Gerald’s Game Trailer: Mike Flanagan Adapts Stephen King’s Unfilmable Novel


With the new version of Stephen King’s It hitting theatres this weekend, Netflix has taken the opportunity to drop the official trailer for their upcoming adaptation of King’s 1992 novel Gerald’s Game which will also be released at the end of the month. Directed by Mike Flanagan (Hush, Oculus), the movie stars Carla Gugino as a woman who accidentally kills her husband while chained to a bed and finds herself stranded with little hope of rescue. Because so much of the book takes place inside her head, it was long believed to be unfilmable but it appears that Flanagan has found a way to bring it to life on screen. Gerald’s Game co-stars Bruce Greenwood, Henry Thomas, Carel Struycken, Kate Siegel and Chiara Aurelia and arrives on Netflix on Sept. 29th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Lior

    The first King novel I ever read, and the one novel of his I always maintained will never be able to be turned into a film.

    I was wrong.

    I should’ve known Hollywood will find a way.
    There seems to be a new wave of Stephen King adaptations going on right now, with the theatrical releases of The Dark Tower and It, and the Netflix-produced adaptations of Gerlad’s Game and 1922.

  • Skewed_View

    This looks pretty good. Also, on a personal note, I’m always down for seeing anything with Carla Gugino.

  • I red the book and I hope the Movie going be good as the novel!