Next X-Men Movie Might Be the Dark Phoenix Saga, Simon Kinberg Looking to Direct


Last we heard, 20th Century Fox was still mulling over the future of the X-Men movie franchise in the wake of X-Men: Apocalypse, potentially considering another soft reboot of some sort. In the meantime, they’ve been busy setting up several spin-offs and TV shows with Legion currently airing on FX and Bryan Singer set to direct the pilot for another X-Men-related TV series. But then earlier this month, Sophie Turner was interviewed on the red carpet at the BAFTAs where she said they were going to be shooting the next X-Men movie soon. At the time it was unclear if she was referring to the New Mutants movie which is expected to start production in May, but it would appear that she was talking about the true X-Men: Apocalypse sequel after all. Hit the jump for the latest scoop.

According to Collider, Simon Kinberg is in talks to direct the next X-Men movie, rumoured to be called X-Men: Supernova, from a screenplay that he has already written. The movie is expected to focus on the Dark Phoenix saga, which was certainly hinted at in X-Men: Apocalypse even though it has already been done once before in X-Men: The Last Stand (sort of). Sophie Turner would obviously be at the center of the film if they decide to move forward with that storyline and it could potentially be done even if other cast members like Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy do not return (although Xavier does play a key role).

Simon Kinberg is a screenwriter and producer who co-wrote several of the X-Men movies and eventually took on a role similar to Marvel’s Kevin Feige, overseeing Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe over the past few years. This would potentially be his directorial debut, although he acted as second unit director on Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. It sounds a little bit similar to the Roberto Orci situation with Star Trek Beyond, although Orci was eventually replaced by Justin Lin. Are you looking forward to another retelling of the Dark Phoenix saga and do you think Kinberg should get a shot as director?

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  • Claudio

    after apocalypse the core x-men franchise is completly dead to me. so fox can do with it wathever they want to. if the trailer is good i will watch it but without any expectations. so yeah, let kinberg do it.

  • Anthony


    Look I get it, you need to make a new movie every so often so you can keep the rights, but you can let more than 2 years pass in order to do so. If Fox has the same deal with Xmen that they did with Daredevil, then you probably have at least 7 years before something needs to be greenlit, since those rights to Daredevil went back to Marvel in 2012 and that shitty Elektra movie came out in 2005. So wait like, at least 6 years before you reboot everything, and then you can start over for reals and not that quasi refresh you did in First Class, and you wont’ have a stupid fucked up inconsistent continuity in your universe.

    Like fuck just focus on making the Apes franchise awesome for a while and just fuck off with Xmen for a while.

  • Corey Pierce

    I just don’t want Disney/Marvel anywhere near the XMen movies so I’ll take whatever I can get.

  • bendoofus

    They should have quit while they were ahead with dofp

  • 9No

    After X-Men: Apocalypse I just want them to hire a good director and take their time. That movie was primarily recycled plots stitched together poorly. Very bland and unnecessary after Days of Future Past.
    Also Simon Kinberg?? He might turn out to be great, but I don’t have my hopes up..