Film Junk Podcast Episode #594: The Autopsy of Jane Doe


0:00 – Intro: New Year’s Resolutions
34:00 – Review: The Autopsy of Jane Doe
49:00 – Film Junk Re-review: John Carter
1:26:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Kubo and the Two Strings, Hell or High Water, Passengers, Little Sister, The Eyes of My Mother, Love & Friendship, The New Celebrity Apprentice
2:11:35 – Junk Mail: A Message from Noodles, 3D in 4K, Reclinining Seats and Reserved Seating, Non-Horror Slasher Films
2:32:20 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:33:47 – Outro

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  • ah

    Apologies for the language but I fucking LOVE film junk. Not even reached the review part yet, but what a great and hilarious start to the episode.

    I’ll come right out and say it: film junk is destroying all other podcasts in the podcast game. These past few months in particular has just been great ep after great ep!

  • Indianamcclain

    I rewatched John Carter yesterday, first time since the theatre. I was just surprised at how boring this film is. There aren’t any stand out action sequences, and it’s overly complicated. If we’re talking recent Disney flops I enjoyed Lone Ranger way more than this film.

  • Indianamcclain

    Oddly enough Frank’s conspiracy theory about Disney doesn’t sound that far fetched.

  • devolutionary

    What am I thinking about for dinner?” while watching John Carter? Obsessing over flaws in specialty action figures? Teasing Sean for wanting 4K Lawrence of Arabia over Prometheus [Criterionitis]? Jay’s tendencies are slowly morphing into Frank’s over these past several episodes.

  • kyri

    Yeeey new show!
    Thumbs up if you think the US should invade Canada!

  • pcch7

    I remember liking the lead actress in John Carter, thought she infused it with some life. There’s some good stuff in it but it could’ve been a lot better obviously

  • Samb

    There’s mailing it in, and then there’s “Jay specifically requests a rare group re-review, only to halfway watch the movie” mailing it in. Kudos to you, sir.

  • Sam

    Yeah, I’m not sure they hear it enough. I have like 30+ podcasts in my feed, most are film related, though they are one of only like 3 I never miss an episode of and definitely the only one I’d interrupt an episode of something else to listen to when a new one drops.

    Genuinely funnier to listen to than comedy podcasts I’ve listened to.

    Thanks guys!

  • schizopolis

    Misogynist Sean complaining about the “Mary Sue” female lead in John Carter, but not why do the Force Awakens and Rogue One Mary Sues get a pass? ;)

  • jack

    I have no problem listening to The Boardroom a few days after the episode airs. No problem at all ;)

  • Sean

    In the new Star Wars movies it seemed refreshing to me and I can accept that it’s part of a need to evolve the universe (not that Leia wasn’t already an eample of a strong female character). And I’m sure the first time I saw John Carter it didn’t bother me either. This time around it was something about realizing this is an old-fashioned story built on certain archetypes and they just couldn’t let themselves stick to those archetypes. It didn’t seem to fit. But maybe it was also the realization that this is a growing trend that will soon start being predictable instead of subverting expectations.

  • Sean

    We fucking love people fucking loving Film Junk.

  • Charles Palentine

    Yeah! And his illogical anxiety about reserved seating was also Knezesque.

  • Flo Lieb

    With the news about the dawn of 8K I’m so stoked for next week’s podcast. Top Ten of 2016 discussion PLUS probably an in-depth 90 minutes intro on 8K will make this the most epic FJ episode yet :D

  • Flo Lieb

    But her character is essentially the sole voice of reason on her planet and with her broad science knowlegde basically Mars’ Stephen Hawking. I found her to be a strong female lead and not a Mary Sue at all.

  • Brian.M

    Had to playback near the start – shocked to hear Dax is 40. Sounds so young and energised! Happy Birthday Dax. Here’s hoping I am lively as him when I reach 40 (not far away).

  • polar909

    Yeah seriously you guys are the number 1 pod hands down.

  • polar909

    Ok so Lone Ranger & Prometheus re review + audio commentary for episode 600 or a premium… Is it at all possible Sean?

