Monday Morning Box Office Report: Transformers: The Last Knight Runs Out of Gas Domestically


It would appear that North American moviegoers are finally starting to cool on Michael Bay’s Transformers series as Transformers: The Last Knight limped to the lowest domestic opening for the series to date, earning just $69.1 million over five days ($45.3 million over three). The only other installment that opened on a Wednesday was Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which earned $162 million back in 2011 on its way to $1.1 billion worldwide. Of course, this movie could still eventually reach $1 billion as well by making the majority of its money overseas; it opened with $196 million from other territories this weekend including $123 million from China. Realistically, the Transformers series isn’t going away anytime soon but it may be headed for another soft reboot. Elsewhere, Cars 3 and Wonder Woman were essentially tied for second place with the latter about to pass Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice domestically. 47 Meters Down had another surprisingly solid weekend, earning $7.4 million, while All Eyez on Me rounded out the top 5.

1. Transformers: The Last Knight — $45.3M
2. Cars 3 — $25.2M
3. Wonder Woman — $25.2M
4. 47 Meters Down — $7.4M
5. All Eyez on Me — $5.9M
6. The Mummy — $5.8M
7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales — $5.2M
8. Rough Night — $4.7M
9. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie — $4.3M
10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — $3.0M

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  • Jameson

    What I’m liking about this summer is the good blockbusters (Wonder Woman) are killing it and the bad ones (everything else) are underperforming.

  • Film Junk Enthusiast

    No surprises here! I wonder if Jay will wondered what Frank will have to say about this. Fuck…. Oh Michael Bay, when will you learn that transaction of screen to ratio is non essential for cinematography. Smh.

  • 1138sw

    I never understood the love for the Transformer movies. The first was just god awful and the subsequent ones were no better. But people enjoy them hence the mega monies they made, with the exception of T:TLK.

    Also Sean even though T:TLK will make back it’s money and more from overseas profits, the studio’s cut/share is a lot less? As opposed if they made that money back in the states? I could be wrong but I I always thought the profits/shares made at home were greater than abroad.

  • Sean

    I believe you are correct, although I have no idea what the ratio on that would be.

  • Tommy

    The movie went from the worst in the series to the best as soon as the Hopkins stuff got going (and then it went back down, but that was a fun second act) I hope you all see it.

  • Beat_C

    chinese people seem to have really bad taste in movies. anyway, i wonder how many tickets have to be sold in china to make $123 million? presuming the price for a ticket is lower than in the US, i guess more chinese than american people went to see the movie.

  • This article puts the average of the chinise movie ticket price at around $5-6.

    I would guess that its mostly due to the difference of population size, not movie taste. If you have a movie that is only moderatly successful in China it will make tons of money. Since the movie ticket prices are around the same (I think, I’m not from the US) you only need half as many movie goers to make twice as much money.

  • Niklas

    Frank.. you keep saying you don’t fall in water? Go swim, stop, don’t move see what happens.

    Also, anyone who has gone diving or snorkeling knows its scarier when you can’t see the bottom. Your mind starts imagining what could be down there.