Film Junk Podcast Episode #595: Silence and Best of 2016


0:00 – Intro
9:40 – Review: Silence
44:00 – Feature: Top 10 Movies of 2016
2:00:00 – Feature: 3rd Annual Junkies
2:50:00 – Outro

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  • pcch7


  • Colin

    Classic Jay… Silence could stand to lose 1/2 an hour, 4 1/2 out of 5

  • Indianamcclain

    Silence comes out on Friday where I live. This is the first time that I’m not excited to see a Scorsese film based on word of mouth.

  • Indianamcclain

    I haven’t seen the film yet, so I can’t comment on the quality. However, I’m smelling a director bias.


    Sean is 100% Correct when it comes to Arrival. Jay and Franks backlash was ridiculous.

  • iammattz

    Surprised that the Varsity (guessing you guys mean the one on bloor in Toronto?) had poor presentation. They’ve been great everytime I went there and my screening of Silence went without a hitch. Seems to be the best cinema in Toronto, at least in terms of the quality of films that they get.

  • Frankie Knuckles

    It was specifically the VIP cinema (#3) that was the problem. Any larger auditoriums I’ve seen movies in there have been fine.


    Frank has labeled A Monster Calls, Amanda Knox, Zero Days as GARBAGE. So every film that is below 3.5 is awful trash with nothing redeemable?

  • devolutionary

    I strike it up to the 6/5 effect, which subconsciously cheapens the rating of any films previously deemed “good” ie: 3.5,4, or 5/5.

  • Sam

    The love here for Nocturnal Animals is proof that this is the podcast that typically falls most in line with my taste, Frank’s hatred of 2016 as a whole notwithstanding (or Frank in general notwithstanding).

    I’ve listened to/read plenty of other critics/podcasts top 2016 lists and Nocturnal Animals rarely ever comes up or even mentioned in Honorable Mentions. I haven’t finalized my list, but it should easily be in my Top 5 for the year.

  • Andrija

    American Sniper isn’t the highest grossing movie of last year, Frank, because 1) it came out in 2014, 2) even though it was #1 in america, it was #13 worldwide.

  • Colin

    First place in the only market that matters :smugdog:

  • LordAwesome

    Frank reviewing SILENCE:

    “I really liked it.”

    Two minutes later

    “I was bored by a lot of the movie.”

  • LordAwesome

    The original is a 5/5 as it’s only 128 mins.

  • Jameson

    Agreed, no one is talking about Nocturnal Animals but it’s in my Top 3.

  • The movie is fucking awful.

  • Indianamcclain

    Co-po award was missing Captain America: Civil War.

  • Indianamcclain

    I’ll be seeing it this weekend with some trepidation.

  • Its structurally a mess, tonally a mess, there are some gawd awful special effects (both digital and practical) and it has some horrible performances and bizarre casting choices (Liam Neeson as a Portuguese priest is up there with Sean Connery as a fucking Spaniard). Then throw in grating sound design and the worst fucking final shot I’ve ever had the displeasure of witnessing and you have easily one of the worst movies of 2016.
    I told my wife the movie should have been 90 minutes or 6 hours, instead we get 3 hours of a movie trying to be a Malick movie with some streaks of Tarrantino for levity and it is just awful to witness.

  • schizopolis

    How did Frank’s favorite, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson get overlooked for the Paycheck Award?? He’s the first person that came to mind once you mentioned the name of the award! Unless, he won last year?

  • Charles Palentine

    Say you watch a movie from 1976 this year in 2017 – do you include it on your 2017 year end list? No. So what year does a film belong to? Answer: the year in which a film was presented to an audience in its theatrical form. If it didn’t get a theatrical release, then it’s when the film is presented as a finished piece. Some films won’t be on a list. But at least we have honorable mentions.

  • Sam

    That’s completely different than what they’re arguing about. Specifically with instances like The Witch which premiers solely at film festivals in 2015 and then gets a theatrical release in 2016. Frank didn’t get a chance to see it in 2015, but saw it during its theatrical run, but because it saw a film festival release in 2015, he negates himself the possibility of including it in any list unless he was lucky enough to catch it at a festival.

  • Jameson

    And it makes so, by Frank’s definition, if there are no 6/5s in a year then it is automatically a bad year even if there are a bunch of 5/5s.

