MGM Getting Sued Over Missing Films in Bond 50 Box Set


At this point it’s no secret that the home video market is dying and DVD and Blu-ray sales are continuing to plummet thanks to the advent of Netflix and a plethora of other streaming options. The best way to sell physical media these days is to appeal to the hardcore collectors, but the flip side of that coin is that they are often the hardest to please. Case in point: MGM Studios and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment are now facing a class action lawsuit after they failed to live up to the expectations of at least one fan with their release of the 50th Anniversary James Bond box set. Released in 2012, the box set includes all 22 James Bond films released since 1962, but it does not include the two “unofficial” non-EON Bond movies. Now a woman in Washington is suing them for false advertising. Here’s an excerpt from her claim:

“[The Plaintiff] did not receive the product she was led to believe she purchased. The representations that Defendants make on the James Bond sets are false, mislead consumers (and Plaintiff in particular), and constitute unfair and deceptive business practices in violation of applicable law… Despite representing that the Sets contain EVERY charismatic star, David Niven, the ‘charismatic star’ of Casino Royale is missing from the Sets. David Niven was James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s first choice to play James Bond in the James Bond movies.”

The two missing movies are, of course, the 1967 version of Casino Royale, a spoof that starred David Niven, Peter Sellers and Woody Allen, and Never Say Never Again, a Bond movie that brought back Sean Connery but did not involve Eon Productions thanks to a rights loophole with Thunderball screenwriter Kevin McClory. Most Bond fans would have been aware that these are not part of the 007 canon, but to be fair, the box set packaging does say that “all the Bond films are gathered together for the first time.” That being said, the package also lists all of the movies that are included. The lawsuit is apparently seeking actual damages, punitive damages and more. Do you think she actually has chance of winning this lawsuit or is this just a waste of everyone’s time and money?

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  • Corey Pierce

    an actual lawsuit against The Neverending Story would be a better use of time.

  • Loren

    The box set snubbed her favorite actor.. David Niven. Probably didn’t even get it on bluray, but the DVD version after upgrading from VHS. Surprised Reed didn’t jump on this one earlier. Are there lawsuit thinktanks you join that just brainstorm this shit everyday?

  • LordAwesome

    “At this point it’s no secret that the home video market is dying”

    Is that why Criterion recently started releasing in the UK?

    Enough of your anti-physical media editorializing Sean!

  • Kasper

    This is as American as a lawsuit gets. Reminds me of people suing McDonald’s because their coffee is too hot.

  • Lori Cerny


  • Lori Cerny

    Why didn’t she just return the box set to the store?

  • Beerdude

    check out the Hot Coffee documentary

  • Stinker

    Well, i want the Star Wars Christmas special in my complete star wars box.

  • Bandit Manatee

    It more reminds me of people suing Starbucks because there was too much ice in the drinks. I think this goes nowhere and actually seems like more of a practical joke. If they label what comes in the set on the box how can anyone complain?

  • duderinpa

    that coffee was really fucking hot