Film Junk Podcast Episode #619: Spider-Man: Homecoming


0:00 – Intro / Jay’s Quantum Leap Quandary
31:30 – Review: Spider-Man: Homecoming
1:23:12 – Other Stuff We Watched: John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2, Kong: Skull Island, GLOW, Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, Tour de Pharmacy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The House, The Love Guru, Suicide Squad
1:49:00 – Headlines: Charlie Sheen and Whoopi Goldberg 9/11 Movie
1:54:20 – Junk Mail: Why Jay Hates Food, Anti-Transformers Agenda, Best Celebrity Rants Captured on Tape, Frank’s Love of The Lone Ranger, The Politics of Film Junk, Best Goth Movies
2:29:30 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:31:38 – Outro
2:34:55 – Spoiler Discussion: Spider-Man: Homecoming

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  • Jr

    I’m here to start a fight.

  • Jared

    30 minutes of Blu ray customer service discussion. This is why I listen to FJ

  • I would honestly listen to 3 hours of Best Buy/B&N customer service confrontation stories. Or one story debated for 3 hours.

  • Jones

    It’s why we all listen :)

  • devolutionary

    Border guard: “What do you make (kind of films)?”
    Jay: “Documentaries.”
    Guard: “What do you specialize in?”
    Jay: “Made a documentary about time travel.”
    Guard: “Well you gotta start somewhere”.

    What a sick burn! Good episode boys!

  • OsoAmorito

    Who gets a desire to watch raw 911 footage every once and a while? Cheel’s a closet alt righter. Guy’s got a ticket to Alex Jonestown and he’s doubling down on stocks in kool aid. Watching all the footage, looking for the crack in the seam.

  • robertjbaum

    Jay: “I’ll wait until I can buy all of the Criterion movies I won’t watch.”

    I’m going to Barnes & Noble on my lunch break to do this exact thing. I can’t wait to pick up Being There and Woman of the Year so that I can watch them 4 years later.

  • JC

    Cannot wait for this

  • Sam

    I’m going Friday after work. Should be nice. I have like 10+ on my list. Like Jay, I just don’t buy any at all throughout the year, and wait for these sales. I have Filmstruck and probably have access to all of these already, but why the hell not buy these.

  • Film casual

    Great job to Film Junk, all five of the gentlemen involved on this show.I had actually not been able to sleep last night because of anticipation of Jay’s Baby Blue story, not even kidding. I actually restarted the episode twice to listen to the story 3 times total…. Everything that I hoped for. Thank you, Jay Frank Greg Sean and Dax for doing what you do for me. *slow claps and eventually builds to loud applause*

  • Indianamcclain

    Homecoming was ok. I agree with Frank that Peter’s arc comes out of no where.

  • Lori Cerny

    I dunno, Jay sounds incredibly nasal in this episode. Or is it just me? Otherwise, fantastic ep. Love hearing Greg!

  • Jake

    on-disc promotion is the worst

  • Jay Cheel

    Just listened back and I didn’t sound like that in the room. We had some mic level issues before the show and to me it sounds like some sort of compression or limiting/normalizing setting is set way too high.

    The problem could be the new PC computer that Sean bought.

  • Sean

    Yeah I think it was just the fact that we had to turn up everything louder because the fifth mic was quiter than the others. We’ll sort it out next time.

  • Karl with a K

    Sony has an animated Spider-Man movie coming out next year that is based on the Miles Morales stories. Written by Lord and Miller, so I’m sure Jay will be excited. And Dax you are so right on Donald Glover’s eye acting. I couldn’t stop thinking about his eyes whenever he was on screen. Great eye acting! Possible new Junkie award category???

  • “I’m making a documentary about time travel” + “Well…y’gotta start somewhere…” = destitute filmmaker spilling coffee all over her laptop. (Don’t feel too bad. Happens all the time. I’m very careless around electronics. Tripped onto my 50″ 4K beater recently, broke it, returned it, said stuff, got a 55″ replacement. “Whaaaat?”). P.S. Tell Zak I said “hi” and thanks for liking my Last Waltz review on Letterboxd ?

  • Also, Frankie sounds a little Max Headroom-y around 24:40 …. export issues?

  • B.J.

    Greg is the only one that dares to call out Jay on his relentless signature bullying of pure-hearted Frankie.

  • Jay Cheel

    Sorry, when did this happen?

  • True… but for gems like this… you have to make some concessions.

  • Kelly

    Damn. I thought this exact thing, but thought it was just a hiccup with my player on the computer.

  • Lori Cerny

    Is “Snackcident” going in the FJ glossary?

