Film Junk Podcast Episode #601: Get Out


0:00 – Intro
9:10 – Review: Get Out
34:55 – Headlines: 2017 Oscars, RIP Bill Paxton, David Gordon Green to Direct Halloween Reboot, Alien: Covenant Prologue
1:07:45 – Other Stuff We Watched: A Cure for Wellness, Hacksaw Ridge, No Highway in the Sky, Lion, Kedi, Edge of Eternity, 20th Century Women, I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore, The Bullet Train, The Gate, The Red Shoes, Legion, One of Our Aircraft is Missing, Love in the Afternoon
2:22:35 – Junk Mail: Killing Zoe, Bad Trailers for Good Movies, TV Cleaning Tips, Highlander Remake, Film Junk on YouTube
2:40:00 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:48:50 – Outro
2:57:15 – Spoiler Discussion: Get Out

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  • Andrija

    It’s completely frustrating that smaller movies like Get Out and weird studio stuff like A Cure For Wellness don’t get much international distribution. I’m very interested in both, but they’re not playing anywhere in my country, which really sucks.

  • Colin

    Oh…. yay…. Kurt.

  • kyri

    This may or may not be film-related….. but I am putting it out-there: I am just creaming about the Switch::Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild..

    I Can’t wait to take a 3 hour long dump next week.
    ..Are you guys going to make a new gameJunk? , What does Jay think about the Switch?

  • Newtman98

    Prepare for hemorrhoids

  • Kurt


  • Peter Harrison

    I’m a big Frankiephile! So thank you for calling him, it livened up the show considerably. Kurt is fine and made some good contributions but the SJF trio of smooth as pork balls, and I love Dax bringing the vibe.
    Top 5 guests:
    1. Reed – the master, a unique voice. Reed calling out the names of the 600 movies really quickly last episode was the funniest thing I’ve heard since Jay’s 4K song.
    2. Dax – I love Dax; honest, optimistic, funny, wise, kind – when I have a problem I often think WWDD? What would Dax do?
    3. Greg – Brings a love of movies, wrestling and good old crazy stories. Big love to the big man.
    4. Matt Gourley – the slick American is a bit too shiny sometimes, but I Was There Too is great and he brings it hard when he appears on FJ
    5. Singe and Scott – the buddy cops with mad jobs and great taste in films. These guys have to be on whenever there’s a big cop movie being released.

    So, no room for Kurt in the top 5, but rest assured he’d be in my top 10. This ain’t meant as a Halfyard railroad, I just prefer some guests over others.

  • Kurt

    Judging by domestic take, things do not appear good for A CURE FOR WELLNESS to expand into other markets. Should make for a nice import 4K / BLU though.

  • Andrija

    Yeah, but the international distribution is already determined pre-release: The Shallows, Criminal, The Girl with All the Gifts, The Neon Demon (all of them mid/low-budget) got a theatrical release over here almost at the same time as they did in the states. It’s more of a studio thing of not even attempting to show some movies overseas, which makes sense financially, but sucks for us because we have to wait for months to stream the damn things.

  • Sean

    Easy bud

  • devolutionary

    The irony is that judging solely from the positive reviews, this looks like the ideal movie for a theatrical viewing experience. Will have to wait for VOD/Blu. :-/

  • bobsponge42

    I thought Kurt was great on this episode. Thanks for taking the KoC’s chair this time around, Kurt!

  • Kyle

    Don’t worry, I like you Kurt.

  • Kurt

    I crave validation!

  • Niklas

    I’ll give you validation if you stop being so long winded.

  • Kurt


  • Sam



  • devolutionary
  • ProjectGenesis

    I can vouch that the San Francisco Movie Tour is great. You get to see the Mrs. Doubtfire house and where Sharon Stone killed Johnny Boz in the opening scene of Basic Instinct. I agree with Sean that the Lucasfilm part at the end was a bit lackluster, but c’mon, that Yoda fountain was sweet.

  • Kyle

    Get Out is now 99% on RT. The one rotten review is from Armond White. He’s back! LOL

  • Kyle

    he’s always great

  • Colin

    C’mon, that was tame… especially compared to the reaction(s) Reed often receives when he guests. :)

  • Sean

    True, it was still a pretty sweet photo op. I also recommend biking across the Golden Gate Bridge even though the locals will kill you if you get in their way.

  • Sean

    Just nipping it in the bud, bud!

    Reed mostly brings it on himself, and If anything, we kind of encourage harassing him. But it’s always good to remind everyone that all guests (including Reed) are donating their time and we couldn’t keep the show going without them.

  • Indianamcclain

    Kurt, I thought Cure For Wellness was great visually. It did look like it cost more than $40 million for sure. My problems are more with the story, length, and I personally thought Dane DeHane was miscast. However, there are sequences in it that have stuck with me since I saw it 3 weeks ago. I’m still intrested in seeing any new Verbinski film.

