Film Junk Podcast Episode #611: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Snatched


0:00 – Intro
15:00 – Review: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
49:40 – Review: Snatched
1:14:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: Win It All, Hannah Takes the Stairs, The Lost City of Z, Snatch, Mindhorn, Get Me Roger Stone, American Honey
2:22:20 – Junk Mail: Favourite King Arthur Movies, Behind the Scenes of Film Junk, Day Jobs, Clickbait We Always Fall For, Letterboxd Commandments + Logging Shorts Revisited
2:49:25 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:55:00 – Outro

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  • pcch7

    Oh I think I’ve got it. Baywatch. It’ll make a good deal of money and everyone will praise it’s comedy, The Rock specifically. I think that might break NuFrank

  • polar909

    Briiliant episode guys. Loving gay zak.

  • gibson8

    Since when did Filmjunk care about what people think about their reviewing? Frank singlehandedly contradicts the main defence given when people enquire as to the inconsistent reviewing. ‘We are not reviewers’ ‘I would be
    happy not to rate’ – these are Cheel responses to the inconsistent reviewing. Sean has always agreed with Jay on this point.
    1:06:00 – a hypocritical attack on the rotten tomatoes reviewers who review more than the font titles and the production design of a table. Frank in full flow is a hypocritical prick who know doubt will back track next week if this becomes an issue. Please don’t respond with ‘It is not that kind of podcast or anything similar since Knezic clearly thinks that it is.

  • gibson8

    1:18:00 – nice non-apology ‘If you were offended by that then I’m sorry’.

  • pcch7
  • gibson8

    1:49:30 – ‘I wouldn’t call a casino a gambling movie’. smh.

  • What do you enjoy about listening to Film Junk?

  • gibson8

    Filmjunk is one the most reactive podcasts out there which is evident in the (mostly Sean’s) willingness to address criticisms and observations and read out ridiculously long-winded emails (see Jean de Florette & Manon Des Sources email about farm movies) in spite of Jay’s barely concealed disgust at this sort of fair treatment. About 6 or 7 seven years ago Greg was clearly losing interest and starting to affect the chemistry of the show. After a bit of bitching down here Sean addressed the issue and the various concerns (it wasn’t just me but there was less support for Greg than there is for Frank). A year or so elapsed and then an announcement was made that Greg would be leaving the show since it was apparent that he was bored and becoming more passive aggressive as the podcasts continued. This was particularly noticeable in his exchanges with Reed who was frequently threatened in a humorous manner (no surprise Reed has a flash-point with Roman in later years after this sort of treatment). All throughout the end of Greg’s tenure I expressed concern that he was obviously not enjoying himself and Sean eventually confirmed that this was the case, Very few podcasts would even have acknowledged that there was a problem least of all entertained the notion that the observations may be correct. it’s like a younger brother that pisses you off and needs ‘an elbow to the larynx’ (Gaspari, 2008) from time to time but at the end of the day they are family so you make allowances.