Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver Trailer


Fresh off its world premiere at SXSW over the weekend, here is the first trailer for Edgar Wright’s upcoming movie Baby Driver. It’s been four long years since The World’s End and in that time he was developing but ultimately did not direct Marvel’s Ant-Man. Now he’s back with an original heist movie that carries his trademark energy, wit and sense of humour as well. Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars) plays a young getaway driver who listens to music while on the job in order to cope with his tinnitus. It seems like a potentially brilliant cinematic premise and based on the trailer it looks like the movie has some decent action to back it up. With a supporting cast that includes Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Lily James, Jon Bernthal and Jon Hamm, this might have everything it needs to be a late summer saviour. Baby Driver hits theatres on Aug. 11th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Newtman98

    Not sure about that main lead yet, but overall this looks awesome. I love the way Edgar Wright directs action.

  • 1138sw

    Ummm not sure what to make of this? Feel like I’ve seen this before and the movie was called “Drive”…though this looks to be more light in tone and atmosphere.

  • TP222

    I want a cornetto!

  • Adam

    I believe Wright based this off of the same source material as NWR did for Drive, but the actual influence from NWR’s film seems apparent.

    That lead also seems real iffy, not sure if he’s got the acting chops to pull off his part.

    The girl reminds me of the girl from Stranger Things mixed with the girl that played Shelly Johnson in Twin Peaks

  • Newtman98

    I was convinced she was related to the actress from Twin Peaks. Had to look it up.

  • Jr

    One day someone will make a movie about a character who gets out and doesn’t get dragged back in.

  • Beat_C

    i agree with frank, this looks very disappointing. but we’ll see, i suppose …

  • gibson8

    Yup gotta agree with Frankie which pains me but this looks like generic fast and the furious knock off shit. He should have thrown his hat in the ring for FF if he wanted to do this but instead wants the lustre of writing and directing for the first time apparently. The quirky dialogue is going to be savaged by poor comedic timing and writing if the trailer is accurate.

  • Sean

    As some people have pointed out, the international trailer is a bit different and possibly an improvement:


  • gibson8

    The choice of music and the editing of the music with the action makes it a little more idiosyncratic which is no doubt what Wright is going for and not another FF knock-off. Thanks for the heads-up Sean.

  • Could be a case of: Bad trailer, good movie. Way better than having it the other way ’round.