Film Junk Podcast Episode #624: The Dark Tower


0:00 – Intro
18:15 – Review: The Dark Tower
44:50 – Headlines: First Photos of Josh Brolin as Cable, Disney to Launch Streaming Service in 2019, Disney Building Immersive Star Wars-Themed Hotel
1:23:20 – Other Stuff We Watched: Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Dunkirk, Firestarter, Mystery Men, The Flintstones, Game of Thrones
1:59:10 – Junk Mail: Favourite Stephen King Adaptations, Star Wars No Longer Entertains Kids, Paying to Avoid Trailers and Commercials, Directors That Stay Relevant Across Multiple Eras, Sequels to Childhood Movies We Want to See
2:31:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:34:18 – Outro

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  • Colin

    Jay is officially done with Film Junk

  • OsoAmorito

    I love Dax’s Long John Silver/Star Wars bartender host guy.

  • Jake

    Haven’t listened yet, but love seeing comments with Dax’s name. Love it when he guests.

  • frankw35

    About the “Mixup.” I was listening and starting breaking into a Frank-style sweat. The mixup comment was a visual joke directed at Frank I had posted on an earlier thread implying they had booked the wrong movie (see the photo on the left). Yes, Frank, the Silent Movie Theater was the right venue (It’s run by Cinefamily). As they say, if you have to explain it, it ain’t funny. With Jay in California and you guys in Canada, apologies for causing an on-air international incident. Great show as always.

  • Sam

    I thought it was funny. I have a feeling Sean may have either just read the sidebar “recent comments” part and read “mixup” without seeing the picture, or maybe read it on mobile without seeing the picture.

    I know when I first read the “recent comments” part and saw your post, I thought the same thing Sean did until I actually clicked into the post

  • Sean

    Haha yeah I didn’t see the picture when I read it initially… I get notified of new comments by email but they don’t have images attached. I guess I was just doing my usual headline skimming / editorializing.

  • JC

    I’ve thought that for a while

  • Mike99

    I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet. Being able to travel the world, showing a film you’ve spent the last 4-5 years working on is pretty damn cool. I am a long time listener like yourself, and feel like I’ve gotten to know the guy a little just from the show (obviously i do not know him). Seeing him breakout and direct bigger projects and have more people discover the talent he has is something I will keep rooting for.

    I’m sure this may be considered blasphemy among most Junkers, but if leaving the show is what he needs to do to accomplish that then I am all for it. I also wouldn’t have thought FJ could survive without Mr. Cheel, but with Dax becoming a more frequent guest, as well as Zak, I am positive they could find a suitable replacement to keep the show going. Let’s also not forget the Gasman and Reed Farringdon :)

  • Aaron Bogert

    Valid assessment of the movies, boys. As someone who has read the DT books, it’s the definition of a whatever movie. BUT since it sounds like none of you have read any Stephen King ever, I would caution you from making broad generalizations & assumptions about his written work and writing style. Just saying ????

  • ScoobyDew

    Frank is right. Luke is The Last Jedi. The crawl from Force Awakens confirms it:

  • devolutionary

    Hey Sean, since Alicia seems to be more familiar with Stephen King’s material, was their any discussion that she would watch The Dark Tower with you? Or maybe she wanted to preserve her love of the series (assuming she’s read it), which I admittedly stopped after “The Waste Lands”.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    Hearing the old junk mail theme was awesome.

  • Sean

    She hasn’t read The Dark Tower either.

  • Sean

    That’s what they want you to think…

  • Sean

    Broad generalizations and assumptions are what we do best! I was just joking about him being a hack though. I’d be interested in reading a lot of his stuff but my reading time is pretty limited these days.

  • DMS222

    How could you guys not mention the best part of Mystery Men – the Michael Bay cameo;

  • frankw35

    I hope not . I’m amazed any of these guys have been able to keep this going since it started, especially Sean with a marriage, kids, career change, and of course Jay with his film career. I’d hate it if Jay left but would certainly understand (and have to try not to wish him too much success, because I’m a selfish prick and would rather listen to him here than have him have the film career he has earned and deserves. But I think Film Junk will be around as long as Sean wants to keep it going., regardless of personnel changes.

