Film Junk Podcast Episode #621: Dunkirk and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


0:00 – Intro
4:20 – Review: Dunkirk
50:30 – Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
1:13:55 – Headlines: Ready Player One Trailer, The Shape of Water Trailer, 9/11 Trailer
1:36:40 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Beguiled (2017), The Fifth Element, Heavy Metal, Last Chance U: Season 2
1:50:20 – Junk Mail: Nolan’s Next Film + Pfister vs. Van Hoytema, Movies We’ve Seen in Special Formats + Ones We Regret Not Seeing, Sexist Dunkirk Review, War for the Planet of the Apes Evolution Question, Double Parm Explained
2:08:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:10:20 – Outro
2:14:30 – Spoiler Discussion: Dunkirk

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  • Whoa! I got the opposite from Rylance. Damn he was good in this!

  • That’s because LetterBoxd users as a whole are out to lunch. Baby Driver is probably the most overrated film of the year.

  • Yeah he never gets out and walks to the front of the plane. You must be confusing that with another scene.

  • I agree. Why can’t these guys spend more of their precious time making more FREE entertainment for me? It’s ridiculous. In fact, they should be recording at least a 4 hour show TWICE per week. This bullshit of them only providing 2-3 hours of free content once per week for the past 15 years is disgraceful. Step it up guys.

  • Also isn’t there something about not being able to fit the IMAX cameras in smaller spaces?

  • Sean

    No, the plan is Atomic Blonde.

  • Jay Cheel

    I understand why he was doing it. I just didn’t find it as effective as others have. Although admittedly, my screening was definitely affected by the various distractions in the theatre.

    The unfortunate thing is that having seen it first in 70mm IMAX, a second DCP viewing in a regular theatre will seem like a major downgrade.

  • Context for the Serenity ship or whatever in “Ready Player One.” It’s a virtual world where people can hang out and do whatever they want. So it makes sense that some people would fly around in Serenity. Or someone would make a Millennium Falcon and fly that (I would).

    Say what you want about the pop culture thing, but at least it makes sense in the “reality” that’s created.

    The book is really fun for 40 year-olds that love their 80s/90s pop culture. I like it a lot. The biggest problem is that while the content is good, the prose and writing style is horrible.

  • Lior

    Can anyone say how Valerian compares to Jupiter Ascending? That movie was not great by any objective means, but I gave it a lot of slack because of its ideas and originality, and even though I enjoyed it when I watched it, I did not feel the urge yet to revisit it. I’m asking because Valerian has been hammered by critics but the Junk crew seems to have liked it quite a bit. I should add I really like The Fifth Element as well.

    Personally I would not call Ready Player One a “piece of shit fan fiction”, but that’s just me. :-) seriously though, I guess I’ll just reiterate what I said before on the trailer, I don’t feel it’s “pandering” because pandering assumes cynical motives and I don’t beleive Ernst Kline has a cynical bone in his body when it comes to those things, and Spielberg is certainly not a cynical filmmaker, so I have hopes. I feel the novel was a product of true love and enthusiasm for the era. It’s highly respectful espcially for the world of old school video games and RPG’s.

    And no, I don’t think the novel featured The Iron Giant. But this is a WB film so there’s gonna be WB characters, I guess.

  • Beat_C

    i’m glad sean and jay didn’t much like “the beguiled”, neither. to me it was the 2nd biggest disappointment of the year after “song 2 song”.

  • Beat_C

    50 times? seriously? ????

  • Beat_C

    i agree with point 1 so much.

  • pcch7

    Filmjunk crew finally turned on to Cara eh. She’s certainly a looker. Can’t see Valerian til this weekend but I feel like I’m gonna enjoy it, if it’s at all reminiscent of The Fifth Element

  • gibson8

    She is everything that is wrong with the British film industry – (early life). The proliferation of privileged thesps has got to such a level that even directors have made attempts to re-address the balance - It is such a shame that whose outwith the UK seem to accept this form of elitism as perfectly normal as merely an extension of the fallacy that England is one in the same as the UK.

  • pcch7

    Fair enough but that’s how life is isn’t it. Privileged people have it easier. I wouldn’t hold it against her though since I think she’s pretty talented. She can sing, she plays several instruments and can seemingly act a bit as well. And Hiddleston, Redmayne and Cumberbatch are where they are on merit too I think. But yeah it sucks that working class people have less chance

  • Craig

    That would be Raw, but Baby Driver probably makes the top 5.