Netflix’s Casting JonBenet Trailer


With the continued popularity of true crime documentaries like Making a Murderer and The Jinx, it’s no surprise that we’ve already seen a handful of docs tackle the unsolved murder of child beauty pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey. Unfortunately, up until now most of these documentaries have been trashy made-for-TV specials, but next month Netflix will release a new film that puts a slightly different spin on the subject. Directed by Kitty Green (Ukraine Is Not a Brothel), Casting JonBenet seems to take cues from both The Act of Killing and My Scientology Movie, attempting to get to some deeper truth by casting actors in a reenactment of the murder instead. Will this one be more successful than its predecessors? Casting JonBenet arrives on Netflix on April 28th; check out the trailer after the jump.

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  • Lisa

    Isn’t part of the problem with this case is they still don’t know how exactly she died? How are they going to reenact that?

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I lived in Boulder Colorado when this happened so it’s interesting to see how closely these movies or series match my memories of the event and aftermath.

  • 9No

    This seems somewhat exploitatively desperate for an entertaining angle on this crime. I haven’t seen the Scientology doc yet, but The Act Of Killing seemed to have a purpose for the reenactment, to get those people to open up and talk about the horrible things they’ve done.
    How can they reenact anything here, besides guessing, and to what end? Seems like they just saw the act of killing and wanted to jump on this trend.

    When all of that is said.. I’m still going to check this out, because I’m curious. :)