James Franco’s The Disaster Artist Teaser Trailer: The Making of The Room


If you’re familiar with Tommy Wiseau’s cult oddity The Room, you probably know there is a story behind the making of the movie that’s almost as crazy as the movie itself. Now that story is coming to the big screen courtesy of James Franco, who is directing an adaptation of Greg Sestero’s memoir The Disaster Artist. Franco also plays Tommy while his brother Dave plays Tommy’s best friend, producer and co-star Greg. The first teaser trailer has arrived online this week and it revolves around one of the more famous lines in the movie. Clearly this is going to be a comedy, but what remains to be seen is whether they will capture the unlikely elements of inspiration and pathos that can also be found in Tommy’s journey. The Disaster Artist co-stars Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Lizzy Caplan, Bryan Cranston, Zac Efron, Josh Hutcherson, Paul Scheer and Ari Graynor and it hits theatres on Dec. 1st; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Corey Pierce

    I’m really looking forward to this.

    James Franco is clearly just playing dressup and its going to be hard to fully invest into him as a character.

    But if you’ve read Sestero (Mark’s) book (which is AMAZING), if they play it up fully as a farce, it will work.

  • Jameson

    The book is great! The movie looks like it’ll be a lot of fun but I wonder if they show the friendship between Greg and Tommy evolve like they did in the book or just focus on the making of The Room.

  • Corey Pierce

    I really hope they make the friendship a big focus. The fact that Tommy wanted to be Mark in a Single White Female way is a big deal, and when you’re casting Franco and his brother in those roles, it seems like a no-brainer you tap into that.

  • I’m also really looking forward to this but I think Franco could actually pull this off. 127 Hours is a personal testament for me on his ability to drag in the audience and really believe in the situation of his characters. He may just surprise us all with this one.

  • Orson

    Just the pure trailer for this has tantalized me beyond all belief of what I thoght was previously possible through previous iterations of the earlier marketing. James Franko as proven again and again his ability not only to draw in the audiences perceptions, but also his ability to tantalize my sensations.

    I can not WAIT to pop this baby blue on when it comes out. Ouch.

  • Lori Cerny

    Everytime I see James Franco’s face, I want to punch it. I avoid movies that he’s in, so this will be a miss, for me.

  • mike

    Film Junk is not a safe zone. If you can’t handle this or are just going to post negatively I suggest you leave before I make you leave.

  • Lance

    Lighten up dude, people are allowed to voice their opinion. And I suggest you maybe take a look at the comments section of this site. Lori isn’t new.

  • Glendon


  • mike

    That’s right, defend the little brat. That is real amazing of you. I suggest you read through the comments and see the other little bitch punks who post on this site and I guess you would defend them too? Stand down or at least post something positive but don’t defend these idiots who have nothing nice to say. *Drops mic*

  • Alec Guin

    Meh. I have seen better trailers from this studio (and let’s face it from the execs as well)

  • j-diggle

    If it’s not a safe zone, shouldn’t people be able to post negatively?

  • JerryCotton

    That was the weakest mic drop I’ve ever read or heard. Who the fuck do you think you are? Dictating others what they can or can not write in the comment section? If you have nothing nice to say about Lori and other people you call little bitch punks, then don’t say anything at all, you delusional asshole.

  • Sean

    I don’t even know what we are arguing about anymore. 9/11 movies? Baby Driver? Can we just stop attacking people personally and get back to talking movies?

  • 1138sw

    I actually thought this trailer/teaser was pretty awesome! Could be hysterical! I for like Franco but each to there own. Gonna catch this!

  • OsoAmorito

    Mike, you might want to calm down. You’re flipping out a little.