Tuesday Morning Box Office Report: Rogue One Chokes Out the Competition


Disney ended the year much the same way it started it… with a Star Wars movie at the top of the box office. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has now stayed at #1 for three weeks in a row, although Illumination Entertainment’s Sing is finally starting to nip at its heels. Rogue One has made $789 million worldwide and is the second highest grossing movie of the year domestically behind Finding Dory. Disney ended 2016 having made over $3 billion across all of their movies, helping the U.S. box office set a new record with a total of $11.3 billion. In second place, Sing earned $42.8 million followed by Passengers with $16.2 million. Moana and Why Him? rounded out the top 5. Fences and La La Land also continued to do strong business with the latter still playing on just 750 screens, while Assassin’s Creed is struggling on its way to a projected $75 to $100 million loss for Ubisoft.

1. Rogue One — $49.5M
2. Sing — $42.8M
3. Passengers — $16.2M
4. Moana — $11.0M
5. Why Him? — $10.6M
6. Fences — $10.0M
7. La La Land — $9.5M
8. Assassin’s Creed — $8.6M
9. Manchester by the Sea — $4.2M
10. Collateral Beauty — $4.2M

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  • pcch7

    New record huh.. Well I guess the theaters won’t die anytime soon, as Reed once prophesied haha

  • Felhide

    Assassin Creed isn’t that bad, worth a watch if you enjoyed playing the first game in the series. It could stand to cut down on a few of the slow motion staring at stuff scenes and has a little too much “setting up for the next one” about it but I did get some enjoyment from the action scenes and the premise is still a cool one.

  • 1138sw

    Just saw Rogue One over this holiday weekend and I must say I enjoyed it. An actual Star Wars Movie that I enjoyed since the Empire Strikes Back.

    Though there were plot holes, some sappy dialogue and recurring Return of the Jedi storylines, overall the movie was a joy to watch with a great cast. Loved Donnie Yen! He was really great!