  • gibson8

    Someone who giggles as much as Frank when explaining how and why he feels a certain way about a movie betrays his obvious inconsistent approach to reviewing and that he is a cunt!

  • Craig

    It’s no Hardcore Henry that’s for sure….


  • Mark

    Absolutely love the Junkies. Always a highlight of the new year. My favorite part is that no one ever seems to know who the winners are.

  • schizopolis

    FYI, OJ Made in America (Parts 1-3) is listed under Movies in Hulu.

  • Thank God for that.

  • Bilbo

    Fuck you, buddy. Frank rocks.

  • Xabier C.

    A better term that “legasequel” is “requel” (remake+ sequel).

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Some episodes of Doctor Who are shown in theaters across the world. Now I get to log those muhahahahaha!

  • Vigo the Despised

    Yeah, giggling is only something a cunt would do

  • No one important

    You have all gone Ga Ga for La La.

    The fundamental ingredients for a musical are catchy songs and great dance choreography, both of which La La land lacked. They seemed more concerned with doing long single takes then decent interesting choreography. The Riddle of the Model, now that had great catchy music and awesome choreography and it was made by a bunch of kids.

    Regarding junkies, you have the fine wine award, but need the Vinegar Syndrome. This is the movie that is first considered to be like a fine wine but after a period of time it becomes like vinegar and loses it’s appeal. Everyone just adores it but you know it’s not going to age well. Forrest Gump would be a good example for me.

  • what does ‘co-po’ mean again?

  • Indianamcclain

    Court of public opinion

  • haha, thanks.

  • Jameson

    More like “reekuel”

  • Frankie Knuckles

    Love the Vinegar Syndrome award idea.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Great to hear all the love for The Handmaiden. It’s an art house version of Wild Things … and that’s why I loved it.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Are you guys going to watch and review Jonathan Nolan’s ‘Westworld’ series?

  • Sean

    I did finally finish the season. It was a bit of a slog although I did enjoy the finale. I don’t think there will be a group review, however.

  • Sean

    I have heard this term as well and also approve.

  • Sean

    I think he did get nominated last year. Or maybe the year before. Let’s face it, there are a lot of categories he could be a permanent nominee for.

  • ah

    Agreed and Agreed. Really glad to see the film junk guys mostly give it the praise it deserves. That’s two years running my number one film of the year has matched Jay.

    Not that I care about awards too much but, apart from best film, the BAFTAs gave it the nominations it deserves including best director, screenplay, supporting actor, music, cinematography, editing and amazingly and rightly in my opinion best actor for my boy Jake Gyllenhaal. Thereby, also definitively proving Frank was wrong in his criticism of Jake’s incredible and mostly overlooked performance. He captured meek without being totally pathetic and he made me feel the full range of emotions he showed throughout the film. In short, my boy nailed it.

  • devolutionary

    Or the absence of God (topical).

  • devolutionary

    Just create the “Frank Knez-itch” Award already and nominate The Rock, Jon Hamm, and Scoot McNairy annually. The Free Pass, PayCheck, and Know Your Role awards all blur together.

  • JKJ

    Which performances were horrible?

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    I actually thought the pacing was good. It certainly had some of the cliches associated with android stories but I enjoyed the LOST meets Battlestar Galactica meets Blade Runner aspects of the series. Binge watching the show allowed me to miss all the rampant speculation and theories on the web about where the show would go week to week.

  • Neeson’s is terrible. Driver and Garfield are both awkward and miscast. Issei Ogata’s performance is also from the wrong movie and using Engrish is just a bad decision which makes the performance seem entirely misplaced.
    Almost all of these I would chalk up to direction though. Having Neeson go from meek and feeble to aggressive and in control at the blink of an eye makes no sense for the character. Having the main villain be a cartoonish caricature of the Japanese makes no sense in a serious art film. Garfield and Driver are struggling to pull off an accent and a decent performance but neither is cast to their strengths. And so on and so forth. These actors are being setup to fail and that’s the fault of the director.

  • gibson8

    FJ 594

    Jay: ‘You don’t want to be wrong’.

    Frank: ‘I don’t care’.

    The inconsistency and contrarian approach cannot be ignored any more. Tell Jay to fuck off if you care so much and if it’s only jest get over it but it is constantly an issue which is brought up on the podcast.