Film Junk Podcast Episode #616: It Comes at Night


0:00 – Intro
9:45 – Review: It Comes at Night
35:10 – Headlines: RIP John G. Avildsen, Phil Lord and Chris Miller Exit Han Solo Movie
50:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Rough Night, Cars 3, Raw, The Lego Batman Movie, Animal House, Role Models, 23 Paces to Baker Street, The Belko Experiment, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Krisha, Oh Hello on Broadway, Very Bad Things
1:59:26 – Junk Mail: Seal Busker Response + SJW Movie Podcasts, To Unwrap or Not to Unwrap, Best End Credit Songs, NYT’s Top 25 Movies of the 21st Century, Birthday Wishes, Putting Film Junk on the Map
2:34:15 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:40:10 – Outro
2:46:20 – Spoiler Discussion: It Comes at Night

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  • kent88

    DUNKIRK is officially 107 minutes long.

    Frank might as well rate it five stars and heart it on Letterboxd already.

  • Colin
  • Sean

    Yeah I guess Lego lost the license and Mega Bloks picked it up.

  • bobsponge42

    Remember to give your friends a hug today.

  • Larry Morgan

    107?!?!?!? That might as well be an hour in today’s world.

  • Larry Morgan

    Obviously they don’t want people with a vision. They want jobbers who will do whatever they tell them with enough name recognition to pass as “respectable” filmmakers.

  • schizopolis

    Sean’s assessment of the slashfilmcast is spot on and fair. I still listen to them on occasion depending on what film they review. Once Adam Quigley left the show, I no longer pay much attention to their film criticism. He was the “Jay” of the show, meaning he always had insightful things to say, regardless of whether I agreed with his opinion. The host is just a really good broadcaster. His film criticism is uneven and seems clouded by the politics and buzz surrounding the films and steers the conversations that way…unfortunately. Devindra is the “Sean”, decent and reasonable film taste and seems to fall under the consensus. Jeff has lots of personality, but his film criticism is lacking and is really just a Marvel fanboy and James Cameron apologist. He’s a poor man’s “Frank”…minus Frank’s sometimes charming inadvertent racism.

    When it comes to race issues within the film industry, they are the podcast to listen to because they have very good insights. Sometimes, their sjw tendencies go too far, particularly the host, but never offensively….considering the decades of intentional and unintentional racism, sexism, etc. throughout the history of film.

  • Larry Morgan

    “Kill me…Frank…this world…sucks. What is this world?”

    Jay is on FIRE this week.

  • Jameson

    Nolan is setting the new trend. All blockbusters are gonna be under 2 hours now.

  • Newtman98

    I love Animal House, despite not being the biggest Belushi fan, but for some reason when he dumps the mustard on his chest in Animal House it makes me laugh like nothing else. I’m not sure why.

  • Impiii

    Frank is correct. In Time plays as an alternate Version when Bill & Ted visit the Future.

  • Indianamcclain

    I used to listen to them faithfully before I discovered Film Junk. I agree, once Adam left I lost interest. Again Jeff seems like a nice guy but his reviews and biases for comic book movies in particular drives me up the wall. He constantly bows down, and worships anything that’s made by Marvel Studios. Even his review for Everybody Wants Some was odd. He basically said that it’s a film about the kind of people that picked on him in high school, therefore he didn’t like the film.

  • Indianamcclain

    I fully admit that it’s not fair to the film but the marketing kinda made me want to hate It Comes At Night. To expect an intense horror film, and instead get a slow paced thriller is infuriating. Whoever marketed this should ashamed of themselves. The trailer, poster, and even the standee are text book examples of false advertising.

  • Indianamcclain

    Strange that Force Awakens is the only one that didn’t have any problems that we know of during production. Maybe these spin-off’s aren’t a good idea.

  • Indianamcclain

    Rough Night, and Baywatch are some of the worst films of the year. Also, Scarlett Johansson’s fiancé is one of the most annoying characters I’ve seen in any film this year. Idk how Rough Night is sitting at 49% while Baywatch is at 19%.

  • Larry Morgan

    It’s a shame, because I thought they might let some risk-taking happen with these Anthology films, but now it seems like they want them to just fall in line with everything else.

  • Indianamcclain

    They’re just assembly line products being shipped out by name directors.

  • Carlos

    With the recent batch of ‘bombing’ blockbusters this summer (the mummy, king arthur, baywatch), this might be the right time for the often mentioned ‘box office bombs’ premium podcast.
    Suggestions: ‘Howard the Duck’, ‘Wild Wild West’, and a reevaluation of ‘the lone ranger’

    But naturally, I will buy any premium you guys put out. Rock on!

  • LordAwesome

    “People of color” is such an odious term. Please don’t use it again Sean.

  • LordAwesome

    Any respectable filmmaker would know a Han Solo prequel movie is a fucking stupid idea.

  • Lori Cerny

    I listened to maybe thirty slashfilm episodes years ago, but had to abandon the show. All they did was bicker, it was so unprofessional and felt like they really hated each other. Think it was Devindra (?) and another guy.

  • Rob Champion

    Here is Marilyn Manson as himself in the Phil Lord and Chris Miller created and produced TV show, Clone High.

  • Samb

    re Twitter — there’s a separate strain of what Jay is talking about on Film Twitter (nice rant btw) that I’ll call “Zoller-Seitzification”, a particularly belligerent strain of virtue-signalling that roots out the tiniest offense and declares thermonuclear war over it. It’s overbearing and gross, and this is coming from a leftist bedwetter.

