Neuromancer Movie Gets Deadpool Director


After years (actually, now decades) of being stuck in development hell, it looks like a big screen adaptation of William Gibson’s iconic cyberpunk novel Neuromancer is finally back on again. Last we heard, Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) was attached to direct and Hayden Christensen was rumoured to star but then the project went silent for a long while. In 2015 we heard that China’s C2M Media Group had come on board to help finance the film but unfortunately Natali had dropped out. Now this week they have reportedly lined up a new filmmaker with a big hit under his belt to help get this thing made. Hit the jump for more info.

According to Deadline, a live-action Neuromancer movie is now in development at Fox and Tim Miller (Deadpool) is attached to direct. They are currently in search of a writer but long-time X-Men producer Simon Kinberg will apparently oversee the project. There is no mention of previous rights holder GFM Films and it is unclear if they are still involved.

Miller dropped out as director of Deadpool 2 last year but this will help him stay in business with Fox (he is also involved in an adaptation of the Daniel Suarez novel Influx). His main priority right now, however, is the upcoming Terminator reboot which is expected to start production next spring. Either way, his strong VFX background makes him a decent choice for Neuromancer, even though I still think I would prefer either Vincenzo Natali or Chris Cunningham (the latter was attached in the early 2000s). Do you have high hopes for a Neuromancer movie?

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  • Jake

    Just took a look at Vincenzo Natali’s imdb page as I was curious what he had been up to. I was a really big fan of Splice. Looks like he’s been doing a lot of TV and interestingly he is listed as a producer for the Star Trek Discovery pilot episode. I wonder if this means he will be directing some episodes of this, that could be really cool.

  • devolutionary

    I will say that most of his episodic TV contributions have been quite good. If nothing else, he brings his distinct vision to others material (Hannibal S2, DarkNet, The Strain, The Returned).

  • Flo Lieb

    Doubt this will see the light of day. Remember over ten years ago when they first talked about an adaptation. And then changed and changed the team behind it. Even if this is made it will probably be rather lame like the live-action Ghost in the Shell movie. They should’ve made this film back in the 90’s – but I guess the lackluster Johnny Mnemonic didn’t really help (although I have a soft spot for that film).

  • Jake

    I didn’t even realize that Johnny Mnemonic and Neuromancer were from the same author.