Film Junk Podcast Episode #620: War for the Planet of the Apes


0:00 – Intro
9:05 – Review: War for the Planet of the Apes
32:45 – Headlines: Quentin Tarantino Planning Movie About Manson Family Murders
39:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Big Sick, L’Argent, The Disaster Artist Trailer, The Beguiled (2017), The Driver
55:50 – Junk Mail: Baby Driver CoPo Backlash Backfire, Best Buy vs. Target, Custom Magnetic Spines for Steelbooks, Game of Thrones + Behind the Scenes Podcasting Workflow Tips
1:33:52 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:37:20 – Outro
1:39:15 – Spoiler Discussion: War for the Planet of the Apes

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  • bobsponge42

    Remedying blank steel book spines is the gateway drug to custom cover art.

  • Who are these people claiming Dawn was boring? One of the best sequels in recent years! Must be those “I liked it at first but now it sucks” assholes.

  • Guy who sent in the email about Baby Driver, you are pathetic.

  • Sean

    His name is Reed Farrington.

    Seriously though, it’s just a common opinion that I have encountered, mostly because the action to drama ratio is fairly low.

  • Jameson

    I was a bit disappointed with War. I agree there were pacing issues, specifically with a drawn out second act and rather abrupt third act. I admired the bleak tone they went with but Bad Ape just didn’t work for me. All of the humor with that character fell flat.

    Still a solid movie but Dawn is my favorite of the three.

  • Jr

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that you like something and still criticize it?

  • Justin 77

    I need to start skipping the Junk Mail sessions. All those e-mails make me want to fucking puke. Junkies always emailing in about their “gorgeous” Blu ray spines so desperately trying to be like Jay and Frank. Just fucking pathetic.

    People need to get over Baby Driver!! It was fine, not everyone needs to love it. Can’t believe that is so hard to comprehend for these dumb fans. I am probably going to get attacked now for posting this.

  • RE: ‘Mike?’ from Perth’s Baby Driver CoPo Backlash Backfire Junk Mail. As a West Aussie girl born and raised, I’d like to ‘represent’ and assure all Junkers, Perth boys usually act like men. Keep taking that sh*t, gents #PerthGirlsAreNOTEasy #CryBabyDriver #Coppo-CoPo #AirDropinMyMouth #OùEstReeves #ExcitedforDunkirk

  • schizopolis

    Did you guys mention Capt. America-Civil War?? Film Junk was totally against the COPO there. Thankfully.

  • devolutionary

    It’s easy to miss but the Courtroom voice that explains the criminal hearing at the end of Baby Driver is none other than Walter Hill himself.

  • schizopolis

    Best Buy is garbage. In a few cases, their store prices on items are higher than their own website. So when I even remember to check, I have to tell them every time and they always try to find an excuse to not honor their own fucking prices!

    So now, if I HAVE TO buy something there, I prepare myself and tell them of any price discrepancy at the moment of purchase when I have the item in my hands. If an item is not on the floor and I have to ask an employee to check in the store room, once I mention it’s on sale in their site or cheaper at a competitor’s store…guess what..that item is suddenly “out of stock”. This exact scenario happened to me once. I opened my big mouth and they come back and claimed it’s out of stock. So I waited a minute or two and found a different employee and asked him. I didn’t say anything else and the fucker brought back my game. Best Buy sucks balls. These retail stores are soo desperate for revenue, they’re competing with their own company’s website.

  • Mack

    Sean, why would you see this at the drive in when you saw Dawn there and said it was hard to make out a lot of scenes? This is the exact same complaint for this review.

  • Lisa

    The Andy Serkis directed Jungle Book is still happening, it’s in post production. Suppose to come out next year.

  • listener#26004

    Whoever wrote that email about Baby Driver? You just can not let sleeping dogs lie can you. Let’s stir up old wounds and old scars that are just beginning to heal. Thats super smart. I would have tossed that email in the trash receptacle where it belonged.

  • King Chubasqueiro

    Tarantino didn’t fuck over Zombie/Ellis, NBC did with their shitty David Duchovny Manson tv series, Aquarius.

  • Sean

    Mostly for scheduling reasons. It just happened to line up well for me that night although I was also kind of in the mood for the drive-in as well. I don’t think it negatively impacted my enjoyment that much this time around, aside from some confusion in the first 10 or 15 minutes (which sounds like it was not just a drive-in issue).

  • Carlos

    So much great vamping during Junk Mail this week, lovin it!

  • Samb

    I thought War was a letdown. I didn’t know going in that a remake of the original was already planned, but that does explain the preoccupation with inter-trilogy cred. The effects were great — I agree with Jay that Caesar emerging from the water was a standout. And the Western notes were fun. But Caesar’s character arc was far less interesting to me than in the first two movies, I wasn’t really interested in the slavery angle, and Woody Harrelson….well, he’s no Brando, try as he might.

  • EzekielFX

    I absolutely loved War! Best of the trilogy.

  • iammattz

    So we gonna get to see that endcap pic or what?

  • Zane

    a brief talk of the disaster artist trailer during what we watched, another quick mention of a wrinkle in time during junk mail, and no mention at all of the new blade runner trailer. Please bring back trailer trash, hearing Frank speculate on upcoming films is hilarious.

  • Stuart

    It is time to dial back from dumb junk mails like were read this week and focus on more noteworthy stories of the day. Since when is film junk more about bowing and grovelling to fans than about what is in the name, i.e. FILMS.

