Film Junk Podcast Episode #627: It


0:00 – Intro
9:40 – Review: It
37:00 – Headlines: Colin Trevorrow Leaves Star Wars: Episode IX
45:55 – Retro Reviews: World Trade Center and United 93
1:49:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: Wind River, The Crimson Kimono, Salem’s Lot, Adaptation, Twin Peaks: The Return Finale, Snatched, Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Icarus, Kingsman: The Secret Service
2:05:50 – Junk Mail: Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Porgs, Audiences Cheering During Classic Movies, “Visionary” Directors
2:24:10 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:31:08 – Outro
2:34:15 – Spoiler Discussion: It

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  • JC

    An hour of 9/11 retro reviews awesome. What happened to that charlie sheen thing? No time?

  • kent88

    You guys forgot to mention the most distracting bit player in UNITED 93; the lady who plays Fay on the sitcom WINGS.

    Very distracting because you half expect Tim Daly and Steven Weber to fly in and save the day just like in the classic WINGS episode “Just Call Me Angel”.

    There’s actually another connection there because one of the co-creators of WINGS, David Angell, who also worked on CHEERS and FRASIER died on Flight 11 that day.

  • Nick the one with the trick

    Not playing in Canada.

  • Justin H

    Not playing in Canada as Sean says in the show. They just wouldn’t appreciate it up there I guess.

  • JC

    Have to wait for a Netflix viewing then. Darn.
    Any stories from Jay this week?

  • LordAwesome

    How has the so-called KoC not seen the masterful comedic performance of Tim Curry in IT the mini-series? What a fraud.

  • frankw35

    I enjoyed “It” but the scariest part for me was that I was sitting across the aisle from a woman who brought her FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER to watch a clown slaughter children. Sean, I hope you’re a better parent and save “Cannibal Holocaust” until they’re at least six or seven.

  • Jake

    It barely played in the US as well. According to Sean’s box office post it opened in 32 place. Yikes.

  • Sean

    The laughing clown in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure was disturbing enough for them. I think I’ll wait a few years.

  • Jameson

    I loved IT. The kids were amazing and I really dug Skarsgaard’s Pennywise. I guess I never expected it to be legit scary, more fun/scary like going through a Haunted House. It’s a perfect movie to see in a crowded theater (even though the theater experience is dead).

  • schizopolis

    Jay’s right about the jet fuel shot. All the news talked about was how it was the hundreds of gallons jet fuel that really took down the towers. It’s like showing the villain load bullets into a gun. Dunno how Frank missed it.

  • Tommy

    In IT they used Nightmare on Elm St. 5 as the movie showing in the cinema where the kid is playing Street Fighter. Maybe it was just the period appropriate one picked by chance, but I’d like to believe the director knows quality. Roach kill 4 life.

  • Boys, all Twin Peaks finale ‘unsolved mysteries’ solved right here: . And for Frank, here’s Twin Peaks in a minute (so you don’t have to put down the Switch and do something meaningful with your spare time): . Also, MORE pie eating, acid reflux and sensuous snorting during your podcasts please. It’s what the listeners want.

  • Corey Pierce

    No 9/11 movie conversation is complete without the ending of Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson

  • Shots can serve a dual purpose as a device so, in a way, they’re both right.

  • John Dustin Patterson

    Are there posted pics of the TMNT heads from Ollie?

  • Justin

    And of course now all the little Jay Cheel parrots are chirping that the cinematic experience is dead. Sitting in the theatres by themselves, looking for things to get upset about.

  • user-287473788

    I like the cut of your jib, but here’s some trufax. The movie takes place during summer 1989. NoES5 is a New Line production and was in theaters in August 1989. The other movies shown on the theater’s marquee, Batman and Lethal Weapon 2, are Warner Bros. movies that were in theaters in June and July 1989, respectively. This new IT adaptation is a New Line production distributed by Warner Bros. I’d like to think the writers/producers chose 1989 for the awesome flix, but the thought process was probably more like, “the spreadsheet says the movie should take place in 1989 for maximum profits, what movies do we own the rights to that came out in 1989?”

  • I think Sean did on his own instagram. You can check out my pics over on my instagram @eyemaketoys

  • Sean
  • Jake

    Holy cow those are impressive. A junker made these?? Not at all what I thought they would look like. Well done!

  • Jake

    spoiler alert

  • Hah, thanks. I’m interested to know what you thought they looked like?

    Also, to answer a question asked on the show. I sculpted one figure in various parts by hand using a material called Sculpey – which you bake in the oven. I then made silicon moulds of each part, cast resin duplicates and then glued/ painted them up :)

  • Indianamcclain

    Before the David Lynch militia comes out of the woodwork to berate me for this comment, I’m already aware that what I’m about to say makes me a terrible Father, Husband, and Human Being. Having said that, Twin Peaks season 3 sucked big time. I’d be fine with season 3 if the first two seasons, and Fire Walk With Me were slow, and pretentious but they’re not. It feels like Twin Peaks: The Return is made for fans of David Lynch, rather than fans of Twin Peaks. The only thing I enjoyed was where they took Bobby’s character, but that’s just a small piece of the show.

