Film Junk Podcast Episode #600: John Wick: Chapter 2


0:00 – Intro
14:15 – Review: John Wick: Chapter 2
55:25 – The Ultimate Film Junk Fan Trivia Showdown
2:18:15 – Film Junk Re-Review: 600 Movies in 60 Minutes
3:25:00 – Bonus Discussion: Twist Endings
3:56:30 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:59:00 – Outro

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  • Loren

    Ahhh…still waiting to listen to that one until I watch “War on Everyone”. Also my phone keyboard blows, my reply above should be “and when do Jay and Frank discuss about what constitutes actually shitting ones pants?”

  • bobsponge42

    Frank is a great addition to the show.

    Also, congrats guys on making it to 600 episodes. No small feat.

  • Jared Kerr

    I’m the one that got that question, the other two guys got softballs and I was kinda blindsided by that. I had never been on a game show before and I don’t think people realize how much the pressure fucks with your memory. I struggled so hard to remember HMV, but if I had just been listening along I would’ve gotten it in one second. Same thing with the “peach” question.

  • Jared Kerr

    Share your love more often Reed. You did a great job except for the reading part. Lol.

  • Jared Kerr

    It is ABSOLUTELY a twist. Not the part about him killing the survivors, but the reveal that they had just been saved. Jay is completely correct on this one.

  • Chris

    According to the FJ episode guide, Frank’s first episode was #193 November 10, 2008. The review was The Changeling and it was apparently live streamed on uStream.

    Congrats on 600! (600 more please, :) )

  • Sam

    So There Will Be Blood would be the odd movie out for Frank in 2007?

    6/5s to both No Country for Old Men and Zodiac. Tough 6/5 year in 2007. Hot Fuzz would also be close to a 6/5 for on top of those 3 movies. Sunshine, Eastern Promises and Assassination of Jesse James aren’t too bad either.

  • devolutionary


    I’ve always thought this but last week’s episode did raise some doubt. After further “research”, my opinion feels more reinforced than ever. I don’t 100% recall but I don’t think the listener email ever gave full clarity to a twist definition.

    Alternative Truths abound.
    Sorry M. Night.

  • I can’t find the LETHAL WEAPON premium on my computer, but I am positive that Frank first used the phrase “Mom Mentality.” 100% sure.

  • Glendon

    Goddamn The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is in desperate need of a Re-Review. Congrats on 600 episodes!

  • EzekielFX

    Happy 600th!! You guys are a constant in my life. I appreciate all the work you guys put into the show week-in-week-out. Keep up the great work!!

  • Sam

    It’s Sean in it’s strictest interpretation. I remember checking once to confirm. It’s definitely up for debate, but Frank says something like “it’s the mentality of a mother, and I hate it” (quote might be off), and then Sean simply adds “mom mentality?”

    So Frank led the whole idea of mom mentality but Sean was the first to actually use the words “mom mentality” as a phrase.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Sorry, Jay. I sent in the “breast milk” trivia question. Whoo! Snort Snort. I was collecting evidence that Jay had ‘Mom Mentality’ long before Frank.

    Congratulations you filthy animals.

  • Sam

    One weird moment for me playing along with the trivia was how my mind and I believe it was Drew’s mind worked.

    For the question about Sean’s actor crush, voice to my self said “Anton Yel…wait, JGL” right before Drew said pretty much exactly the same thing. Was just weird to hear him echo exactly what went on in my brain.

  • Dan G.

    Out of breath laughing at 3am listening to this episode. Thanks, lads. I’ve been a listener since your Rango episode. Discovered the show looking for an audio review of Buried to listen to during an art class. I’ll be a listener and supporter of your guys’ separate endeavors for life. Thanks.

  • Lori Cerny

    In #193, Frank was a guest. Think they’re trying to decide when Frank became one of FJ’s hosts.


  • ah

    Great 600th episode!

    Love the fact that Film Junk keeps mixing things up and introducing new ideas. Episode 400 had your individual top 100 (and top 58) films, episode 500 was the guest special, and now with episode 600 we have fan trivia and 600 reviews in 60 minutes, both hosted hilariously by my all time favourite film junk guest star Reed Farrington!

    Also, just to clarify something that came up in the quiz, Jay came up with the idea for 6/5 on episode 513 (‘The Avengers: Age of Ultimate Boredom’) at the 1 hour 51 minutes mark. By this point, Dax had already rated the film 5/5 in the review section of the show, but Jay suggests Dax would have given ‘Age of Ultimate I Almost Walked Out Of It Due To The Badly Crowbarred In Unfunny Jokes’ a 6/5, to which Dax agrees. I would say Dax gave the first unofficial 6/5 (although Jay did incept it in his mind), but Jay gave the first official 6/5 for ‘Mad Max: Still Furious How Bad Age of Ultimate Monotony Was, Really Need To Let It Go’.

  • zamarov

    Hearty Congratulations to all of you on 600 episodes.

    What a wonderful way to end a classic episode, proving Frank wrong.

    The Mist has a twist ending.

  • Falsk

    It’s normal for your life to start flashing before your eyes as everyone rattled off the top movies of the last eight years, right? Right!?

  • SquidHead#1Fan

    Dying at Reed being the voice of reason in the twist argument.

  • Interestingly enough, if you listen to the absolute blast that is the Jump the Dragon vibecast (episode 470), Dax gives How To Train Your Dragon 2 a 5/4.