  • Kurt

    Pretentious and verbose… is my Jam!

  • Colin

    Don’t we know it :V

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I really hope you guys can fit “King Kong vs. Godzilla” into your next Premium. It definitely has a unique twist on Kong’s origin, fits into the modern shared universe of Godzilla and King Kong, and has a fantastic Octopus scene that Frank will love. :)

  • Samb


  • Frank, if you’ve seen Harold & Maude go check out the Sutro Baths, it’s where the scene with the military uncle is. Even if you haven’t seen the movie it’s in a nice spot in SF to chow on some takeout and kill an hour or 2.,-122.5136935,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xe01af746c44bb97e!8m2!3d37.7804369!4d-122.5136935

    Also, just a short walk south is a Camera Obscura!

  • pcch7

    Nice episode, always good to have Squirt Halfayard on to dominate the discussion ;)

    A Highlander premium actually sounds fun to me. Can’t wait to hear Greg and Dax on the next one

  • pcch7

    I always enjoy listening to you personally, on here and on the cinecast

  • No one important

    Only 2.5hrs till launch in Australia. I have a pre order but can’t go to midnight launch as I have an early start in morning. Going to be a long day. What I’d like to hear from Frank is will the game he’s promoting see a release on the Switch with reports of porting to the console being a painless process. I would think having a game at or near the launch of a console would be a very profitable venture.

  • No one important

    I just watched the Japanese trailer for Legend of Zelda and have decided to play the game in Japanese with subtitles. The English dub in the trailer didn’t feel right, having never had voice acting in a Zelda title, this feels like the way it should be played.

  • Falsk

    oscar tuxes 2 blue 4 u

  • Newtman98

    I was there a few years ago and drove down to the spot where Kim Novak jumps into the water in Vertigo. Pretty cool.

  • Kurt

    Armond’s review of the film is nevertheless pretty astute, that is, until he gets on his wacky Norbit/WhiteChicks hobby horse again.

  • Dan

    Sean: “Kurt, what did you watch?”
    Kurt: “I watched a Turkish documentary about stray cats.”
    Me: “Sounds about right.” Ha!

  • Mark Stevens

    Did I hear Kurt say he doesn’t like to judge a film by it’s trailer? Gee, that never seemed to be the case before now.

  • Jameson

    Kurt, glad you gave some love for A Cure For Wellness. I enjoyed it even if it’s flawed and agree that if all you care about is the twist then you’re not going to enjoy the production. I definitely got a Hammer Horror vibe with it.

  • It’s pretty funny thing for Kurt to say. But. If you’ve been to any Landmark over the past few weeks you’ve likely seen a trailer for it. So it’s not that obscure/weird.

  • Kurt

    Nope. I always judge a film by its trailer, however, if there is a critical groundswell, or an otherwise very convincing voice after the film is in release, I can be convinced to go out and see a film in spite of its bad trailer.

    Otherwise and in general, I’m more than happy to pass judgement based on shitty marketing.

  • Kurt

    I didn’t mention it on the show, but when in San Francisco it is a damn good idea to see a film at THE CASTRO theatre, a grand old movie house with a fully functioning Wurlitzer Organ, which gets used at festivals (such as January’s NOIR CITY) and is truly an awesome thing to behold. I was lucky enough to get to see a couple films there when I was in town a few years ago.

    Also, if the weather is kind, you can wander CHINATOWN for literally days, it’s truly MASSIVE.

  • Falsk

    I’m surprised there are people who HAVEN’T see a poster or trailer for Kedi!

  • Kurt

    If you really want to hear me ‘slathering’ love onto VISIONARY GORE VERBINSKI’s Latest: I humbly offer –>

  • Sam

    Yeah, my issue with Armond White isn’t him not liking popular or universally acclaimed movies, it’s more the doubling down on championing a lot of a shit films in favor where it definitely just seems like a shtick rather than trying to be genuine though I’m sure he mostly is, it just gets old.

  • Kurt

    Yes, I do generally like White’s writing, he has a keen mind, but a real lack of self-control (or dignity) which leads to what you call shtick. There is also a reason why he tends to publish reviews a few days after most of his peers…so he can continue with his shtick.

  • Reed Farrington

    I wish I could be as half as pretentious and verbose as you, Kurt. Whenever I’m on the podcast with you, I wish you would say more.

  • Kurt

    Reed: You’re a sweetheart, bud! But I have nothing on your superpowers of being….you!

  • Mano-70

    All I could think of when the Frank call started was the previous episode where Jay described his telephone etiquette. I was waiting to see if he would deliver and he did! Ha!

  • SquidHead#1Fan

    Kurt was really good this episode!