Film Junk Podcast Episode #604: The Great Wall


0:00 – Intro
33:15 – Review: The Great Wall
1:25:35 – Headlines: The Matrix Reboot in the Works
1:46:35 – Other Stuff We Watched: Dragon Blade, King Kong Lives, Outcast, Missing Richard Simmons
2:15:15 – Junk Mail: Frank Letterboxd Fails, Making a List of Every Movie You’ve Watched, Favorite Character Actors + Favourite Movie Studio Logo, Versus Rapid Fire, Nintendo Switch Thoughts
2:48:55 – Recommended “Reeding”
3:04:40 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Outro

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  • gibson8

    The David and Goliath point that I thought you were going to make was that Goliath was not a seemingly insurmountable foe but rather a man with some sort of mental impairment and perhaps associated acromegaly which would make him terrifying to behold but not necessarily a great warrior. David slaying Goliath was the equivalent to a little warrior wannabe beating up the ‘retarded kid’.

  • Reed Farrington

    Oh, interesting conjecture.

  • gibson8
  • Reed Farrington

    Oh, I read Malcolm Gladwell’s book. I thought what you said sounded familiar.

  • gibson8

    Yeah I think it was Gladwell that I was remembering as well.

  • No one important

    Zelda Breath of the Wild deserves a 10/10. Actually a 6/5 in Junk rating. I’ve put in over 50 hours of playtime and still have so much to do. I’m still discovering new locations, items and new play mechanics. It’s the small details in this game that are what make it such an achievement in game design. Frank only playing 2 or 3 hours, are you still on the Great Plateau?

    Regarding the console. Haven’t had any connection issues with my Australian Switch. Agree that the Joy con game attachment isn’t great but I actually find the table top mode with a controller in each hand the most fun way to play.

    This thing is going to be a sweet machine in a year or two with Nintendo’s back catalogue and hopefully something new. Come on E3.

  • I’d point out Spaceballs openly mocked the merchandising and milking every drop of money out of a movie well before The Matrix even existed. Plenty of horror franchises did this too, with Friday the 13th being the obvious one. Disney also has been doing this with their animated movies for decades.

  • I’d like to point out the studio doesn’t get 100% of the gross from a movie. Not even close. In the US they get around 55-65% depending on the studio and/or title, foreign they get 50% and in China they get 25%. The cost of a film doesn’t include P&A either.
    So take something like Kong: Skull Island with a budget of $185 million and a conservative P&A of $75 million meaning a total cost to the studio of $260 million. The film has made $479 million worldwide. Of that, $147 million is domestic, $123 million is China and $208 million is foreign. This means the studio has brought in $215.60 million in revenue for the film so it is still in the red. It will probably make a small profit, but not much. And that will probably not come until Home Video.
    Once again Frank, just because you supposedly worked at a movie theatre for a summer 20 years ago doesn’t mean you know how the movie business works.