Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying Trailer


Although Richard Linklater’s last three films have been somewhat personal stories that he wrote himself, his next project finds him adapting Darryl Ponicsan’s sequel to his novel The Last Detail (which itself was turned into a 1973 movie by Hal Ashby). Last Flag Flying stars Steve Carell as a Vietnam vet who reunites with his former squadmates Sal Nealon (Bryan Cranston) and Richard Mueller (Laurence Fishburne) to help bury his son, who was killed in the Iraq War. Fishburne’s character is the same character played by Otis Young in the 1973 film, although it is unclear if there will be any references to the events of that film. Either way this looks like a low key hang out movie with a mix of melancholy and humour, which is kind of what Linklater does best. Last Flag Flying hits select theatres on Nov. 3rd; check out the first trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • j-diggle

    Nice to see Cranston be a little more of a wild card. He always seems to play such serious characters these days.

  • KylG

    on iMDB Laurence Fishburne is credited as “Mueller” where in The Last Detail the character is “Mulhall” In the novel it is the same characters, but it looks like they changed it for the film and doubt they’ll reference The Last Detail at all.

  • Sean

    On Wikipedia his character name is listed as Mulhall but you could be right. I think they only refer to him as Mueller in the trailer.

  • 1138sw

    Looks good! Nice comedic, dramatic sentimentality…sprinkle some great actors and ya got something nice. I’m in.