    There are several film related stories that occurred this week that were simply brushed over in order to address the dilemmas of your uppity fan base who are still complaining about Baby driver, commenting on Jay’s stories like they are his close friend, whining about Blu Ray packaging, and even Game of Thrones????? I guess why not at this point.

    Please. please. please focus more on films and not on film junk fans. Keep Junk Mails to the background instead of making them the main course meal of the show.

  • Stuart

    (Perhaps other do not notice this who only skip to the main review but I commonly enjoy listening to the entire show front to back)

  • Essie

    Each week Frank goes further down the alt right rabbit hole. This time he’s getting his news from breitbart.


  • Adam

    Please, please review this withJay, Fronk, and Dax:

  • DCI John Luther

    I listen front to back too, idk what you’re expecting, the other half of the sites name is JUNK. Everything you listed that you don’t like, that’s the junk, and has been a staple of the show in one conversation or another sense the beginning.

    People seem to keep forgetting it’s their show, they’ve been doing it for a decade. If you don’t like what they’re giving you, listen to something else.

  • Lark

    This week´s FJ featured Jay almost completely checked out, just wanting to go the fuck home from the very beginning (not unusual), but also Sean and Frank semi-sleepwalking through the short 1h57m episode. What happened?

  • OsoAmorito

    Nobody has to go to breitbart to see that Bill Nye is a human vacuum, Lenin.

  • Stuart


  • Sean

    There is always a push and pull when it comes to the news and junk mail. I push for more general interest topics that people can listen to without having seen the main review, and Jay and Frank generally push back against it. In the end, we usually come to a decent compromise.

  • bilbo

    Why don’t you start your own podcast, you weiner

  • Sean

    No need to jump on anyone who has negative criticism of the show. In this case I think it was just an unexpectedly short show. Nothing really caught on as a major debate. But I don’t think we were sleepwalking through it.

  • Essie

    Sean I think you’re literally the nicest person on the internet haha.

  • Jr


  • Baby Weiner

    Glad that I have no problems with the show. It does seem that recently on the comments people are being attacked for voicing criticism, even if it’s constructive criticism and stated politely.. I don’t really care either way though as I have no issues with the show or the opinions stated there. Just my observations for what it’s worth.

  • Sean

    Agreed, things got a little crazy with the Baby Driver stuff but I think we can all dial it back a bit.

  • Nick

    It’s in the middle of summer and their 620th episode of +2 hours shows. Give ‘em a break. Not their best show, I agree.

    Dunkirk next week will probably be awesome, though!

  • Tywin

    Your opinion really doesn’t Matter, Lark, does it? So you can go jump in a waste bin.

  • Lyko$

    Well, Baby-Weiner, what you need to understand here is that for many of these fanboys Film Junk is like going to church. And when people criticize the podcast that is basically like running into church and yelling that there is no god. The like to have the illusion that the people on the podcast are their friends and hanging out with them and when people criticize the show that shatters their illusion.

  • Sam

    Great to hear that both How to Build a Time Machine and Jay will be near me in August. Never been to Cinefamily before, but it’s only a 30-minute drive. Definitely will plan to be there!

  • Brian.M

    I agree. There are many films I like that the FJ crew don’t like. I don;t whine about it. That Baby Driver email really pissed me off. What an ass!

  • Brian.M

    I know. Sean didn’t need to read it but I guess he felt he had to bring attention to it…

    More like Baby Whiner

  • pcch7

    If it ain’t broke.. Show’s been like this for years and I think it’s a good thing. I’m more interested in the guys than movies

  • pcch7

    I don’t know what’s with all the negativity and complaining recently, I really don’t. Not every episode has to be 3-4 hours, there’s been plenty of 2 hour episodes in the past.

  • Nick

    I think we have all had enough of your suck-up attitude. I do not even agree with the complainers but why do you always play Film Junk’s little apologist? Do you know the guys personally or something??

  • pcch7

    I don’t know them personally no and I don’t see how commenting on/against negativity is sucking up to them. There’s no need for that negativity, it reeks of people being entitled. They’ve been putting the same kind of show out for like ten years now on pretty much a weekly basis and there’s been a lot of cry babies coming out of the woodwork lately whining about this or that. It’s their show so let them do it how they want to do it.

    Also funny since I had like a 30 post argument with Jay not that long ago and disagree with them all the time but hey, I guess trying to be nice and positive about people I like is sucking up.

  • pcch7

    That girl in WFPA looked so much like Jeri Ryan and Amanda Seyfried I thought

  • Reed Farrington

    I think the guys were all bummed out because I didn’t show up. At least I can’t be blamed for making this week’s show weak.

  • Dominik

    Well I for one am happy that the fans at least care enough about the show and that says something that they hold Sean, Frank, and Jay to a standard that most podcasts could not even dream of achieving This is only good and healthy for the show. There was clearly some slacking going on this week and people stood up for it because we all know from how great this site has been over the years that film junk can do better than this…. This was a miss step here but thanks to those who care they can now work on putting more effort in to next weeks show and making it more listen-able to averege listeners like me. Thats what there is feedback for so when you make a mistake people who care about you can correct you and set you back on a right course now I am sure they will do better next week and if not we will let them know our feedback and it will continue to get better…. Can’t wait to hear next weeks show as im sure it will be even better than normal after this slight “siesta” as I think we can all safely call it now. I’m excited for what is to come

  • Nick

    Attempting to cover up your embarassing outburst here by “casually” changing the topic lol