Film Junk Podcast Episode #618: Baby Driver and Okja


0:00 – Intro
7:50 – Review: Baby Driver
40:48 – Review: Okja
1:01:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: GLOW
1:07:40 – Junk Mail: Water Phobias, Creative Freedom Within Franchises, Directors Who Worked as Their Own DP, Netflix Movies on Blu-ray, Dating as a Film Snob, What to Wear to a Hans Zimmer Concert
1:50:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Outro
1:53:50 – Spoiler Discussion: Baby Driver
2:03:00 – Spoiler Discussion: Okja

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  • Darcy

    So when are you guys going to review Earthlings?

  • pcch7

    No idea who this is aimed at tbh

  • pcch7

    So apparently John Carpenter is gonna develop a new anthology series.

  • Kyle S.

    Again, I understand where people are coming from and am not suggesting that anyone stop listening to Film Junk. I am just saying that “oh just kidding” is an old excuse for being mean and in this case I think the statements were not justified in my own opinion. You can’t say stuff like that and then just say “oh I was just kidding.” It does not work that way.

  • Kyle S.

    I can see that my comments have been ignored or just swept under the rug. Let’s try this: I have been subscribed to Film Junk for 4 years on iTunes, I just clicked unsubscribe. That’s when you ignore long time fans.

  • Sean

    Hi Kyle, I’m a bit unclear as to what we’re talking about. Did we say something on the last episode that was specifically mocking people who like Baby Driver? I don’t remember that happening… generally we just mock each other. I know sometimes the tone can be very sarcastic and cynical. I think in this case it was a movie that a lot of people were very enthusiastic about and we did not gush over it, which I understand might be frustrating to listen to. Please don’t take it personally.

  • Craig

    You sound like you’re full of your own self importance, why tell strangers on the internet that you’ve unsubscribed to a film podcast because your feeling were hurt?

    Just unsubscribe and carry on with your day.

  • Cocky S.O.B.

    It captured the movie perfectly

  • pcch7

    I don’t remember it happening either. I really can’t recall anything that could even be slightly offensive tbh.

  • Cocky S.O.B.

    This episode is pure Film Junk. Last week was a bit off, but this episode is solid. I know y’all* read all of these comments (according to Frank), and I figured that y’all could use a positive note after reading these comments. Keep up the good work. -MTB

    *I’m Southern

  • Normally I never leave comments or replies, but here I make an exception. My father was rushed to hospital yesterday with heart complications, and as I’ve relocated I can’t be there with him. Just surrounded by people saying “just take your mind off it”. Cue Bandcamp, cue JC premium, cue instant cure. So Jay was slightly menstrual about reviewing Transformers…so the boys didn’t climax over Baby Driver. Take a second to appreciate the mutant-like healing powers of Film Junk. It’s “awesome”. (Apologies to Frank for excessive pandering in previous comment, wanted to shake off the ‘Film Snob’ label).

  • adam

    Unrelated to anything but: something I’ve always wondered about is when you do spoiler sections, do you record them as you’re talking about the films and then cut the audio out and place it at the end OR do you record everything in the same order it’s presented in? (ie spoiler discussion happens last in real time)

  • Get Fooked eh

    Your comments just aren’t important enough to dictate the show because it’s their fucking show that they’ve been doing for over a decade. Get over yourself, Kyle. Bye.

  • frankw35

    OK, I have to admit that for more than second when Frank interjected “Cat fight!” at the end of sentence about a dating reality show competition between him and Dax, I assumed he was talking about a dating reality show competition between him and Dax, and it took me a minute to figure out it was a real cat fight. Close that damn window.

  • Who Cares

    People who have so much of an issue with this podcast should just fuck off. We love Film Junk and that is why this is our space to tell them how we appreciate them and the work they do. Negative comments or criticism should go in the pussy bin. We don’t need little pussies here giving negative feedback. Fuck off, haters. Peace.

  • Who Cares

    By the way, good job on this episode to the Film Junk crew. Personally one of my favorites

  • Film casual

    I wish more people would share stories like this instead of spreading anger and hatred…

  • Vocal minority out in force recently, here and on the Reddit, yeesh. I disagree with FJ sometimes, but I never feel the need to bash them for a different opinion. Even when I don’t agree, it’s always an entertaining show. I’ll gladly pay twice as much as I usually do for that premium (once I finally get around to watching The World’s End).

  • Rob Champion

    Can we get a 4K Blu Ray News section? Something for Jay to get worked up about.

  • Film casual

    To fucking anyone out there thinking of posting further negativity in the future…. we are the fans. You will have to go through us. Film Junk has to be professional and polite to you but we the fans will shut you down every time. I agree that this was a great episode. But even if it weren’t I would still be here to defend the site that has given us so much. If you have a problem with this podcast, get the fuck away and go listen to something else. The fans have spoken and your “opinions” as you call them should fucking stay at home. Back off.

  • PaulKuK

    Is this a prank? I listened to both podcasts and completely missed the guys commenting that people who liked Baby Driver are idiots. What did they actually say? At what point in the podcast was it? I’m curious because all I heard was individuals opinions on a slightly above average film (FYI, that was simply a personal opinion also)

  • PaulKuK

    There was nothing negative said against people who liked Baby Driver in this episode. Apparently you all have to pretend to like the same films that Kyle likes otherwise he will take it as a personal insult and retaliate with an act that has zero effect on anyone apart from himself.

  • Flo Lieb

    I’m pretty sure they keep on talking and attach the spoiler part at the end. Otherwise they would have to catch their train of thought from maybe an hour ago.

  • Animatrix

    Well said

  • Agreed. It’s not really a good film at all. And the more you think about it, the worse it gets.

  • If I unsubscribed the first time I disagreed with Film Junk, I never would have made it past one episode. Seems a bit of an extreme measure. I mean, they didn’t even give it a NEGATIVE rating! Fuck them for not loving it right?

  • SJB

    I see that kyle s. Has been silent guess that is what happens when you are called out on being overly sensitive whiner.. I dare him to respond to this.

  • LordAwesome

    Er no. This has never been a “space” just for fans and positive comments. The FilmJunk crew have never censored negative comments and they get a lot of respect for that.

  • Who cares

    nice you are defending the people who whine and complain about literally nothing that’s great. (I like how everyone here just disagree with everything said)

  • OsoAmorito
  • OsoAmorito
  • Kyle S.

    I see now that if you post any sentence dissenting to Film Junks opinions that the attack dogs will let loose on you and humiliated you. That’s how it works here I guess(Don’t worry this is my last comment I ever post here. I am just a big baby so you can all feeling good about that) Good-bye I will never bother you any more.

  • CoPO

    Good. I’m glad we all agree you’re a big ol’ puss.

  • OsoAmorito

    This is Edgar Wright isn’t it? I may be wrong. There’s a chance that it is not Edgar Wright. If this truly is indeed Kyle, I have only a few things I want to say…

  • Jr

    Fuuuuck, I’ve just been triggered.

  • Sam

    Actually say what part of the podcast you’re referring to maybe instead of being vague and ignoring people asking you to do so?

  • I agree the defense comments are a little extreme, but you also gave no further explanation of your perceived insult. You unsubscribed because you felt they claimed anyone who liked Baby Driver is inferior, that’s a bit misleading to call dissenting, that’s just straight up not true.

  • Sam

    I think he might just be trolling. There were people genuinely wanting to know what was said in order to see what he was referring to and he repeatedly ignored direct questions. I don’t recall anyone on the show saying anything like he was inferring they did. I liked Baby Driver and never felt like they were insulting for doing so.