  • I don’t think there is a ‘David Lynch militia’…unless…did they come out of the woodwork at night? Were they wearing red…or blue? It may have been a dream…

  • devolutionary

    I would imagine his true followers support his Foundation for Transcendental Meditation. A noble cause.

  • I’m far too neurotic and easily distracted to practice it personally, but my brother swears by TM and meditates regularly. He’s tried to help me do it, even on the Amalfi coast (where there’s nothing but warm sun, rocky sun beds and waves crashing), but I just can’t get out of my own head. Not sure if my bro supports the Foundation but I know he loves Lynch, the right to free speech, and spirited debate about things for which he is passionate. It’s a Lynch fan thing.

  • devolutionary

    Yeah, I mean it’s a practice not uncommon to many Eastern religions including Hinduism (myself) and Buddhism, but you essentially attain the same mental and physiological effect. It does take a lot of practice and discipline but once you get into a daily habit it truly has a positive effect on your life, regardless of circumstance.

  • Philm

    Casual 9/11 film discussion on 9/11. Yeah not sure how I feel about that. What ever. Great episode overall.

  • Justin H

    I’m probably a member of the Lynch militia, but I think you are right that its more for fans of his work in general than just TP. Its definitely slow and decompressed to a point of being combative to the audience, but I’d say I enjoyed about 70-80% of it quite a bit. Just got to get in on that dream logic, man.
    I’d only press you on the pretentious bit, but that’s something that is super subjective…I personally find Nolan to be almost insufferably pretentious (suck it Frankie) while finding Lynch to just be fairly vague and “demanding” but rewarding, artistic, and enjoyable.
    That being said, I think its totally understandable to not like it and that not liking doesn’t mean you didn’t “get” it or are some kind of philistine. Just wasn’t for you.
    Now, that ALSO being said I do think you are a shit father and your kids will probably abandon you in a home where your only companion will the acrid stench of elderly piss as you wonder whether or not you are the dreamer or the dreamer’s dream. Or Monica Bellucci’s dream.

  • Justin H

    Yeah I saw that haha. Honestly pretty glad…looked like a totally cynical and BAD cash-in. That being said, I’m sure dads and grandmas will eat it up once it hits those Walmart shelves.

  • Justin H

    I really want to try it, but I don’t think I will ever have the self-discipline to actually attain anything from it. I even bought Lynch’s book on it hah.

  • My Mum’s meditated since the late 80s (she taught my brother and tried to teach me). She also let me watch Twin Peaks when it was first on TV. This act of ‘bad parenting’ truly had a positive effect on my life. I don’t remember being able to follow the narrative, but I remember loving the colours and patterns and music and all the over-the-top screaming.

  • Jake

    Nothing bad I assure you. I just thought they would look more arts and crafts-like. These look like they were sold at a toy store. I checked out your Instagram and website, you have some real talent. The Beavis and Butt-head ones are sweet too! I hope you are still planning on doing the Marty McFly one :)

    How long do these take to complete?

  • iammattz

    Was thinking of this the whole time. If nothing else, I’ll always remember this stupid movie because of that ending.

  • Jake

    More like the Walmart bargain bin.

  • Yeah Marty is next on my to do list. The Marty I made previously was to big to make as a ‘figure’

    To sculpt they take around 2-3 days. Depends on how complex they are , if I fuck up or if have something else going on. Then it can take another day or two to make the moulds , depending on how quick the silicon sets. Then it can be a matter of minutes to make the figure with the resin as it sets pretty quickly and then it’s a matter of painting them. The turtles are pretty simple to paint as I use a green pigment in the resin for the body and brown for the shells. I only have to paint the bandanas and pads etc. I plan to do the same for Marty, gives it a clean look to end product.

    Thanks for taking an interest.


  • Frank Booth

    At the time, it was a well-known fact that the terrorists specifically chose flights that would carry the most fuel for maximum damage on impact.

    I think it may be time to bring back Prescribing Frank. Expand that mind a bit.

  • Beat_C

    hi guys, thanks for another great show. surprised there was no mention of guillermo del toro winning the venice gold lion!?! or maybe i missed it …

  • Kyle Grimes

    Did it bother anyone else that the kids were portrayed as 13 year olds that just finished their first year of high school? This makes no sense even if you include grade 8 in high school.

  • Sean

    We will be reviewing The Shape of Water this week. A lot of people are predicting it will win the People’s Choice Award at TIFF as well.

  • Falsk

    Yo Frankie. You should totally rate horror movies with a Jump Meter scale. You know. For the fellow jumpers out there.

  • Nobody

    Thanks for answering the United 93 question. I also read about the actor’s reasoning for portraying Adams in that way, but it still comes across as a choice that blatantly disrespects his memory and his surviving family. While dependent on how a viewer interprets his actions, he’s still singled out in a way that potentially makes him look more cowardly or less heroic than every single other passenger. The key is that the filmmakers didn’t have direct access to his family and didn’t seem to actually talk to anyone who knew him, so that’s why they did that big blank-filling.

  • Tommy

    Will TIFF be delaying the Mother! review? I’m dying to hear what you guys think.

  • Sean

    We’ll be reviewing mother! this week as well.

  • Tommy


  • Beat_C

    oh, that’s great to hear, really looking forward to the review.