Film Junk Podcast Episode #598: War on Everyone


0:00 — Intro
10:00 — Review: War on Everyone
1:11:10 — Other Stuff We Watched: Do Not Resist, The Wailing, Train to Busan, The Handmaiden, Sully, Green Room, Sing Street, Who?, Freebie and the Bean, The Laughing Policeman, Captive, Special Effects
2:11:30 — Junk Mail: Another Assigned Seating Horror Story, Assigned Seating Compromise, What Makes a Film a Classic, Scott’s Favourite Japanese Directors and Films, Trump in Film, Memorable VHS Covers, Talking to Casual Movie Fans About Movies
2:43:38 — This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:46:20 — Outro

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  • Len F.

    Weeaboo is the term you were looking for guys. A non-Asian person obsessed with Japanese stuff.

  • Lori Cerny

    Another awesome podcast, thanks gentlemen.

  • Lori Cerny

    I prefer “Wapanese” as it sounds exactly like what it is. Weeaboo sounds like it could be a video game or a new toy.

  • Carlos

    Great episode!

    Singe and Scott brought some vibecast energy, and Jay tripping balls on Monster.

  • schizopolis

    Freebie and the Bean!! Yess! Love that film.

    Wish Singe & Scott reviewed The New Centurions. Pretty good 70’s cop film starring George C. Scott, Stacy Keach and Erik Estrada. Lots of cop vignettes. Just saw it recently and I loved it.

  • Colin

    Scott needs to peep on some Ozu.

  • Indianamcclain

    Burton’s Batman has a great VHS cover. I love that it’s just the logo, no title, or actor credits required. It’s a shame that the illustrated logo for the film wasn’t carried over for the blu-ray.

  • Deven Science

    I was impressed by your audio audition to appear on my soda podcast with that Monster tasting. Yes, if you’re ever in Sacramento, you may guest star on an episode.

  • Jay Cheel

    I’m in, 100%!!! As long as I get to try some Cock Cola.

  • Essie

    I haven’t listened to the show in about 6 months. I reluctantly skipped over some of the episodes I missed cause I assumed there would be lots of Frank defending Trump. Funny that the show notes for this episode mentions him…we’ll see. But anyway thank you for the show, I’m hoping it will be a distraction for trying times.

  • schizopolis

    Frank is soo cagey when it comes to Trump. It’s like he’s hiding it. Let’s face it, if he was born in America, he’d be wearing an MAGA cap.

  • Samb

    Fear not. A solitary grumble every three weeks or so.

  • Niklas

    This is insane. You skipped entire episodes because you assumed Frank would defend Trump?

    1. Why would you assume that? I can’t even remember the last time Trump was even mentioned on the show.
    2. Even If he did, you can’t handle listening to someone with a different opinion than you? That’s nuts.

  • Daniel Lindquist

    Haven’t listened yet, but I’m hoping that the death of physical media discussion is revisited with the announcement of the closing of HMV in Canada. Between this and the Best Buy reformatting (and virtual elimination of ANY blus), it’s hard to argue that it’s not dying.

  • Frank Booth

    Well, you are talking about a guy who didn’t understand the motivation of the French Resistance in Army of Shadows.

  • Brian.M

    Great ep. Nice to have the 5-0 back.

  • Newtman98

    People love to stir up drama where there is none

  • Adam

    I listen to Film Junk for the banter first and movie reviews second. Great episode guys, hilarious, can’t wait for the 5-0 to be on again.

  • Essie

    Why is it insane? Here you are not being able to handle, or understand, someone with a different opinion than you. I didn’t say anyone else had to skip episodes. I am merely talking about myself. Thank you for telling me I’m nuts though. There is a real human toll being left behind and it pains me to hear people turning that into a meme. I just decided to block that out. Is that allowed, sir?

  • Essie

    And by stir up drama you mean avoid the situation entirely ?

  • Glen

    The X Files had an episode where agents Mulder and Scully appeared on the TV show “Cops”.

    This is the opening of that episode….

  • Pretty sure the episode immediately after election results all three guys talked about how crazy it was that he won. I feel like Frank finds Trump entertaining, which is hard to argue with, but I doubt he would defend much of what the guy does.

  • Sean

    Glad to have you back Essie, even for one episode! I tend to think Film Junk is a pretty apolitical podcast but it is certainly hard to avoid these days. I can assure you Frank really is not a fascist except when it comes to Blu-ray collecting.

  • LordAwesome

    Trump is great. Deal with it.

  • Deven Science

    I’ll make sure some is around.

  • Great to hear Singe and Scott again. I’d totally be down for more of them, maybe a Jump Street re-review on that Chips episode? Or an asian cinema special with Scott and Reed?

  • Dstrbpx

    And Frank is so much smarter about politics than Jay who seems to have swallowed all the hysterical SJW marxist nonsense without ever questioning it.

  • Essie

    Thank you Sean. I missed the show! I’m sorry I stirred up shit in the comments, I didn’t mean to. just wanted to say thank you for the show really.

  • Lou

    Well you missed some terrific shopping tales, a bit of Reed, and a lot of good film discussion.

