The Orville Trailer: Seth MacFarlane Does Galaxy Quest


Although Amazon’s highly anticipated Galaxy Quest TV revival ultimately did not happen (partially due to the passing of Alan Rickman), it looks like Fox has a potential replacement coming to their own line-up this fall. Created by and starring Seth MacFarlane, The Orville is an hour long live-action comedy that centers on a down on his luck Planetary Union officer who is given command of his very own spaceship. There’s just one catch: the first officer is his ex-wife (played by Adrianne Palicki). There’s also a ragtag crew of human and aliens (including a gelatinous creature voiced by Norm MacDonald) and Jon Favreau directed the pilot. This has a bit of the “anything can happen” feel of Rick and Morty and the effects actually don’t look too bad. Call me crazy but I think I’d actually watch this. The Orville is expected to premiere on Fox sometime this fall; check out the first trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • Lori Cerny

    There’s no way this series will be any good.

    First, it has Seth MacFarlane.

    Second, Galaxy Quest was a spoof of Star Trek. A weekly send-up of a 1960s show, beloved as it is and I’m a huuuuuge Trek fan, the gimmick is going to wear thin very fast.

    Third, did ANYONE laugh at anything in this trailer?? Hello, anyone??

  • Kyle

    Seth MacFarlane should be an early contender for 2017’s “Know your Place” Junkie award.

  • Anthony

    It looks…fine.

  • Chris

    This reminds me of the show the ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia” guys were developing like 10 years ago. Boldly Going Nowhere, I think it was called. It was another FOX show, but the pilot never got picked up. I think it was more of a sitcom though, like The Office meets Star Trek is how I think it was described. I like that this is an hour long. I actually liked this trailer more than the one for Star Trek Discovery.

  • I don’t condone violence, but that man has one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen.