comedy destined to bomb just like Baywatch, The House, and Rough Night did this past summer. Father Figures hits theatres on Dec. 22nd; check out the red band trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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