Film Junk Podcast Episode #593: Manchester by the Sea and Nocturnal Animals


0:00 — Intro
22:00 — Review: Manchester by the Sea
48:00 — Review: Nocturnal Animals
1:04:55 — Headlines: Alien: Covenant Trailer
1:14:00 — Other Stuff We Watched: Elle, American Honey, David Brent: Life on the Road, Moonlight, The Dog Who Stopped the War, Trapped in Paradise, Jackie, Maggie’s Plan, Sing Street, Masterminds, The Night Of, Deepwater Horizon, Uncle Nick, Loving, Goat, Swiss Army Man
2:47:20 — This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:51:55 — Outro
2:54:25 — Spoiler Discussion: Nocturnal Animals

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  • kyri

    oh man i really need those reading socks..

  • ah

    Glad Jay and Sean loved Nocturnal Animals, and it at least came under consideration for Jay to getting that elusive 6/5. It was an easy 6/5 for me, that highway scene was a visceral gut punch and I was captivated by the ensuing story/stories. Add to that the excellent performances with Jake Gyllenhaal and Aaron Taylor-Johnson especially great, the haunting and evocative score and the superb cinematography and direction and it’s easily my favourite film of the year.

    On the subject of 6/5, it seems in 2016 this film came closest for Jay, Arrival for Sean and nothing came close for Frank? I’d be curious what films film junk listeners gave or would have given a 6/5 this year, or what films came close. For me, Nocturnal Animals got a 6/5 and two other films came close: Batman v Superman and Passengers. I’ve probably lost all credibility with those two picks but I absolutely love them!

  • bobsponge42

    The fact that nobody has given a 6/5 does give some credibility to Frank’s rant about this year in movies being pretty awful.

  • Lori Cerny

    Your enthusiasm & analyses really pumped me up for a lot of films.

    Thanks, FJ!

  • Lori Cerny

    Fuck 2016! Carrie Fisher just died!

  • traie

    I also really enjoyed Masterminds much more than I was expecting. That scene in the pool at the hotel…even with the CG had me busting a gut. When you guys rewatch note the slow disappearance of Owen Wilsons accent. Concerning Westworld, Sean I’m with you I finished it begrudgingly and it was a slog, I don’t get all the love for the show, it’s pretty poor. One of the guys over at Birth.Movies.Death described it as a meeting you forgot you had on a Sunday night and you can’t skip it.

  • Jameson

    I have plenty of 5/5s that all have the potential to become 6/5s on rewatch. Nocturnal Animals, Moonlight, La La Land, Manchester By The Sea, Green Room, Arrival, Everybody Wants Some. This year is almost as good as 2013 for me in terms of quality films.

  • Carlos

    Great intro, between Frank anti commercial rant and Jay’s magical thinking tangent, it summed up some of my favorite things about Film Junk.
    Can’t wait to hear yr top 10 lists in a couple weeks!

  • Sam

    Yeah, this year hasn’t sucked at all for movies in my opinion. Some magical thinking going on I think.

  • ah

    The problem (or beauty) of the film junk trademark 6/5 rating is that it has to be your initial rating. As Frank found out to his great cost last year with Mad Max: Fury Road, rewatch or even prewatch 6/5s are not allowed.

    This aspect of the 6/5 rating seems to be easily forgotten because I remember Sean said during his review of Arrival that it wasn’t a 6/5 “at this stage”. That doesn’t make sense because there’s no later stage where you can bump that rating up. With 6/5s fortune favours the bold.

  • devolutionary

    The problem with this 6/5 system (2 per year) is that once it’s in play, it cheapens the potential for so many other possibly excellent 5/5’s. This starts becoming a video-game award for an “intangible” feeling you get. All of a sudden, a 5/5 is no longer as great. And 4/5’s start curving towards above-average; which seems ridiculous.

  • Jameson

    Therein lies the issue (or at least my issue) with 6/5 having to be only your initial rating. You’re anxious to give a movie a 6/5 thinking something else will be more deserving but then no movie gets it.

  • Tommy

    Did you guys know the video game in Elle is real? It doesn’t have any violent porn stuff (I assume) but you can pick up Styx on PS4 right now.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    To Frank’s point about commercials on youtube – when I watch youtube on my Playstation app, I don’t seem to get any commercials at all…

  • Glen

    Sean, did you consider reviewing “Passengers: on the podcast this week?

  • lovke

    Sean’s exhaustive and comprehensive review of Trapped in Paradise was one of my favorite filmjunk moments of the year. First, there was the plot summary which was longer than most feature review summaries. Second, his conclusion that Trapped in Paradise was not a great movie in the least surprising conclusion ever. And finally, the high point, Sean’s gobsmacked incredulity that Nick Cage could give a bad performance despite being talented was priceless. Wasn’t sure if he was trolling or really just missed twenty years of hot takes on Nick Cage. Highlight of course was Jay’s deadpan “you know that criticism applies to 3/4 of Nick Cage movies”.

  • FDB

    The Joey Boots revelation shocked me, I had no idea.

  • Indianamcclain

    Jay’s been teasing a rewatch of John Carter for a while now. I’d like to hear a rereview of that film.

  • Kyle

    Ya and High Pitch Eric apparently discovered him on a live podcast, pretty dark stuff. :(

  • Colin

    He’s going to punch his own ticket when Disney announces their first wave of 4K discs next month and John Carter is among them.

    So will The Lone Ranger, which also deserves a rereview.

