Film Junk Podcast Episode #617: Transformers: The Last Knight


0:00 – Intro
14:40 – Review: Transformers: The Last Knight
1:05:25 – Review: 47 Meters Down
1:41:35 – Headlines: Avatar 2, 3 and 4 to Feature Glasses-Less 3D, Ron Howard Confirmed for Han Solo Movie
2:15:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Great Wall, Wonder Woman, Spirited Away, Thor, Kiss of the Dragon, The Martian, The Bad Batch, The Gong Show, Unstoppable, Compulsion, Another Woman, Obsessions, Vision Quest, Caltiki, the Immortal Monster, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Lost in La Mancha
2:45:45 – Junk Mail: TMNT Lego, Top 3 Adam Sandler Movies + Cool Heist Movies, Avatar Theme Park, Oversized Blu-ray Shelf Dilemma, Changing Career Paths
3:08:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:10:15 – Outro
3:13:35 – Spoiler Discussion: 47 Meters Down

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  • Colin

    Frank claims he would “pull without hesitation” in wartime on episode 577 Suicide Squad.

  • Rainer.W.F.

    “Well, I think you´re underestimating how much the listeners want to hear you (Jay) angry.”
    100% CORRECT, Sean!! Fuming, raging Jay is one of the main draws of Filmjunk and a precious source of joy to humanity.
    It makes me so happy that, after a long time of happily sucking the balls of pathetic jobbers and tree-hugging mediocre garbage, Jay has rediscovered a ball or two and starts to attack again. Get em Jay!!

  • Colin

    Just Baby Driver (and The House for Frankie) next week? If Jay had real balls, he’d insist on also watching The Beguiled… unless that’d not coming to Canada for some strange reason.

  • Sean

    I didn’t know it was getting a wide release this weekend. I had a quick look on a few Canadian sites and it does seem to be listed although I can’t imagine it will be playing in St. Catharines. We shall see.

    We’ll probably also review Okja but it’s going to be a busy week preparing for the Edgar Wright premium already.

  • Larry Morgan

    Please do NOT stop the Jay Monster Train. My blood pumps joyfully through my veins when I hear his anger and discontent. There is nothing better. All hail Cheel. HAIL CHEEL. HAIL.

  • Bandit Manatee

    Personally I do enjoy you guys doing big budget blockbusters as they can often lead to humorous conversation and jokes. Unfortunately transformers films have been bad in the exact same way since 2 or 3 so I get why jay is frustrated.

  • iammattz

    The “worst” FJ reviews are the ones where someone is so checked out from the movie that they basically just admit to getting a poutine and dropping lid the whole time. I say worst because sometimes the story you get about the poutine is worth the price of the review.

    Happy to see you guys get a bit more choosy in what you decide to see. I’m just here for the anti-entertainment anyways.

  • LordAwesome

    Jay’s “contribution” to the TRANSFORMERS review was a disgrace and an insult to his fans.

    He’s the Robert De Niro/Sam Jackson of FilmJunk!

  • Samb

    Sounds like reviewing stuff like Transformers is a velvet handcuffs situation, vis a vis ad revenue. Maybe Patreon could be your ticket to freedom. Then you could maybe choose your review based on your own level(s) of interest….

  • devolutionary

    It’s a sad state of affairs when 47 Meters Down is the high brow pick of a FJ double review episode. That said, I could listen to Frank run off yet another hour of Bay quotes.

  • devolutionary

    Frank is a “hero” with ice water in his veins. If you want to rattle him, you need something more sophisticated, like cheap movie jumpscares.

  • Jameson

    Fantastic episode! It’s great having thought-provoking reviews for more substantial films, but the hilarity that comes with reviews like these is great. Obviously, review whatever you’d like but this episode was highly entertaining.

  • Tim

    “someone”?? you can his name: we all now it`s Jay 99,999% of the time.

  • Indianamcclain

    Not interested in watching Transformers 4 or 5, but there’s no way in hell that they’re worse than Revenge of the Fallen. That is one of the worst films I’ve seen in my entire life. Any respect I had for Michael Bay was lost when the credits rolled on that piece of shit.

  • Adam

    He more than makes up for his lack of discussion on transformers with the 47 meters down review.

