Joss Whedon to Take Over Justice League from Zack Snyder


A couple of months ago, Warner Brothers dropped a major bombshell when they announced that Joss Whedon would be “defecting” from Marvel to direct a Batgirl movie. Obviously it was a big deal that one of the main architects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be taking on a DC property, but now this week there is an even bigger news story developing as Whedon will also apparently be inheriting the biggest DC movie of all: Justice League. Zack Snyder is stepping down as director of the upcoming film, but it was not the studio’s decision. Snyder is taking some time to deal with a family tragedy. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

According to THR, Zack Snyder is stepping down as the director of Justice League following the recent death of his daughter Autumn, who committed suicide back in March. Snyder says that he originally thought that going back to work would help him deal with the situation, but he has since realized that he needs to be with his family. After ruling out the possibility of a delay, Joss Whedon is stepping in to oversee post-production duties and to shoot some additional scenes.

What is interesting is that even before Snyder decided to step away, Whedon had already been hired to help write some new scenes for the movie. It is unclear just how much influence he may have on the final film. Warner Bros. Pictures president Toby Emmerich stated that they are not introducing any new characters and that the new footage “has to adhere to the style and tone and the template that Zack set.” Do you think Whedon’s involvement could end up being a good thing for the Justice League movie?

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  • Anthony

    And this is why you read the story before being happy from the headline. Fucking sucks for Snyder, feel really bad for him.

  • Kyle Grimes

    Yay…another generic bullshit superhero movie. At least Zack Snyder is interesting

  • eliantigiorgi

    Come on Sean, I expected more from you than this click bait title.

  • Sean

    How is this click bait?

  • Stinker

    I feel sorry for Snyder. Hope that he will continue to make movies, even when i never liked them.

  • Jr

    It’s not. The story totally delivers on the title. Unless click bait now means any link that leads to more details about the story.

  • Tommy

    Guessing the issue is the title selling a possibly exciting director switch rather than focusing on the tragedy.

  • Claws Longtail

    Zack Snyder drops out of Justice League. You won’t believe who takes his place! That’s how you write click bait.

  • Sean

    I could see maybe if it was implying that Zack Snyder was fired or something. But that’s why I used “takes over” instead of “replaces”.

    To me, the personal tragedy is stuff that the general public shouldn’t even know, but Snyder felt compelled to put it out there because people would make all kinds of other assumptions.

  • Ken

    I wonder if the idea was to have Whedon write some scenes that would act as a bridge to his Batgirl movie.

  • Matt the Kiwi

    Yeah, I’m lost – how on earth is this click bait? Unless you’ve edited the title of the article since that comment was posted. I fucking hate click-bait articles…and this ain’t it.