  • Sean

    Just checked and it’s in the original recording so I’ll have to investigate further. Let me know if you hear any other weird stuff!

  • This is the Matty Matheson interview that the Cheel food clip is from. The interviewers are…well…but Matty is fun as always.

  • A grown man asking his Mum to return a DVD for him is a little weird…not a tech issue, just in general.

  • B.J.

    Greg: ” Wow!! You´re really trying to make him(Frank) feel terrible!! ”
    Jay (gleefully): ” ~Yeah~ “

  • schizopolis

    I totally didn’t understand Frank when he said “mixing up prom and homecoming, but I’m the asshole” until I heard the spoiler discussion.

  • Glendon

    All 5 of you in the same room is just the best.

  • Mike99

    “Snackcident” Greg never disappoints.

  • Mike99

    I hope so :)

  • schizopolis

    starts at the 01:55 mark

  • schizopolis

    White Line Fever in HD! That I must have!

  • XavierQ40

    If Frank is a ‘Fan Man’ he’s in good company.

  • I love the cover design…particularly Hauer/Norris foot/blade interplay and J-M Vincent’s gunstrap droopage. Bluray video rating = 3.5/5 ($14.98 at millcreekentdotcom)

  • Lance

    9/11 Premium lineup:

    World Trade Centre
    United 93
    Reign Over Me
    Flight 93
    Loose Change

  • Lance

    There’s certainly close to 3 hours worth of these stories from over the years, maybe even more than 3 hours. There needs to be a FJ clip show of all of them.

  • Bill

    Looks like someone forgot to edit out robot-imposter Frank glitching out at the 24:34 mark. I guess it couldn’t handle Jay’s grilling and started sweating all over its circuits.

  • Paul

    In advance, this is going to be a lengthy message. I first started listening back to film Junk when their very first episodes were debuting because I lived in the Toronto area and that was my frame of reference then. However, for a time afterwards then they dropped off my radar as I was pursuing other interests at the time and I was also listening to other film podcasts then. Furthermore, I was uniinterested in film podcast at the time due to my lack of theater going outings and the peoeple I knew then did not appreciate movies or have the same appreciation for films now that I have come to comprehend. That being said, I have just recently began to listen to Film Junk episodes again in recent years and I am simply astounded at how much they have hanged my life. From the first second I wake up to the last second I go to sleep I often either am listening to previous episodes to catch up or I am considering what they will all discuss in this week;s upcoming episode (which of course I am alwatys excited for). Needless to say, in listening to each episode I can see how me film appreciation has not only increased, but expanded over different genres to the point where I am watching various films now of directors that I did not even think possible before or existed. Just as an example, I now have a new apprecoiation for Martin Scorsese’s entire filmography that I did not even know existed before, and it is thanks all to Film Junk and the people at Film Junk who made it possible. I was disheartended when Greg leaves the show, but it always great on episodes such as this to have him back. So I must say now, thank you film junk in all that you do. This has been a good journey and I look forward now with anticipation to further reviews in the future.

  • Adam

    We all have a role to play.

  • SJB

    After the 9/11 premium can’t wait for the holocaust premium and human trafficking premium ;)

  • Kool aid dex

    Hahahah hope you were able then to clean your laptop mess! Oh my goodness. Me reading you comment was like “oh no!” Cuz we have all been there so it is easy for me to relate to these situations. Hahahah well it sounds like it all worked out though! Hahah!

  • Claudio

    the greatest of the celebrity outragers was klaus kinski. on every interview he ever gave, on every set he ever was he outraged like a bitch. love him :)

  • j-diggle

    You gotta squeeze Remember Me in there too.

  • j-diggle

    You guys liked Spider-Man: Homecoming and I didn’t which made me feel like Ann idiot! I refuse to listen again! How dare you differ in opinion from me!!!!

  • I officially throw my hat in the Film Junk RPG game.

  • kent88

    I have no idea why one wouldn’t watch DUNKIRK in IMAX if one can.

    Mostly because of the aspect ratio. The OAR for all the IMAX scenes are 1:43:1 which means the image has been letterboxed if you watch it in regular theater. I’m surprised there isn’t more outrage over this from my fellow aspect ratio aficionados.

    I know Nolan and Hoyte Van Hoytema (and Wally Pfister before him) compose the image for both formats, but still. Look how puny that 2:20:1 framing is in comparison.

  • It happened in a warehouse studio space surrounded by eccentric seamstresses who were on hand with scrap fabric to “mop up me messes” (running with the Dickensian vibe). Disaster avoided, thankfully.

  • Jr

    The Whistleblower
    Eastern Promises

  • Sean

    Friends come and go but Film Junk is forever! Thanks for listening Paul.