  • Adam

    How can Frank, a person who shits himself at the thought of reviewing a horror film because of potential jump scares, be unable to fathom why the unknown ala the abyss would be scary/horrifying/whatever you want to call it for someone? C’mon Fronk

  • Jones

    Jay’s summary of the shit show that is the Han Solo movie more than made up for his lackluster Transformers review


  • Falsk

    Playing devil’s advocate, I can totally understand the desire to maintain traffic, but the people tuning in for Transformers aren’t sticking around for Hot Docs or even It Comes At Night. Look at all the weirdos that magically appear just to comment on old Harry Potter-based articles on the site.

    At 10+ years you guys have more than earned the ability to be more picky-choosy. I’ll be the first to say I’ll listen to literally anything, even those bullshit, enabling Manifestos. Life’s too short, guys. Jay could be dead tomorrow. SAVE THAT RAGE FOR THE MOVIES THAT COUNT.


  • The Fan

    Jay acted like a cry baby and ruin the mood for the whole review. I like jay and his sarcasm not that he gives fuck. Sean asked the week before what everyone wanted to see. Nobody really gave definitive answer. I always thought they generally stick to wide releases to reach a mass audience. Like most others have said I’ll listen regardless. In situationss like the last fast and furious movie and transformers 5 I only saw the movie because I knew they would be talking about it.

  • Bandit Manatee

    Frank clearly has a programmers brain. If potential threat to individual equal 0 then no fear response should occur. No room for ambiguity or the intangible nature of the unknown to provoke a fear response. It’s a math problem for frank. You can see these in other areas and it’s basically a root cause of many frank/jay debates

  • Bob Phelan

    I would throw down at least $5 a month on a Film Junk patreon

  • Jr

    I agree with Jay. Watch what you’re most interested in, not what just happens to be the “biggest” thing coming out. That being said, me and probably most of your fans will listen regardless of what you review. I mean, I’m down for YouTube junk.

  • Jr

    Me too and I’ve thought this before. I just figured that they don’t want to get lumped in with all the other yahoos. They try to keep it real. I would put in my share though.

  • Jr

    Whoops, this is response to the Patreon comment below.

  • Sean

    I don’t want it to sound like I am personally pushing for us to chase big download numbers or something because that is definitely not the case. It has nothing to do with ad revenue because let’s face it, the regular episodes make no money for us at all! Out of the top 10 biggest movies of the year so far, 4 of those did not get full reviews on the show and there are probably a few other big ones we skipped too.

    Sometimes bad movies make for good discussions, I think we all agree on that. The big blockbusters are easier for us all to see and during the summer movie season we are mostly game for whatever that brings. I guess with Transformers it’s just a case where everyone is beating a dead horse. I thought maybe there would still be a fun discussion to be had especially with Dax in the mix and I think ultimately there was. But doing both Transformers and 47 Meters Down was a good compromise. For the most part, I think we’re already sticking to what interests us and what is available to us on any given week.

  • pcch7

    Personally I like the Transformers reviews cause it’s fun when you guys trash a movie.

    Has Frank the Water Baby ever been in water? Unless you swim, you sink. But I do agree with some of Frank’s points though

  • Bay Quotes Premium?!

  • pcch7

    As for Jet Li, his best movie for me is Fearless

  • Beat_C

    “Unless you swim, you sink” Wot?? No you don’t.

  • Beat_C

    I kinda agree. It’s not the first time he pursed his lips and stated he had nothing to say. It is quite lame.

  • Brian.M

    Agree. I checked out on the Transformers movies after paying for that garbage.

  • Brian.M

    I am not interested in the Patreon route. Have already lost interest in another podcast as they have essentially cut their show in half – one half for the non-paying regular listeners, and one half for the patreon members. What has happened is the essence of that show has been watered down and each new episode is introduced with a thanks to new patreons – nice for them but comes across as an exclusive members club. Plus one of the host’s has gone a bit d-bag on people who don’t subscribe. Patreon is all well and good if you have a regular expendable income but if every podcast did this it and I subscribed I would be drained dry.

    Am happy to pay for the premium episodes though.

  • Samb

    FJ has never sounded like they’re in it for the money, so I would trust them not to go full profiteer on us. I was guessing, perhaps wrongly, that a certain amount of traffic was required to cover costs, and thus was driving some of the decision-making on the main reviews. I like the paid premium model as well, but they’re running out of high-profile topics.

