Film Junk Podcast Episode #597: Split and The Founder


0:00 – Intro
8:30 – Review: Split
28:40 – Review: The Founder
55:15 – Feature: Most Anticipated Movies of 2017
1:09:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Park is Mine, Moonlight, On Dangerous Ground, Certain Women, Magnolia
1:26:50 – Feature: Assigned Seating Debate with Matt Gamble
2:19:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:24:50 – Outro
2:30:20 – Spoiler Discussion: Split

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  • Oh shit! The gloves are coming off!

  • pcch7

    That was funny yes haha

  • pcch7

    I’m happy, I prefer hearing you guys discuss BOTD. I liked it a lot

  • For the group scenario, you (or someone else) just buy a few extra and get a refund the day of, before the show starts, if there’s extra unused.

  • As someone who sees a lot of movies by myself, assigned seating takes a lot of the awkwardness out of getting to a seat. For one, I don’t look a creeper when I sit between 2 couples. How was I supposed to know they were on either side of me when I was picking on the screen? In an unassigned scenario, I often will see a nice seat between 2 couples but avoid sitting there, because I can be a bit neurotic about what they might be thinking about a dude who scans a theater and decides to sit solo between couples, even if it is the best seat in the house for sound and screen distance.

    Also, as a solo goer, most of my theaters that do reserved don’t let me break up a block of 2 seats to sit in just 1. I’m fine with that, as in the unassigned scenario, a sold out house tends to end up with people shifting (right at show time) so lets say there’s 4 single seats in a long row, they’re now freed up for a group of 4 or 2 couples. I could be the first person in the theater for an unassigned showing and end up moving down my row a few seats or more to make room for groups. I’m not going to be a dick and not budge.

    I volunteer at a 3 screen historic theater, 2 of the screens are smaller, 110 seats, so the sell down to 10 or less tickets remaining often, we do unassigned, and many times people buy tix, go wander in the theater, realize they can’t sit together, come back for a refund. Often it’s right when the movie starts, so you have people walking in the theater, down to the front, talking to each other, pointing, etc, while everyone else is just trying to watch the damn film. Even in the big 400 seat auditorium we have to go in close to showtime during sellouts and ask people to compress their rows to open up pairs of seats. You’d think in a modern society we’d be able to work together on this, but nope.

    All in all I see reserved seating as a godsend for patrons and theaters.

    One thing I would like to potentially see in the reserved seating scenario is slightly higher prices ($1-2) for the sweet spot seats and slightly lower prices for the edge seats down in front or way in the back. This way we would all know in advance which seats are deemed ‘best’ by the theater.

  • No one important

    Nice to know that War on Everyone is getting a review. Number 5 on my list for the best of 2016. That’s when I saw it.

    For Jay… 3DS games I purchased in 2016. Only two. Ones a game called Rhythm Paradise Mega Mix. If you are at all familiar with the Rhythm Tendoku series, first appearing on the GBA, then you will know what this is. It’s a rhythm music game and has probably the best soundtrack of any game ever. A lot of things I disliked about this edition but was still worth purchasing even though I have all other editions.
    Second game was Picross 3D round 2. A puzzle game. I cannot be arsed trying to explain how it works. It’s good. 60 hours good.

  • pcch7

    The one I go to has a row of seats with more leg room. They cost 2 dollars extra.

  • Felix

    I don’t know how this works in Canada or the US, but isn’t reserving a seat early essentially the same as getting there early and choosing then? If anything, that would mean that you don’t have to show up early or risk having that seat be taken already.

    In Sweden it’s pretty much exclusively reserved seating and I have literally never had a problem with seats being filthy and having choose between sitting there or leave the theatre. I think the problem really comes down to the mix of having reserved seating and not. Pick one and stick to it. Also, if the theatre is empty when you reserve online you can choose wherever you want, why would you ever pick a seat you obviously don’t want like Jay did?

  • It’s coming.

  • Lori Cerny

    *** Here be spoilers ***

    Have to disagree with Frank’s point that Cassie’s story didn’t have a resolution nor that the film was more “her” story. The film beautifully covered both backstories as the characters’ childhood abuse was mirrored, but the way each dealt with their traumas was a contrast. Similar to how Dunn & Mr. Glass in Unbreakable were a contrast regarding their physical abilities and how we learned both of their backstories!

    Cassie’s determination and fortitude was completely laid bare as she made eye contact with the P.O. I knew exactly what emotions and thoughts were running through the actresses head and how the P.O. was able to comprehend that Cassie needed help with her uncle.

  • callmesteam

    I didn’t take a firm stance on the seating thing…UNTIL LAST NIGHT. We went to go see ‘La La Land’ at an old theater that recently switched to assigned seating. We were there ~45 minutes early. I went to buy tickets and there were only random, single seats available for the show! The entire handicapped row was free though; two seats, then a wheelchair accessible spot, all the way down for a total of four wheelchairs and ten regular seats. It wouldn’t let me buy the empty seats unless I bought the ‘empty’ wheelchair spot as well! So pay for three seats and only use two. Zero times in my life have I ever seen more than one wheelchair in the theater. I’m totally cool with the accessible seats being there, but it seems like they should be sold at some point…

    And the other random single seats should have been shuffled into a row to maximize sales. Two more couples could have attended.

    We left the theater.

  • Handicapped accessible seating can be sold to people who don’t require them either when every other seat in the auditorium is sold, or the show start has passed.

  • Yeah, that’s basically a cafeteria style of setup and it is wicked fast. There’s a reason why places that deal with large numbers of people and short turn around times (like drive-ins and school cafeterias) use it. Its speed simply can’t be beat.

  • Tim

    Frank surely is NOT PLEASED with those worthless handicapped rows.

  • Lori Cerny

    Having assisted people in wheelchairs with attending a movie, the empty seats in the handicapped row are for their aides. So, yeah, the theater has the right to make you purchase the wheelchair seat along with the empty seats to “block out” that section. The theater doesn’t want a person with a handicap purchasing a seat, but then not having their aide nearby to help them. It would be embarrassing for the theater, the person with the handicap, and the rest of the audience.

    And, yes, I’ve escorted two people in wheelchairs at-the-same time to see a film.

    My question is, though… why were you at the theater 45 minutes early!?! Who does that?

  • Brian.M

    Surprised Frankie had nothing to say about those awesome opening credits for Split!

  • polar909

    In London England, we have had assigned seatings for about 8years now and i share a lot of the same opinions on it as Jay, however these issues wouldnt be as problematic as they are if the cinema staff did their jobs properly. The best thing that assigned seating offers me is the ability to miss the ridiculous 30 minutes of adds and then trailers beforehand and still get a good seat.
    The whole ipad thing matt was talking about is dubious as if i booked a ticket 2 weeks prior and then in that time the seat becomes broken or extremely dirty but not fixed before the showing then what? Also the screen layout on the seat selection pages are not very reliable, maybe at matts cinema, but ive been using it for years and have often had issues with things not being as shown on the screen.

  • polar909

    im pretty sure he did mention loving it.