Unbreakable Sequel Finally Gets an Official Title and a Release Date


For seventeen years now we’ve been hearing M. Night Shyamalan talk about a potential sequel to Unbreakable, but it has always been a tough sell due to the underwhelming box office performance of the original film ($95 million domestic on a $75 million budget). Of course, the movie has since gained a large following on home video and has grown in esteem over the years, plus Hollywood has become very receptive to comic book movies over the past decade and half. Now with the success of Split, Shyamalan has finally found a way to make that Unbreakable sequel a reality and this week he confirmed that it is officially happening. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Okay. Here we go. Finished the new script. It’s taken 17 years but I can finally answer the #1 question I get, “Are you making a f#&@ing sequel to Unbreakable or what?” My new film is the sequel to #Unbreakable AND #Split. It was always my dream to have both films collide in this third film. The iconic Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn. The incomparable Samuel L Jackson will return as Elijah Price/Mr. Glass. The virtuoso James McAvoy returns as Kevin Wendell Crumb, Patricia, Dennis, Hedwig, Barry, Jade, Orwell, The Beast, Heinrich, Norma, Pol-And the prodigy, Anya Taylor Joy will return as Casey Cooke. I’m reteaming with my partners Jason Blum and Universal Pictures for this crazy comic book thriller. And the film is called GLASS… Universal Pictures will release #Glass on January 18, 2019 all over the world. How’s that for not keeping a secret!”

So the movie is called Glass and it will bring together characters from both Unbreakable and Split. Plot details are still mostly unknown, but Shyamalan previously stated that despite being a sequel to both, this movie will also need to be its own thing. It will be interesting to see if this will be a horror movie, a drama or something else entirely. Also, the fact that Anya Taylor-Joy is returning would seem to indicate that perhaps she will become a superhero of sorts as well. Are you looking forward to M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass?

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  • pcch7

    I guess I’ll have to watch Split then. I am interested in going back to the Unbreakable universe, loved that film. His best for me

  • Lori Cerny

    Split is very good, do NOT let the trailers fool you!

  • Lori Cerny

    This is amazing! I do not want to know any plot details, though, Sean.

    If this movie is anywhere near the level of Unbreakable OR Split, it will be worth the seventeen-year wait. But of course, I’m hoping for much, much more.

  • DrewNugent

    I hope Philip Glass does the score.

  • Jameson

    This is a shared cinematic universe I can actually get excited for.