    That said, Edelstein’s Wonder Woman review for Vulture really was creepy….

  • Sean

    Are you saying they bicker more than us?? :)

  • Sean

    Is there a less odious one you prefer?

  • Frank Booth
  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Ron Howard is in front of the line for Han Solo.

  • Rob Champion

    Also in terms of songs that were in the movie and end credits… the entire soundtrack of Purple Rain.

  • Mr.Z.

    “ADULT oriented” LEGO® !?!
    Keep on kiddin´ yourself, Jay, keeep on kiddin´~

  • Tim

    Jay´s midlife crisis is T.H.E B.E.S.T!!!

  • pcch7

    Not quite like Seal but the Icelandic band Árstidir performed an 800 year old song in a german trainstation. It’s pretty cool

  • pcch7

    Can’t say anything these days without people taking offence Sean. This chainreacts me to the junkmail about Slashfilm. I’ve listened to them on and off for years and I like the podcast a lot but it feels like they always get bogged down in criticizing the lack of diverse casting. Sure it’s an issue but it gets tedious to listen to every time.

  • Jameson

    Krisha is indeed on Amazon Prime in the US, but did it get a theatrical release last year? Seeing that definitely helps prepare you for It Comes At Night since they are very similar experiences.

  • Jr

    Yea, cause this is a real “PC” show…

  • Jr

    Also, please start including trigger warnings.

  • mushroomyakuza

    I’ve gotta agree with LordAwesome Sean. I don’t wanna go too crazy political here but I find ‘people of colour’ to be such a derogatory term – to me it sounds like a disability, as if by being a ‘person of colour’ you are less able or less advantaged than someone who is not.

    Equally I am absolutely sure you don’t intend it that way. But really, why can’t we just say black, white, asian, whatever? POC (ugh) is an umbrella term for anyone who is not white. There’s no way that isn’t exclusive or prejudicial against the very people it refers to.

  • Newtman98

    Isn’t “people of color” the socially acceptable PC term? I hear it quite a bit. I thought Sean was just trying to use the least offensive term possible.

  • Beat_C

    that sums up my feelings pretty accurately. i don’t mind slashfilmcast’s political commentary (in fact i found this week’s junk mail very odd: “just review the movie!” – what does that even mean?), and i think dave chen is a great host. but i agree their reviews are very superficial and broad (and i hate it when jeff cannata goes the patronizing “now i’m a father i watch things differently route … glad sean never does this).

  • pcch7

    Maybe you guys will like Transformers anyway =P

  • iammattz

    At risk of sounding like a film twitter guy, just wanted to give a belated B-day shoutout to FRANKIE! Give someone you know a hug for Frank today, everyone!

  • Frank Booth

    You guys have completely lost the plot.

    LordAwesome is a known Trump lover / supporter / cult member.

    That alone completely invalidates his opinion on everything (but especially this issue).

  • Craig

    They don’t biker at all? in fact they out of their way to be overly nice to each other which gets a bit cringeworthy.

    I do listen to the show but the e-mailer is right, they do sum up the problem with modern internet culture and being offended by every little thing they don’t agree with.

  • Jr


  • pcch7

    I thought saying black, white, asian and so on was considered more offensive? Not that I know why though

  • Sam

    Yeah, I also don’t recall them bickering too much. I used to listen regularly though never too faithfully. Mildly enjoyed what they had to say, but also would get annoyed that every film discussion geared towards political talk or Dave Chen feeling the need to address all the social issue talk that may arise surrounding the film. I also just got annoyed that there was very rarely any actual film talk outside of the main review, just mainly what new TV shows everyone was watching.

    I now listen very rarely, mainly when I watch a new movie that I’m interested in hearing more random discussion and decide to just put on that episode and skip specifically to the discussion portion.

  • Adam

    This is exactly why I stopped listening to them like a decade ago (holy shit was 07 really a decade ago? Fuck me) I believe it was Dave Chen? i think that’s his name, he’d ALWAYS bring up diversity and damn near never brought anything new to the conversation, he couldn’t help but beat that dead horse over and over and over. That’s when I stopped listening to Slashfilm all together and solely focused on FJ from then on out.

  • I can’t remember the last time I listened to the slash filmcast. I have no idea who Jeff is, so it must have been back before Adam left. I remember I stopped listening because it too often sounded like a bland radio show. Frankly, their show felt like they should be on some Adult Contemporary radio station.
    None of them have much of a personality, and while they seemed like perfectly nice guys, I didn’t like any of their film taste. Not that I like Frank’s film taste, but at least he does it with gusto.

  • Lori, I think you are confusing slashfilm with Row Three. ;)

  • Brendan

    I saw Rough Night, and while I agree there are a lot of things thst missed, i enjoyed it and thought it was funny overall. Yes, the plot and film making were pretty basic, there were obvious elements to the story, and there were unfunny characters. But I laughed a bunch, and that’s all I want from a comedy. Jillian Bell and Kate McKinnon were enough for me to enjoy this film. I don’t care if the plot is lame or the characters aren’t developed in a comedy, it just has to make me laugh. That’s why this is around 50% on RT, there’s enough here to give it a pass. If it’s not your humor (obviously not for Jay) then I get it, you won’t like it.

  • gibson8

    Jr is correct in that Filmjunk has always been casually racist for laughs but you guys are actually defending it and that is the reason mushroomyakuza and LordAwesome comments are warranted. Frank Booth attempts a character assassination of LordAwesome but then he fantasises about sex with his mommy so there’s that…..