Film Junk Podcast Episode #625: Logan Lucky


0:00 – Intro: Jay’s L.A. Trip
17:45 – Review: Logan Lucky
42:25 – News: R.I.P. Jerry Lewis, Obi-Wan Kenobi Spinoff
52:45 – What We Watched: Spy Kids, Twin Peaks: The Return, Jaws (Novel), Full Tilt Boogie, The Killing (1956)
1:18:40 – Junk Mail: Nathan’s Confidence, Top 5 of 2017 So Far
1:25:35 – Outro
1:32:08 – Spoiler Discussion: Logan Lucky

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  • Jr

    The world is richer for having Film Junk in it.

  • devolutionary

    Loved how the merits of the “What We Watched” segment was validated by how soon your pizza would arrive. *Pizza pawwwty!*
    *I’m not sick of Star Wars yet per say, but I’m already sick of the Internet news, hype, stories, casting rumours, etc. etc. But of course, one can’t go without the other. You can’t even avoid it in passing movie conversation.

  • Jameson

    9/11 footage will be everyone’s top film of 2017.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    I love that Jay’s story about visiting another country is just about more blu ray hunting. Long live film junk.

  • user-287473788

    I thought the presence of the Swank character at the end was either to show that the family curse had not eluded them and/or set up a possible sequel. Logan Lucky is eminently watchable, and thoroughly enjoyable and I think it will find an audience once it hits steaming services and cable TV.

  • Misty Krampus

    Logan Lucky was pure mental relaxation…like eating a grilled cheese sandwich, clocking Alex Kidd and getting a good spankin’ all at the same time. P.S. Sean, y’gotta relax when talkin’ Twin Peaks…even Jay is flying blind for the most part. Enjjjjjoy the riiiiide.

  • Essie

    Thank you for the show. Are you all doing a 9/11 movie premium for September? That would be interesting.

  • Derek

    As the guy who sent in the puppets, I just wanted to point out the “smell” Jay kept referring to was because when I found the puppets they originally smelled like “basement”. I cleaned them up and them put them in front of an oil diffuser for a bit so they wouldn’t smell musty. I may have overdone it, Also, the Beach Bum Alf didn’t have sunglasses when I sent it. Sadly, that was the only puppet missing his cardboard accessory.

  • Jay Cheel

    No premium, but I definitely am interested in doing a re-review of United 93 and World Trade Center.

  • Essie

    Oh okay. I was thinking a premium with United 93, World Trade Center, the full ABC broadcast of 9/11 (all 24 hours), and the “no planes” hardfire debate with Ace Baker vs the guy who did visual effects for Rat Race. Would pay a pretty penny.

  • Larry Morgan

    …why are there only 10 comments?

    You guys should have a segment where Jay reads letters of note. So soothing.

    Also, the “let’s end it here. They were.” made me laugh out loud.

  • Larry Morgan


  • I too would be interested in listening to this. United 93 was the best film of the decade and that 9/11 documentary (about the rookie firemen – actually titled “9/11″ I believe) is one of the most disturbing powerful docs I’ve ever seen.

    The sound of the bodies hitting the awnings over the door. *shiver*

  • Strybeck

    Coincidentally I just happened to be listening to Film Junk Episode 79 (from the USB archives) wherein Sean, Jay, and Greg review World Trade Center. At the time Sean liked it “equally as much” as United 93! Jay then says “I completely disagree. I am dissapointed….in you. Out of all the shows we’ve done, this baffles me the most.” If you do a re-review you should gather some clips from your original reviews.

  • That’s dedication! I would say a slight musty smell was probably much preferable to the smells that clouded that room post-pizza.

  • Beat_C

    great show, as always ???? though steven soderbergh and his filters are truly overrated by filmjunk.

  • Larry Morgan


    I’m confused why you guys think the brothers put the money at a gas station…when Channing Tatum leaves the racetrack he checks his truck to see that the money is there in the bags, the brothers put it in his truck. He then drives to see his daughters thing, and then after leaves the truck at that gas station and hitches a ride back in to town on that 18 wheeler, there’s a whole scene about it. Thats where the authorities find the money because he called it in.