Film Junk Podcast Episode #605: Power Rangers


0:00 – Intro
10:30 – Review: Power Rangers
1:00:20 – Headlines: Justice League Trailer, Robert Rodriguez to Direct Escape from New York Remake
1:26:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: Moana, Jewel of the Nile, Live PD, Get Out, Edge of Seventeen, Murder Party, Love: Season 2, Baskets: Season 2, Morgan, Rats
1:51:00 – Junk Mail: Dwane Responds to Reed, Calculating Box Office Profits, Son of Kong NRA Logo, Unmemorable Movie Titles, Are Concert Films Documentaries?, Watching Movies with Graphic Sex with Other People, Best John Carpenter Remake
2:23:40 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Outro

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  • Newtman98

    You guys should pull a Jesus Twins and send Snyder an original tune for the soundtrack.

  • bobsponge42

    With Reed as the 5th member, which Power Ranger are each of the guys?

  • devolutionary

    The inclusion of Bryan Cranston as Zordon was another subtle nod to “Mighty Morphin”. He had uncredited voice roles in 2 episodes.

  • Carlos

    Frank can no longer call himself a goth with these posi reviews. He’s just loving life way too much. Jay is the real goth of the crew, he mentions death or suicide in every ep.
    Also, this whole era will be fondly remembered in FJ lore, as ‘The Monster Era’

    p.s. so pumped to hear the David Lynch premium!

  • Indianamcclain

    In regards to Power Rangers, did anybody else find it odd that Billy’s mother never brings up the van that he totaled?

  • Jr

    I disagree. I think that Jay is a straight up Nihilist. Wanna know why? Who gives a fuck?

  • schizopolis

    FYI Dax, the Major in Ghost in the Shell anime films and series doesn’t have to be naked to be invisible. And she’s not naked, it’s a suit that looks naked.

  • Carlos

    You def have a point. Goth and Nihilism are not mutually exclusive, though.
    The test would be, there’s two CD’s sitting on the table, KMFDM and Sisters of Mercy. Which one does Jay load into the stereo.

  • Peter Harrison

    I am loving The New Frank but can The New Frank please be referred to as Perfectly Frank?

  • devolutionary
  • Sam

    Would The New Frank like films made before he was born, or is that going too far?

  • yonato

    Has he been reading a lot of Nietzsche lately? Is really the dead giveaway.

  • Samb

    I’m sure I’m the only one who cares about this, but I’m intrigued by Frank’s aside that Roman “did the wedding” for A.J. Green…photographer? DJ? Most importantly, is A.J., my favorite non-Atlanta Falcon NFL player, a chill hang?

  • Samb

    Yes to the return of sound cues!!!

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    For the the Justice League soundtrack: John Cafferty
    ? On the Darkseid, Oh yeah. On the Darkseid, Ohhhhh Yeeeaaaah!?

    3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

    I hope The Fate of the Furious doesn’t steal the thunder with Vin Diesel serving as the same plot device as Superman might in Justice League.

  • Jake

    It may have a boring title, but I really enjoyed Life. Hopefully you guys can give it a review in the coming weeks. Calvin-vision needs to be discussed.

  • Indianamcclain

    I liked Life quite a bit, it was a pleasant surprise. Calvin-vision did remind me of Symbiote-vision in Spider-Man 3.

  • Indianamcclain

    Not sure about all of them but Jay would definitely be the Black Ranger, because as Carlos has mentioned already he’s the resident goth of the show. Frank’s love of Monster makes him the Green Ranger.

  • Sean/Jared – I got your back. I think the other guys are crazy if they think a movie’s title doesn’t matter to marketing or getting the attention of a potential audience. Especially Frank who loves to “put on the producer hat”. Producer fail bud.

    “Life” is a horrible, boring, generic title and worst of all, it doesn’t give people the right idea of what the movie is about at all. If I’m Joe six-pack looking at a list of titles to see over the weekeend, I’ll skip right over Life and be more interested in something called Ghost in the Shell or Hacksaw Ridge or Girl with all the Gifts.

    Producers know this and sometimes even change the title for international releases or DVDs (Live. Die. Repeat. for example).

    Further, I love it when a title is really interesting and is poignant to the theme or plot of the film. Recent examples would include: The Sense of an Ending or Personal Shopper or Neon Demon or Nocturnal Animals, etc.

  • Tommy

    Thanks for the Raw spoiler, Sean!!!!!!!

  • Samb

    I agree, it’s a lousy title. Not because it’s one word (“Spotlight”, “Creed”, “Tower”, “Boyhood”, and “Whiplash” from the last few years are all good IMO) — but because it evokes nothing specific at all. It doesn’t even tip off the genre — literally any movie could be called “Life”. The first three or four times I saw it in the local listings I had to look it up to see what it was again.

  • Len F.

    Man, I freaking love that Our Lady Peace song. Ah, ah-woo-ooo, ah, ah-woo-ooo, ah, ah-woo-ooo!

  • CagneyB

    I think Frank’s in love. How else can you explain the current about-face? The world is beautiful, life is good and Gronk for all.

  • Brian

    I guess Reed would have to be the Yellow ranger by default. Sean is clearly the Red ranger because he’s the leader. I guess Dax is either Blue or Pink?

  • Indianamcclain

    Sounds about right.

  • Veena

    I enjoyed it as well, wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. I was half expecting the guys to pull another Project X and review the Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence ‘Life’.

  • Glen

    Guys, how old was the audience that saw “Power Rangers” with you?

    I went to see “Life” at Landmark in St. Catherines on the weekend & the lobby was full of children wanting to see “Powers Rangers”.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    “Life” would be a better title if it were an Acronym for the real title, as in “L.I.F.E.”

  • LordAwesome

    If you are doing the Lynch premium in honor of the Twin Peaks revival then it would be inexcusable not to include FIRE WALK WITH ME.

    Would love Reed on the premium! He would blow our minds with his interpretations!

  • LordAwesome

    What’s wrong with the black ranger being black and the yellow ranger being Asian?

  • gibson8

    Why do you question it? Hilarious trolling or other? Elaborate before I call you a big racist…

  • Sean

    I saw it at a late screening so it was mostly people in their 20s and 30s. But you reminded me that all of the trailers before it were for kids movies. Yet another example of how it’s hard to nail down the audience for this film. My son likes Power Rangers and I would have taken him but it seemed a little too intense for him.

  • Dax Gordine

    Good to know, I haven’t seen it in ages and all I remember is sweet invisible boobies.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Love that Frank is still beating the drum for the Police Academy Premium. Make it happen!

  • LordAwesome

    Can the white ranger not be white now?

  • gibson8

    White is really not the issue is it. It’s the minority ethnicities that are problematic where colours are involved.

  • kent88

    I hate to break Frank’s heart but…

    Fandango: There’s a story out there saying that you bought a real World War II-era plane, rigged it with IMAX cameras and then crashed it. Is that true?

    Nolan: Not true. I think the reason that rumor developed was because we did a
    lot with real planes. We figured out how to get the pilots and these
    planes to be able to do these dogfights very much for real. We then
    constructed perfect replicas to be used to crash – and I think the two
    things got confused. We would never crash a vintage plane; they are far
    too valuable.

  • Alicia Dwyer

    Riding a wave of nostalgia today:

  • LordAwesome

    Sounds like you don’t believe equality.

    Why are you trying to push division between the races?

  • gibson8

    Sounds like you have learning difficulties. Do you really believe that all people are equal? In what Pixar universe where you spawned? Equality is an aspiration, a wish. Why are you trying to push stupidity on a film forum? Ask you first question to your very many non-white friends and see what they say.