    Frank’s absence wasn’t really broadcasted but you just happened to tune in & gripe about the guy this week? Methinks you’re trolling a bit with that six months line. Let’s be honest, Filmjunk is like The Stuff, no one can resist it!

    I think finding amusement in a foreign nation’s cartoonish political figures while not knowing a lot about that nation’s political policy is fine. Not good, but not that bad. To be fair, Rob Ford was the best known Canadian figure for similarly tabloid-y reasons. He’s much more harmless, but the point is the nature of the news that reaches people in other countries. Especially during our interminable campaign season.

    The guys all seem like genuinely good people. My decade with the show has lead to them being like friends. It would be weird not to check in with them regularly as their personal lives are so entertainingly intertwined with the show. Please don’t think that the majority of the audience needs perspectives that match their own. Just keep talkin Krampus.

  • frankw35

    Frank needs to get over his shyness when there are guests. It’s almost like he wasn’t even there.

  • buttermoths

    Great satire guys, you managed to convincingly sound like a couple of dumb assholes.

  • Have Frank ever really been defending Trump? I tend to see him as enjoying Trump as a funny character but not liking his politics ( same as all of the guys). But maybe that’s just me projecting my own feelings on them. And there hasn’t really been a lot of Trump talk at all, lately, I would say you can safely listen to those skipped episodes. Many of them are gold :)

  • Newtman98

    What situation were you avoiding? What little political discussion has been on the show has been anti-trump. Instead you came here and put Frank on blast for something he didn’t even do. Tune in for those sweet star reviews, don’t tune out because someone likes celebrity apprentice!

  • Peter Harrison

    I love how the police officers bring their expertise to their movie reviews. I know it’s a long shot, but I think it’d be great to hear friends in other professions talk movies; a gardener friend reviewing Soylent Green for example.

  • Andrija

    Jay’s new manic laugh is so great.

  • ColinZeal

    Jay: If you walk into an empty theater then there’s a fair change you’ve already chosen the seat you want to sit in.

  • Sam

    I would love a Japanese premium with Scott on, with Singe just present for the premium possibly without having seen the movies. That would be an incredible premium. Have Singe create a Top 5/Bottom 5 regardless if he sees any of them or not.

  • Tim

    “So??.. many kcals in this thing???”

    Jay taking his weight loss craze to new levels by obsessing over the calories in a single petty soda on this week´s episode.
    The already infamous exercise bike&notorious Lose it App and now sperging out over calories – I think we need a referendum.

  • No one important

    I’m not really able to step in and defend all the negatives regarding War on Everyone as I saw it back in June last year at a festival and I honestly can’t remember all that much. What I do remember is that I had fun with it and the audience had fun. What I don’t get is how is this trying to be like Quentin Tarantino? What specific film techniques does McDonagh use that are completely unique to Tarantino?

    There are way too many VHS covers to mention that were awesome but my favorite was the Australian release of Fright Night Part 2. I know the American DVD release has a white background with eyes and fangs but I’m not sure if this was the original video release. Our version had a similar cover to the original but had an apartment building replacing the house. The best part though was the packaging was in the shape of a coffin.

  • Kevin Cardoza

    If Jay is an SJW Marxist, then the bar must be extremely low.

  • Sean

    I don’t think it was a Tarantino ripoff per se (after all, Tarantino rips off plenty of stuff himself). It was more just that it had a vibe of a ’90s post-Tarantino film, like Guy Ritchie’s stuff as we mentioned. Although the scene where they are eating hamburgers while dealing with the guy getting stabbed seemed like a direct Tarantino reference.

  • ColinZeal

    “The bullet train will take you to Hiroshima in 4 hours”

    BOOM and you’re there!

  • No one important

    So I purchased some of that Monster beverage, 2 for $5. I figured with exchange rates I’d be paying more than you guys but it appears, according to google, that 1 Australian dollar buys 1 Canadian dollar exactly. So Australia wins, bad luck Canada.

    For episode 600, I know they require effort in preparation, but the score bits episodes are always fun to listen to.

  • Got that VHS for Xmas when I was 13, was my first movie I owned.

  • I wish I had 6 months of film junk to listen to. But no, don’t expect much political talk, when it does get mentioned it’s usually related to film, e.g. that there might be an increase in political documentaries upcoming.

    Seriously, if there’s any political talk in an episode you’re not digging, just skip ahead a minute or two because I don’t recall them dwelling on it ever.

  • Nobody

    Nice list. I think another one could be Kihachi Okamoto’s “The Sword of Doom,” which includes another magnificent performance from Tatsuya Nakadai.

    Sean, the only people who know the meaning and correct pronunciation of the word “Gagolgurry” exist somewhere in Mexico…

  • pcch7

    Always great to hear Singe and Scott

  • Niklas

    You are nuts. Or at least delusional. You just invented a reason to skip entire episodes without any basis in reality.

    If you want to avoid Trump or political talk then that’s fine, but considering Film Junk has never really talked politics or Trump (besides celebrity apprentice) skipping the podcast IS nuts.