Film Junk Podcast Episode #606: Ghost in the Shell and CHiPs


0:00 – Intro
16:24 – Review: Ghost in the Shell
43:55 – Review: CHiPs
1:28:30 – Headlines: It Trailer
1:36:25 – Other Stuff We Watched: Lone Wolf and Cub Collection, Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman Collection, Hidden Figures, The Discovery, Forged in Fire, Ghost in the Shell (1995), Never Let Me Go
2:00:45 – Junk Mail: Japanese Music Recommendations, Dumbed Down Remakes of Foreign Films, Curing a Case of Classitosis, A Response to Graphic Sex
2:25:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:27:25 – Outro
2:32:15 – Spoiler Discussion: Ghost in the Shell

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  • Andrija

    The list of things that give Jay diarrhea is seemingly endless.

  • devolutionary

    Much like the “ghosts” in GITS, it has become sentient. His diarrhea has given rise to a new conscious.

  • Henceforth this era of Film Junk shall be known as The Monster Years.

  • Maik

    Seriously, Jay has to have one of the most royally fucked up prostates ever, especially in the 30ish age range.
    He should make some nice coin by pimping himself out as a scientific study object.

  • Colin

    I feel like the fuzz are keeping Jay from unleashing the monster

  • Daniel Lindquist

    Happy Ape-Will Da Fo’th! Thanks for the episode.

  • Do you mean colon?


  • Colin

    Sean, if you want to get back into anime check out Cowboy Bebop.

  • Sean

    I am more interested in standalone movies than series, although it doesn’t seem like there are many of those being made anymore. I know there is a Cowboy Bebop movie but I’m assuming you need to watch the show first?

  • devolutionary

    Not really although I’m sure it helps with the characters. It’s basically an extended self-contained episode in movie form.

  • bobsponge42

    Jay and Frank pondering a life in jail. Goth.

  • Maik

    …if a fucked up collon caused absurdly frequent urination that would put any pregnant broad to shame.
    Concerning fucked prostates to net teaches us:
    “You may also have damaged nerves from aggressive masturbation. A penis
    is a very delicate organ although many men treat it very roughly. It is
    not very difficult to injure it from rough handling.”

  • Beat_C

    Thanks so much for another great show. Your guests were very funny again. BUT: Jay was quite nasty towards Sean. Easy to be sarcastic when you’re not the host and don’t have to keep the conversation going. Stand up for yourself, Sean!

  • pcch7

    Singe and Scott, the dynamic duo. Always a great time when they’re on the show. Frank dropping the cash me ousside reference, nice. It’s outrageous how much do-re-mi she’s pulling because of that

  • pcch7

    I would’ve said Attack on Titan but that’s also a show. Not very long though and short episodes

  • pcch7

    I just listened to the Michael Bay premium at work, how awesome would it have been to have Singe & Scott talk about Bad Boys

  • Kevin Smath

    You have to watch everything made by Hideaki Anno, Sean. He’s considered one of the best directors in the animation medium and did that live action Godzilla movie that came out not too long ago. I recommend Evangelion!

  • Tim

    Jay relentlessly bullying his co-hosts has been a mainstay of the FJ podcast since its Spacejunk days.
    I don´t think that Sean minds.

  • Sean

    Yeah, we all make fun of each other… it’s part of the show dynamic. Sometimes I have to be the one who is reaching to find things to discuss and/or struggling to keep things on topic. I am okay with that.

  • Flo Lieb

    Sword of the Stranger is pretty dope – and not a series.

  • Dstrbpx

    Much easier to make a list of things that DO NOT give Jay diarrhea.
    And a pretty fucking short list as well.

  • kent88

    I wonder if Frank will drop tear when Zimmer’s orchestra performs this:

  • Colin

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (aka Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door) is definitely something that can be appreciated without having watched the series; unlike say Serenity, it takes place midway through the series rather than after the series.

    That said, the cool thing about the series is that it’s very episodic and they often have very different tones… for example, Honky Tonk Woman feels like a James Bond film, Ganymede Elegy is inspired by film noir, and Toys in the Attic borrows heavily from Alien.

  • Samb

    Hollywood Handbook is great, particularly the ones that include the Teaser Freezer, where they deconstruct a recent trailer for a movie you know is going to suck. I don’t know what episodes they’re on, but the Teaser Freezers for “The Comedian” and the Bradley Cooper chef movie had me rolling.

  • Nick

    Yeah, the guests were great. The mental image of Frank and the Sledgehammer guy playing video games in prison had me laughing like hell. Jesus christ, he must’ve been literally insane.