  • Your dismissal of “2016 sucks” is baffling. While I agree some people relish this shit, for the majority of us it is not “magical thinking;” it’s very real and unique. I call it unfortunate (and possible coincidental) circumstances.

    Sure, every year some big names die (last year was Nimoy, Loggia, Lee, Craven – all well over 80) but no other year holds a candle to the big names we lost this year. What makes this year particularly bad compared to other years is many of these losses were relatively young (under 70, many under 60 or less) actors and were relative surprises. And these are big BIG names; not just some random cinematographer or screen writer.

    Rickman, Fisher, G. Michael, Prince, Shandling, Bowie, Yelchin – those names alone make 2016 stand out a bit more than other years and that doesn’t even include all of the older names like Muhammad Ali, Wilder, Leonard Cohen, Gabor, Haggard, etc.

    Are you a climate change denier too? ;)

  • Ad blockers or YouTube Red takes care of this.

    PSA: YouTube Red is included with a subscription to Google Music. And it’s glorious.

  • It was the free game on PSN some months back. I played it for a while; it wasn’t that interesting.

  • Indianamcclain

    I thought Lone Ranger was alright, but I agree with Jay that the film isn’t as fun as the 2 train action sequences.

  • Looks like 2014 was pretty rough for under 60, big-name celebrities:

    Ramis, Williams, Hoffman, Ramone.

    Still nothing like 2016 has been.

  • Also. Well done Frank. Dick.

    Debbie Reynolds rushed to the hospital. Condition unknown.


  • Samb

    Anyone else getting the sense it’s becoming sort of open season on Dwy Guy in the room lately? I kind of love it and it also kind of makes me tense….

  • … and she’s dead. :(

  • I’ve noticed this too.

  • Indianamcclain

    I was about to say the same thing. Frank accurately predicted 2 more deaths.

  • Adam

    They need to focus on shitting on Frank (again) more

  • Frank did it

    Does Frank have an alibi for the time of her death?

  • pcch7

    Frank just had to push his gift didn’t he

  • pcch7

    Would definitely pick up Underworld in uhd. I like that film a lot and it looks & sounds sweet

  • pcch7

    love me some adblock

  • pcch7

    Actually, I think what the world needs now at the end of such a cruel year is a Filmjunk review of Underworld in 4K. Maybe a premium when the new one is released even

  • pcch7

    With great power comes great responsibility

  • I feel like there are so many celebrities now, that every year is going to have 5-10 big names going and another 20 or so mid-level names and hundreds of low-level celebs going… Everyone is shitting on 2016 but to be honest, most of the people that died weren’t exactly in their creative ‘prime’ like Heath Ledger, PS Hoffman, River Phoenix, etc. Bowie, Prince & Cohen were still making music but how much did any of them have left in the tank?

    Also, for us movie nuts, a lot of these names are more inflated in their significance. After Anton Yelchin died I was having to pull up google images to show people who he was and often I got “Yeah, I think I saw him in something once.”

    Of course it sucks when anyone we idolized dies, but for someone like Gene Wilder, who stopped acting long ago, as a fan we should mourn the moment they stopped creating, as from that point on they pretty much were just making themselves available for family & friends.

    But yeah, once Prince went not too long after Bowie, the ‘fuck 2016′ mantra was going to be attached to anyone else that went and I won’t be surprised if there’s a significant death early in 2017 then we’ll be hearing ‘fuck 2017′ all year long too.

  • Andrija

    Come on guys, a RESIDENT EVIL premium is a no-brainer: they’re all around 90 minutes, and the new one is coming out soon.

  • Nobody

    Yes, I’d definitely listen to that. I really only like the first one yet I’ve still seen all of them; I recall the last one at least having some great visuals. I’m surprised Frank hasn’t seen any of them, but surely he and the guys would enjoy the series more than, say, Twilight.

  • Sloth

    Hunger Games premium in January?????

  • Sam

    One other big one for me at least being a baseball fan, was Jose Fernandez, 24-year old all-star pitcher for the Marlins.

  • gibson8

    Seconded…but it’s high time Seany got involved in the baiting. I’m not the first to highlight this but when I mentioned it before the posters seemed too concerned with defending Frankie as opposed to observing the conspicuous abstention of Sean in these matters.

  • gibson8

    Yay! Lets all laugh at the dead and dying.
    pcch7 – precocious cunt
    indianmcclain – boring cunt
    Frank did it – unfunny cunt.

  • kent88

    Friendly suggestion for next week: Please review PASSENGERS with Reed.

    Reed being on the very first show of 2017 would bring people hope in these troubled times ;)

  • ReelJunkie

    Just wanna say that I completely agree with Frank’s stance on American Honey. The movie was such a try-hard artsy trash. Hated all the characters.

  • Sam

    I’m actually not that sure if they’d really enjoy that much more than Twilight. I’ve seen the first three, actively hated two of them and was indifferent about part one.

    I’d definitely listen to the premium regardless, but this would be one of the very few premiums that I wouldn’t be sure if I’d rewatch the movies myself prior to listening.

  • Nobody

    Perhaps “enjoy” is the wrong word, but I think watching a bad RE movie would yield more entertainment value than a Twilight movie. I remember being taken aback by how bad RE2 was, yet I found it so aggressively goofy that I can still recall various moments from it.

  • Reed Farrington

    My New Year’s Resolution is to keep my opinions to myself, which means I’ll have to hang up my movie critic hoodie. But I’ve already broken my resolution by tweeting about “A Dog’s Purpose.”