  • Tommy

    Did Roger skip out on turd blockbusters? No sir!

  • pcch7

    What water have you been in? Only place I’ve floated without doing anything is the dead sea or whatever it’s called, because there’s so much salt. If we didn’t sink we wouldn’t drown.

  • Beat_C

    “Drowning” means swallowing too much water that prevents you from breathing, not sinking to the bottom of a lake/sea. From a swimming website:
    – Freshwater has a density of 1g/cm3
    – Saltwater has a density of 1.024g/cm3, therefore
    having a higher density.
    The average male has a density of 0.98g/cm3 and the average female 0.97g/cm3. We can deduce therefore that most human beings will float to a certain degree, with a small amount of the body staying above the water surface. Females float better than males and both males and females float better in saltwater than in freshwater. Very few adults can float horizontally in the water, yet most children can hold a star float in the horizontal position.

  • pcch7

    Key words “to a certain degree”. You don’t magically float without moving a muscle. If you’re below the surface you don’t magically float to the surface at will without swimming. And people drown because they can no longer keep treading water to stay at the surface. Try it for yourself, dive into a lake and see if you float to the surface without moving. I have family that have drowned, I’m a firefighter so I’ve picked people out of the water and I can tell you they are not floating peacefully at the surface.

  • Maik

    Jay, what you called “bipolar” is actually commonly known as “female irrationality”.
    I can barely believe that you never encountered it in real life. (Should we be worried?)

  • Balls

    If Jay dies tomorrow…it’s your fault.

  • LordAwesome

    It’s pronounced GHI-BLI, for Christ’s sake.

  • Sean

    I don’t know if it’s clear from your pronunciation guide but I assume you mean it’s a soft G (ie. J sound).

  • Nobody

    Kiss of the Dragon is awesome. Great call, Dax! I’ve always had mixed reactions to Jet Li as an action star, but I love how he demolishes people in that one. The chopstick kill is surely the best or second best chopstick kill I’ve ever seen, and Tcheky Karyo’s bizarre, graphic death is hilarious. That movie deserves a retro review with Dax. In addition to Hero, I’m guessing Jet Li fans would probably pick Fist of Legend or Once Upon a Time in China as his best work. I’d throw in Unleashed.

    I was hoping the trailer for The Foreigner would be brought up because I love when Jay talks Chan.

    Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk is another movie that tried to push the 3D high frame rate technology like the Hobbit movies, but people shit all over it. I thought it was great, a more refreshing and creative war movie than most gave it credit for. The unusual style in which it was shot was still apparent in the standard 2D version, which also seemed to throw people off.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Never a truer word spoken. Keep drinking monster and keep watching terrible films – your rage keeps me sane.

  • Yup, just get in any swimming pool and stop moving, you will slowly sink to the bottom. It takes effort to tread water and stay afloat. General make up of your body can affect this though, people who have more fat on their bodies have more buoyancy.

    Also, water has weight. When you are at a deep enough depth, you won’t rise without a lot of effort, as the weight of the water is greater than any buoyancy you might have. The greater depths you go to, the more powerful this weight is.

    I know for me staring into the blackness of the ocean triggers my acrophobia and its why I don’t scuba dive. When we were snorkeling in the Galapagos we swam along an ocean ridge and that scared the shit out of me, its like looking into infinity.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Guys, I’m sorry you felt you had sit through that piece of shit Trashformers 6 (sounds like it was edited by a broken washing machine) for us, but anytime Frank gets to use the words ‘pop up book’ and ‘overhearing sex scene’ in the same sentence when reviewing a movie…well that’s just gold and I just laughed and laughed. Your sacrifice was not in vain gentlemen.

  • The problem is Frank is really bad at math.

  • pcch7

    thank you, I’ve been trying to remember what episode it was

  • Most people who drown don’t have much, if any, water in their lungs. They asphyxiate because your body responds to water potentially being swallowed by your trachea closing, This prevents the person from getting enough oxygen and they fall unconscious and then go into cardiac arrest.

  • schizopolis

    The Bad Batch not only heavily borrows from Fury Road, but also Dead End Drive-In, an Ozploitation film that Tarantino lauded over in Not Quite Hollywood. It’s great.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Great to hear the discussion on 47 METERS DOWN … its this Summer’s NERVE for me