  • Samb

    Blue Is the Warmest Color had one of the longest sex scenes ever in a mainstream movie. I watched it and thought if they weren’t having actual sex they might as well have. Definitely an error in judgment not to prep an unknowing audience. The Handmaiden was kinkier for sure, but the depiction was not as raw as Blue.

  • Thanks for the “HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOK” podcast recommendation. I’m 20 minutes into episode one and this is pretty great.

  • jimmy osborne

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  • pcch7

    Any chance of a Luc Besson premium to go along with Valerian?

  • Sean

    La Femme Nikita, The Professional, The Fifth Element? I don’t know if there’s much else worth talking about, but it’s a possibility.

    I have not rewatched Jurassic World.

  • pcch7

    I’d add The Big Blue to that list. Might be a bit light for a premium but I think it’d be interesting. Maybe Lucy too

  • LordAwesome

    Since when is Blue is the Warmest Color a mainstream film?!

  • Samb

    Non-porn, whatever.

  • Craig

    Jay needs to watch more stuff for what we watched, was always one of the parts of the show I looked forward to most.

    It’s all about me, OK?!

  • Jay Cheel

    Sorry, I’ve been busy lately and movie watching has taken a temporary backseat. Will try and get to some things soon!

  • Sam

    The Last Battle and Subway are also interesting. “Early Besson” premium would actually be pretty decent now that it’s brought up.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Will “Fire Walk with Me” be part of the David Lynch Premium? If so, does that mean you guys have to watch all of the Twin Peaks episodes as well?

  • Kasper

    Can’t wait to hear about what it is you’ve been casting for.

  • Kasper

    It doesn’t seem to have been well-received, but I always loved

    Jeanne d’Arc. Either way I imagine it’d be interesting to talk about in a premium.

  • Nobody

    I’d also highly recommend Cowboy Bebop. It’s very accessible and is great blend of Eastern and Western elements. The movie was actually my introduction to it, but I think most fans would agree that it doesn’t completely capture the essence of the show. I agree with Colin about the generally episodic approach of the show, which is only 26 episodes; it’s easy to pick up and watch. In addition to the episodes already mentioned, there’s “Ballad of Fallen Angels,” which is the fifth episode and seems to be the one that hooked a lot of people, and “Pierrot Le Fou,” which goes in more of a horror direction.

    There are a few movies. Wolf Children is beautiful and moving, maybe my favorite anime movie. It seems like the kind of movie that normally would receive awards buzz for best animated feature, but for whatever reason it didn’t. It’s still probably one of the most acclaimed anime movies of recent years. Tekkonkinkreet is a cool fantasy about a couple orphan brothers living on the streets and is actually from an American-born director. Your Name, the biggest anime film ever, just came out around here this weekend. I’ve got some issues with it but I think all the high praise for it is generally warranted.

    I’d also recommend Satoshi Kon’s work, like Paprika, but I’m guessing you’re already aware of him since he was a master of the mindfuck.

  • Nobody

    Great score in that one, too.

  • pcch7

    That would be insane haha

  • Isildur_of_Numenor

    I second The Last Battle, it seems it’s been forgotten but it’s really good.

  • kyri

    Thanks for the new coffee mug guys, I got it last month,
    the old one has been promoted into a toothbrush mug..

    So…. New RICK AND MORTY episodes are finally out, (season 3)

    Any chance for a R&M premium?

    I don’t recall you guys officially talking about this on the show..

    Kind regards.

  • Sean

    Thanks for the recommendations. I have seen Paprika and I think I have a copy of Tekkonkincreet around somewhere. I have also been hearing good things about Your Name, maybe I’ll give it a poke just to see what’s going on with anime currently.

  • Sean

    I saw a couple of episodes of Evangelion once upon a time. It didn’t hook me at the time but it seems like something I should be able to get into.

  • Sean

    I’d like to rewatch Twin Peaks but something tells me none of us would have the time. Fire Walk with Me seems like an easy way to include some Twin Peaks discussion but I don’t know that it’s a great representation of the show.

  • Sean

    I love Rick and Morty… don’t think Jay or Frank have much interest though. As far as I know it was just the one new episode they released on April Fool’s. The new season doesn’t actually start until July.

  • Colin

    If you enjoyed Paprika, there are other Satoshi Kon movies you may like… typically Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress are the go-to recommendations, but Tokyo Godfathers is good as well.

    That said, seriously check out Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. It’s just a fun, easy watch… good music, too.

  • To add to those mentioned, I also remember quite enjoying “Angel-A”… and “Lucy” is great.