  • pcch7

    Frank was on fire this episode. Love it.

    I have to say I didn’t even know you guys watched GoT. They are definitely playing a bit loose with people moving around very quickly to be where they need them to be now but this season has been amazing so far. Episode 4 was one of the best episodes in the show imo. More time would be better I think but I feel like the ahowrunners wanna be done with it now so we’re moving at breakneck speed suddenly. Dany is the best.

  • pcch7

    FJ will outlast us all

  • pcch7

    Agreed, love that theme

  • JC

    Good post, agreed. Zak and Dax are very easy to listen to. To me Jay seems fed up with mainstream cinema and has his mind elsewhere.

  • pcch7

    The music for this episode reminded me we need a Sergio Leone premium

  • Indianamcclain

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention Spielberg in regards to directors that have stayed relevant over the years. Also, nice to hear the beginning of Frank’s narrative for The Last Jedi.

  • Aaron Bogert

    Totally get it! I have my own constant struggle balancing movies with reading and that’s without kids, so I can only imagine. I only felt the need to reply since I think King does often get unfairly dismissed as a writer due to his work in what are considered pulpy genres. He’s worth diving into if your time ever permits, though as with any prolific artist there’s some misses, so look for suggested places to start if you do. Keep up the great work, guys!

  • david

    Regarding Kinka Usher, he apparently has a Twitter account, joined last year. There seem to be some cryptic tweets concerning a possible sequel to something. Could it actually be??? Mystery Men 2????. Frank get ready!

    @KinkaUsher :

    “I’m not saying I’m here to announce a sequel to a cult classic, but I’m not saying I’m not.”

    “Who knew that a college in rural Ohio would be the place to film a superhero movie?”

    “I’m so happy to be working in film again on my new project. It’s a… mystery… for now.”

    “I’m not saying I’m here to announce a sequel to a cult classic, but I’m not saying I’m not.”

    Most of these are from last summer, and he hasn’t tweeted much in 2017. In fact one of his last tweets is rather ominous, just a single word – “FUCK”. Perhaps he was trying to do a sequel but came up short? But still, I am holding out hope. As Kinka states on multiple tweets – The World Needs More Heroes.

  • Claudio

    please dax do yourself a favour and read IT, then come back and tell us again that King is not a great, complex writer. :D

  • Len F.

    Hell yeah! I missed it so much!! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy hearing it again.

  • Flo Lieb

    Spielberg stopped being relevant in the 90’s.

  • Flo Lieb

    Star Wars Fake News?

    “There were Jedi on both sides. On both sides. Kylo Ren is a good person. He’s not a Sith.”

  • Jake

    There was actually an update on Gremlins 3 yesterday. Chris Columbus has finished the script and wants to use puppets instead of CG. I guess it is nice that the script is done, but I have a feeling a animatronic/puppet-sequel is never going to happen. Be prepared for the CG filled remake. The article doesn’t mention Joe Dante though.

  • Jake

    I come to FJ to get away from Trump. :)

  • Newtman98

    I remember Ben Stiller was on Stern and shit all over Mystery Men and the director. If the sequel involved any of the original cast, maybe they derailed it, hence the FUCK.

  • Jameson

    I’m currently reading IT (at about pg 300 and hoping to at least get halfway through before the movie comes out) but a Stephen King premium would definitely be cool.

    Also, the discussion of the Star Wars hotel was classic. Always great having Dax on the show!

  • Jake

    You’re not a fan of Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, War of the Worlds or Munich?? I wasn’t a fan of War Horse, Lincoln or The BFG, but thought Bridge of Spies and TinTin were decent. His post-2000 career doesn’t come close to what he did in the 70s, 80s or 90s, but is still includes some great films.

  • Indianamcclain

    I don’t know about that. Jurassic Park, and its sequel were huge hits. Schindler’s List won best picture, and Saving Private Ryan is considered to be one of the best war films ever made. On top of that he produced a number of projects that were big at the time.

