Princesses Movie Aims to Be a “Female-Driven Avengers”


Just a couple of days after Disney’s Beauty and the Beast scored one of the biggest box office openings of all time, it looks like we have yet another live-action fairy tale adaptation in development. However, this particular project won’t just feature one classic story being retold; instead it will bring together several iconic princesses into one movie, Avengers-style. It isn’t a Disney movie either (at least not yet). It is a spec script being shopped around Hollywood that several major studios are currently taking a look at. If that pitch doesn’t get a studio exec foaming at the mouth, I don’t know what will. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Tracking Board, Paradigm’s David Boxerbaum and veteran literary manager Jake Wagner are currently shopping around a project called Princesses based on a spec script by Nir Paniry (Extracted). The movie is described as “a female-driven Avengers featuring classic fairy tale princesses” and Lawrence Grey (Lights Out, Last Vegas) is currently attached to produce. There is no word on which specific princesses are involved, but it seems likely to be well-known ones that are in the public domain.

Again, Disney is not involved as of yet, but they are apparently one of the studios under consideration for the project. They are saying that if they did bid on it, they already have Joachim Ronning (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) in mind to direct. Disney’s Into the Woods recently featured several interwoven fairy tales, and there have certainly been plenty of fairy tale crossovers as of late (Shrek, Fables, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Descendants) although not so much specific to princesses. What do you think, does this idea have potential?

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  • Nick P.

    “foaming at the mouth”? Really? Because female super hero/action movies are such block busters and all……

  • Sean

    Disney princess movies clearly are…