  • polar909

    I’m afraid I was nodding in agreement with Jay throughout this. At the same time knowing it’s not a healthy mindset.

  • pcch7

    I can almost feel the fury coming off of Frank at Zimmer going to Coachella haha

  • pcch7

    The Boardroom was amazing btw, so funny haha. RIP. The first big death of 2017

  • j-diggle

    I feel like Frank’s conspiracy theories are scuppered by Prince of Persia and Tron: Legacy. Not powerhouse directors. Still garbage.

  • Sean

    Prometheus was included in our Alien premium from a couple of years ago but The Lone Ranger re review seems likely in the near future.

  • Sam

    I’m sure Jay and Frank would be up for you to rewatch Prometheus again.

  • Sean

    I think we all probably will closer to Alien: Covenant.

  • Carlos

    “JCM, right on the shaft”

    That’s good podcasting!

  • polar909

    Ok I think we can settle for that. But give some thought to a audio commentary I think it would be great.

  • Danny

    Where is the Noodles video located ?

  • Tim

    Whatever happened to Jay´s long promised “Pearl Harbor” Retro Review??

  • Jordan

    RE: John Carter

    Watched it for the first time as a result of the pod and actually quite liked it. Definite shades of Episode II but surely a better attempt than Jupiter Ascends.

    One thing to add to the discussion…THEY DIDN’T SEE THE EARTH FROM MARS, they clearly said they were looking at the moons, the two moons of Mars. :)

  • Larry Morgan

    Film Junk is really the only podcast I look forward to. It’s so lived in, like you’re just sitting in a room listening to people talk. It’s weird more people don’t know about it.

  • pcch7

    Another force feed when the new Alien is out haha

  • EzekielFX

    Great as always guys!!! I look forward to the podcast every week!

  • Tommy

    It’s be cool if you could make the Marty premium a two-parter. It could free you up to watch some more obscure stuff. I’d definitely like to hear your opinions on his debut features.

  • pcch7

    Frank mentioning someone bringing a child to chappy reminded me, when I saw it a mother brought TWO very young kids with her to see it. Like maybe 6 years old

  • pcch7

    Reserved seating is great for me cause I have to drive an hour and ten minutes to the cinema. I don’t wanna go all that way only to find all the tickets are sold out, reserved seating is basically just booking a ticket and deciding your seat as a bonus. I know I’m getting a good seat cause I get to pick. Don’t see any downside to it at all, every complaint I hear applies to non reserved seating theaters as well. There’s nothing stopping someone from coming in and sitting near you without having a reserved ticket, or people coming in late.

  • pcch7
  • pcch7

    The president of the United States haha

  • Samb

    If it makes a difference, I’ve never seen a single episode of the show, and yet I never missed an episode of The Boardroom. Timeliness is no factor!

  • Sam

    Same boat here. Love the Boardroom podcast talk, have never watched a second of The Apprentice.

  • Maik

    It took me a while to realize that Jay was actually hyperOCDing about a FUCKING TRANSFORMER!!
    Man, when did midlife crisis turn from fucking chicks half your age and showing off age-inappropriate cars/clothes(to score said chicks) into buying overprized children´s toys ?!?

  • Jay Cheel
  • Maik

    Bud, adult men buying expensive kids toys will lead to nothing else but a future full of Fleshlights, i`m tellin ya!

  • Jay Cheel

    This is not a kids toy. It’s museum piece quality.

  • Tommy

    “But who cares” Trump is Frank

  • pcch7

    Not only that, this is Soundwave. The coolest of them all

  • Felhide

    Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior.
    (Even with a missing digit)

  • Maik

    Even an exclusive, exquisite Transformers toy (in a grown man´s place) will repell the ladies and welcome the bluest of blue balls.

  • Nick

    Are you guys planning anything for ep 600? I don’t think you’ve mentioned it so far.

    Great episode anyways, I feel like Jay has found some new energy the last couple of months. Been on fire lately.

  • darksiders


    Come on guys!!!!!