Film Junk Podcast Episode #615: The Mummy


0:00 – Intro
19:25 – Review: The Mummy
44:15 – Headlines: RIP Adam West, Black Panther Trailer, The Gong Show and Battle of the Network Stars, Sony to Release Clean Versions of Movies on Home Video
1:10:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: A Cure for Wellness, Life, The Mummy (1999), The Mummy (1932), Look Who’s Talking, Born on the Fourth of July, Primal Screen
1:53:33 – Junk Mail: DC vs Marvel Movies, The State of CG Effects, Best ’90s Soundtracks, Handling Reviews of Our Own Creative Output, True Lies, Greatest Movie Score of All Time, Sticker Removal Techniques + Frank’s Memories of Working at a Theatre
2:46:02 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:50:15 – Outro
2:52:55 – Spoiler Discussion: The Mummy
3:05:25 – Spoiler Discussion: Life

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  • Kenneth Serenyi
  • Kenneth Serenyi

    What do you guys think of Danny Elfman replacing Junkie XL for “Justice League”?

  • Larry Morgan

    Frank, gotta admit The Last Night for Xbox looks pretty cool.

  • Larry Morgan

    And the title sequence for Black Panther preview was awesome.

  • pcch7

    it does, can’t wait to see more. That visual style is right up my alley

  • Aaron

    Frank, I feel your frustration that What About Bob? is still not released on Blu-ray. For me, it’s one of Murray’s funniest performances. It’s a movie that doesn’t get enough credit.

  • pcch7
  • Brian.M

    This makes it a little better :-)

  • Larry Morgan

    Well, even if he new scores aren’t melodic they can still be memorable. The Trent Reznor / Ross scores, Zimmer’s inception / Dark Knight. Some of the Clint Mansell stuff, Cliff Martinez, Johan Johansson.

  • Larry Morgan

    Regarding TV discussion in sitcoms : Friends. More than not you’re looking in on the side. They are often watching TV and it becomes a prop to the scene.

    Obviously doesn’t invalidate the point, would still be fascinating to see what would be on the 4th wall.

  • Brian.M