John Carpenter to Produce Two New Genre TV Shows


Although John Carpenter seems to have all but retired from directing movies these days, he is continuing to find new ways to keep himself busy (and to keep those cheques rolling in too). From music to video games to comics, he has been lending his name (and occasionally his talents) to projects in many different realms, and now it looks like he is preparing to return to a medium that he has dabbled in previous: television. Carpenter is reportedly developing two new TV shows, one of which will be based on his Tales for a Halloween Night graphic novel series while the other will be based on Simon R. Green’s Nightside novels. Carpenter had this to say about the projects:

“I’m excited to partner with Universal Cable Productions on this venture into television… On one hand, it’s a return home to Universal, where I have fond memories, and on the other, it’s a step into the future with great new creative partners in programming.”

Tales for a Halloween Night will be an anthology horror series on Syfy and it is currently in search of a writer. Nightside, on the other hand, will be written by Jill Blotevogel (MTV’s Scream) and revolves around a hidden netherworld in London where supernatural beings and futuristic technology co-exist. It remains to be seen if Carpenter will have any creative involvement in either one, but I suspect he probably won’t. Some of his previous television projects include Body Bags and two episodes of Masters of Horror. Are you excited to see John Carpenter return to the small screen?

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