Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer #2


Following up on the recent Justice League trailer, Sony has unveiled a new trailer of their own for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Once again Robert Downey Jr. is present as a reminder that Spidey is now a part of the Marvel universe but it also seems clear that Tony Stark’s involvement is more than just a cameo. We also get a much better look at Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture and our first glimpse of Bokeem Woodbine as The Shocker as well. There are still some other new villains yet to be revealed and some new Spider-Man tech as well, but will it be enough to set this Spider-Man apart from previous takes on the character? Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theatres on July 7th; check out the new trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • Jr

    I can think of all kinds of negative or critical things to say, but the most important thing is that this looks awesome.

  • Adam

    I can actually tell what’s happening during the night shots. What a twist!

  • OsoAmorito

    Will only watch if Spider Man snaps and the back half of the film is him becoming accustomed to his new life in an asylum, where he struggles with constant hallucinations that Andrew Garfield is under his bed. Via the magic of modern special effects, Toby McGuire plays every member of the asylum’s staff. All this leads to a finale where he beats up Michael Keaton.

  • pineapplepuss

    I’m interested in seeing what Michael Keaton does with The Vulture character

  • I can’t believe this is the 7th film appearance of Spider-Man played by the third actor in 16 years. I just want to see the classic juggling of home life, teenage problems, and goofy villains… Get that Avengers tie in shit OUTTA HERE.

  • 9No

    Looks like a fun little movie. Like the Scarlet Spider blue hoodie outfit (minus the mask of course)