  • Rob

    Man what day were you guys at the NAC? My brother’s band was playing on the roof of that place this last weekend, he was saying that whatever art show was going on was -incredible-

    Also, there’s a pretty awful bar around there (Mikado, now rebranded as “Mik,” which I’m sure you know all about) which is running two crazy weekend deals: $10 for 10 beers (actually just a pitcher) on Fridays, and $5 doubles on Saturday. I know you like to get your drank on, that’s a dangerously cheap way to do it.

  • Indianamcclain

    Tin Tin gets better every time I watch it.

  • pcch7

    well what about when the jedis came charging at us.. excuse me what about when the jedis came charging at, as you call them, the sith?

  • Newtman98

    I read half of it when i was much younger and remember liking it. Is it good?

  • Jameson

    Yes! It’s creepy and the set up of the characters and the events is really intriguing.

  • Plisskenetic SD

    Frank was sucha f*ckin ignorant dick saying GoT was shit/ boring for not getting anything and it’s so obvious he’s forgotten all the payoffs from previous seasons! – GFY!

  • Should do a throwback Prescribing Frank where Jay/Zak change his TV diet from GoT to Twin Peaks (let him keep Bachelorette Island Parasites or whatever it’s called so he doesn’t go into shock). Maybe pair each episode (wine-style) with a film by one of Lynch’s art cinema influences…all in favour say “fuck you Albert”.

  • The recent JFK time travel book was really really solid. As for his old stuff, if you’re short on time, read his short stories – they’re amazing. I would suggest The Long Walk, The Langoliers, The Mist #notatwist for starters.

  • No Dante = No Wante.

  • LongSlog

    For Sean – as a slightly more young listener (26) I can provide some insight into Snapchats usefulness as a social media platform. I never use it to blanket post to everyone. You use it to send small, insignificant little jokey messages. A snapshot of a sign or thing you spot in the wild that a friend might find amusing. Not even something you want them to see and replay or share with others, just a quick ‘check this out’ video, image, or audio of something.

    The fleetingness of the whole thing really lowers the barrier for what you’ll share. The type of content you send to your buddies on snapchat is probably in an entirely new category of content that you currently don’t share. The app also excels in being able to quickly edit, highlight and add content to the media your sending. Adding a caption to a funny photo takes seconds. Overall It’s a more natural form of sharing something. More like casually pointing something out to a friend while hanging out versus taking the time to really prepare your content.

  • I love that Dax believes the Star Wars bartender will be an Irish, Randy Macho Man Savage.

  • Charles Palentine

    Jay’s thoughts welcome re:

    1) Frank becoming Trump?
    “It is the dumbest thing ever…the worst ever” – Frank
    2) Frank’s whistle (funnier than Snatched and Girl’s Trip combined)

  • Sam

    Exactly. I don’t use Snapchat much, but like you said, I just randomly sent a small clip of my TV screen of a Royals’ game yesterday when their 3rd base coach “Rusty Kuntz” appeared with his name on the screen. A lot quicker to just film a 5-second clip and send it to three random buddies by doing it on Snapchat

  • Adam

    They’ve definitely ramped up the speed of things to get S7 where it needs to be for S8 but honestly, thank god. I enjoy GoT but the whole season long journey from A to B had gotten annoying as hell. I’m all for cutaways covering travel time, get this wagon wheel rolling baby!

    I do wish they had taken an extra 6 or 7 months and filmed everything/completed post and just given us one [regular length] season. It feels like S7 just started and it’s now simultaneously ending. Now we get what, another year of waiting for six more episodes? I mean I know each one is supposedly like 90 minutes a piece but for fucks sake, lets be honest, HBO is just splitting it for a pay day because they don’t have a clear replacement money maker lined up yet.

    …It’s all JJ Abrams fault, he started this ‘split the season’ bullshit with LOST. It was annoying then, and it’s been annoying with every show thats done it sense.

  • Adam

    These are not the forums you’re looking for