The Void Trailer: An ’80s Horror Throwback from Astron-6


There have been plenty of horror directors paying tribute to John Carpenter over the past few years and attempting to recreate the overall vibe of ’80s horror in general, but now the demented minds from the Canadian filmmaking collective known as Astron-6 are getting into the act with their latest film The Void. These are the same folks who brought us such gleeful low budget genre exercises as Manborg, Father’s Day and The Editor, although this one seems to be a little more serious in tone than their previous work. Based on the first trailer, you can also see that there are some pretty impressive and disturbing practical effects in the vein of The Thing on display here as well. The movie premiered at Fantastic Fest last year where it received strong reviews and soon the rest of us will get to see it as well. The Void hits select theatres on April 7th before hitting VOD on April 24th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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