  • What a twist! I thought I had been listening to 3 and a half hours of friends having a great time, and the last half hour reveals that it’s all a sham and you guys are ready to rip each others throats out at a moment’s notice!

    Love the show, listening every week since sometime in 2013, I’ve been through the back catalogue twice, and slowly making my way through the premiums as I watch stuff. I listen to a few other podcasts basically only because you guys don’t produce 40 hours of content a week. Thanks for the show, thank you for sacrificing your time and sanity, it’s a weird and amazing thing to feel familiar enough with your personalities that it feels like hanging out with friends.

  • Amazing episode guys!

    I have been listening since the beginning and have never missed an episode. Here is to 600 more!

    Also, i thought The Mist was a twist as well, until i saw this.

    Frank – I will never doubt you again buddy.

  • Aaron

    Congratulations on episode 600, guys! I’ve been listening for almost 10 years now and the show just gets better and better. Thanks so much for the time and effort you all put into it.

  • scab

    Congrats guys.

    Quite, quite beside the point, but does anyone know which episodes have Black Swan reviews? Surely not just the ‘Best of 2010′ discussion on #301.

  • Sean

    I don’t know if there was a full group review but I think the initial discussion was on that year’s TIFF episode.

  • scab

    Thanks, Sean.

    Was looking at those show notes but obvious missed it. Just 10 minutes. An Aronofsky premium for October sounds good.

  • Deven Science

    Well, your reaction to meeting me and my wife was disappointment that we didn’t ask for your autograph, so you’re on your way to being a changed, famous man.

  • Loofton

    Frank you stubborn punkass, the end of The Mist is definitely a twist

  • ProjectGenesis

    The rapid review portion was a trip down memory lane. Rattling off all of those movies reminded me of all the apartments, cities, girlfriends, jobs that Film Junk has accompanied me through. Congrats on 600 episodes and cheers to 600 more!

  • scab

    17% battery. How embarrassing.

  • Lori Cerny
  • jon

    the guide says it was episode 296

  • red jef

    I’m taking Franks side on The Mist. The end is a tragedy, not a twist in the same way that the end of Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, not a twist.
    Any way we can get the 600 list?

  • pcch7

    That would be good, Black Swan needs full coverage

  • Well done on getting to 600 gents!! An amazing accomplishment!

    Jay, no 6/5 for United 93? Best movie of the decade. What gives?

  • polar909

    Brilliant episode guys.

    I originally thought Frank had this debate in the bank but after Jays twist revelation of the evidence theres no doubt that Jay won this one! Loved Reed in this segment.

  • gibson8

    Stop copying Frank’s fucked logic. This is the same logic ‘alt right use. ‘I don’t like the definition of something so I’l just interpret however I want!’. Based on that avatar I think we’re good though…

  • gibson8

    Jay read multiple definitions of plot twist which Frank ignored stating that ‘it’s my opinion of what a twist is’ which is the equivalent of stating that he doesn’t play by the same rules as everyone else and has a child-like approach to knowledge as do a lot of the commentators BTL.

  • gibson8

    None of this matters Tahir. Does the story do something unexpected? Then it is a twist. Granted there can be quite slight even barely consequential twists but twists they are. ‘True twist ending’ is something that has been created after the fact as plots became more complicated and viewers more demanding (see Frank’s constant guessing of endings or twists from trailers).

  • gibson8

    That’s the most sensible summary of the issue so far Reed.

  • gibson8

    It doesn’t matter what’s in your mind but only what the definition is. It is terrifying how readily people ignore what things mean in favour of what they would like to mean. The ‘redefined after re-watch’ is merely a twist that is far more encompassing and profound than The Mist but a twist nonetheless. There are degrees of twist just like there are degrees of other plot devices such as macguffin, deus ex machina, backstory, flash-forward, unreliable narrator etc.

  • Reed Farrington

    I really hate these debates because everyone always sticks to his original opinions. My frustration resulted in me losing it on Frank for which I apologize.

  • Reed Farrington

    We get into a situation here of defining what affects “looking on the film with new eyes.” I was thinking more of the situation like in The Sixth Sense in which you need to reinterpret specific scenes in the movie.

  • Reed Farrington

    There is a point in our discussion on the podcast where I specifically asked if an unexpected ending is necessarily a twist ending. Jay said no. This avoided a discussion of what can be interpreted as unexpected. In a romantic comedy, if the protagonists don’t get together by the end of the movie, is that a twist? By your definition, it is and that’s fine. I guess we need to clarify as well that it’s unexpected by conventional movie standards.

  • gibson8

    Based on the films mentioned I was restricting my observations to drama/thriller/horror genres. Comedies don’t usually have twists.

  • gibson8

    Plot twists imply something dramatic or traumatic so from that perspective anything unexpected in the aforementioned genres qualifies. There are many more plot devices which Frank would probably group into his definition of plot twist. All of this can be attributed to the cult of ‘i don’t know the answer so I’ll say something that suits my worldview’.

  • Jay Cheel

    I just wasn’t applying retroactive 6’s. If I were, it would definitely be a 6/5.

  • Beat_C

    I agree. Otherwise, every surprise and unexpected event would have to be called a twist.

  • Beat_C

    i’d like to congratulate you on 600 episodes (though jay is wrong, filmspotting is still ahead with 623 episodes), what a feat! let’s hope you continue for much, much longer.