Nightwing Movie in the Works at Warner Brothers


Although Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were two of the biggest movies of 2016, both movies were critical disappointments and raised some doubts about the quality of future DC movies on the big screen. The general feeling last year was that Warner Brothers would have to regroup a bit and take a little more care with their upcoming films moving forward. However, that hasn’t really stopped them from putting more and more comic book movies into development. In particular, Batman’s corner of the DC universe is continuing to expand with The Batman, Gotham City Sirens and now a Nightwing movie is in the works too. Hit the jump for more details.

According to THR, Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie) is in negotiations to helm Nightwing for Warner Brothers. Although McKay’s background is in animation, this will be actually be a live-action movie (McKay’s first). Bill Dubuque (The Accountant) is currently writing the script and there is no word on a potential release date as of yet.

Nightwing is the costumed identity of the original Robin, Dick Grayson, after he is forced to strike out on his own. Robin has yet to appear in the current DC extended universe, although it was implied that he had been killed by the Joker in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I guess we can safely assume that it was the Jason Todd version of Robin if this is all a part of the same timeline. Do you have any interest in a Nightwing solo movie?

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  • masterbeef

    Batfleck is looking to get out of this disaster and WB is setting up their backup plan. Guesses for Nightwing? JGL again? Matt Damon? Ha