Alien: Covenant Trailer


Although the jury is still out on whether Prometheus can be considered a Christmas movie (it does take place during Christmas!), 20th Century Fox has decided to stuff our stockings by releasing the very first trailer for Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant on Christmas Day. This is a red band trailer, and if you thought Prometheus was a little light on the horror, this seems like it’s going to make up for that in a big way. It also makes a strong case for bringing back the Alien name. Either way, Katherine Waterston appears to be the Ripley surrogate this time around and she is ready to kick some xenomorph ass. Alien: Covenant hits theatres on May 19th; check out the trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • stinker

    Poor. Nothing new and a big „Species“ like shower scene. The original now “borrows” from a copy of it. Huge disappointment. Could only get better.

  • Bill

    Alien is now getting the Force Awakens/Jurassic World treatment from the looks of it.
    I was hoping for more of a continuation of Prometheus and not just a repackaging of xenomorphs killing people in dark, cramped corridors.

  • pcch7

    I think it looks good tbh. The scene with the spine is promising

  • 1138sw

    Yeah gotta agree. Though I did not like Prometheus was hoping that storyline would be continued as the story lead us into the Universe of Alien. But It looks like a return to the original just like the Force Awakens. Though this does look like horror fun or at least it could be.

  • parapa

    This looks like any other post 2000s scifi horror movie, really disappointing aesthetically. And that shower scene seems so out of place, why turn this into a low-rent Slasher series, very misguided

  • Matt the Kiwi

    They’ve used one of New Zealands more beautiful spots quite effectively in those outdoor scenes. Agree with the rest of the comments that the overall trailer is not overly exciting but I’m still hoping that’s the fault of the trailer and not the film.

  • Maik

    I suppose Jay is just CREAMIN`!!! over the stepchilding of practicals in favor of horrendous,unconvincing CGI in this trailer. Shame on you, Ridley.

  • LordAwesome

    Wow, visually a HUGE downgrade from PROMETHEUS. Looks like an episode of BSG.

  • Jameson

    As schlocky as that end scene is, I’m excited that they’re returning to the horror roots.

  • No one important

    I’ve tried to watch Prometheus two times and fell asleep both times. I don’t understand the love for that film around these parts. I think it’s probably a case of Ridleymortis. Hopefully this is a vast improvement on that. Hopefully….

  • Sumguy

    Besides shower scene, looks like it has potential.

  • Jonny Ashley

    Ya’ll can take your cynical boners and hide them behind your belts. I’m pumped.

  • Tahir Abbas

    It looks like a remake of Prometheus – Some of the scenes are almost identical.

    I did like Prometheus but I want an actual continuation of the story.

  • Nick Poliskey

    My argument for Prometheus is ignore it as an Alien film. As a straight Sci-Fi film it is fucking awesome. This looks like a great continuation.

  • Kenneth Serenyi

    Much has been written about how horrendous Prometheus was, especially for people who have the barest understanding of the Science they explore in the movie, so I won’t go over those points again. Hopefully this new movie can erase the pain and be a soft reboot for the new series.

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