Film Junk Podcast Episode #590: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


0:00 – Intro
13:20 – Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
38:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Hell or High Water, Train to Busan, True Memoirs of an International Assassin, Boiling Point (1990), Cutter’s Way, David Blaine: Beyond Magic, Field of Dreams, Snowden
1:31:20 – Junk Mail: Why Do Marvel Movies Look Kind of Ugly?, Corny Songs from Movie Soundtracks, Reversible Blu-ray Covers
2:00:25 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:05:10 – Outro
2:08:50 – Spoiler Discussion: Fantastic Beasts
2:27:45 – Spoiler Discussion #2: Arrival

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  • Indianamcclain

    I liked Eddie Redmayne in the film, but I can see what the guys are talking about. In the past Jay has talked about actors having a bag of tricks, and I think Redmayne’s tricks have become more apparent with every film he does.

  • devolutionary

    He’s fine as a background/character actor but the cracks show when you put him in a leading or prominent role. He seems more comfortable as a cipher; with the Theory of Everything being the exception (reminded me of Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind). I completely forgot that he played the cipher in My Week With Marilyn.

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    ‘Double beater’ needs to be put in the FJ Glossary, maybe ‘China Silk’ too.
    Great episode, guys!

  • Sloth

    You guys were discussuing the possibility of multiple gay charecters in Fantastic Beasts and apparently Johnny Depp’s Grindelwald has a romance with Dumbledore in future films.

  • Sean

    That’s true. I did know that, I guess I wasn’t thinking about it because they are potentially in a relationship with each other. So now we’re talking three gay characters in the series! There’s no way Newt is actually gay.

    There is a clip of the strudel / pie scene online and after rewatching it, it plays more like Queenie asking which of the two girls is Newt interested in.

  • devolutionary

    Jay’s reading of their UHD TV message convo was a great CanFrankerous starter.

  • Sloth

    And Newt’s response is “I dont have a preference”. I think Jay’s interpretation still works. Also Grindelwald disguised as Colin Farrell jealousy asks Newt “Why is Dumbledore so fond of you?”.

  • pcch7

    Just on the phone thing from the Tobe Hooper premium, I hate to say it but Frank is right. I used to stay on the line after my friend had hung up, to troll him, and then when he tried to call someone he’d just have me on the other side haha

  • Sean

    Yeah I think Jay or Frank mentioned the Dumbledore comment in the spoiler discussion. Gay love triangle? Maybe.

  • Sloth

    Any Giant plans for episode 600?
    P.S. Thanks for reading my tweet on the show. That was awesome!

  • Sean

    We’re talking about some ideas right now. It probably won’t be a giant party like episode 500, but we’re looking at a few ways to get listeners involved.

  • iammattz

    Having seen all of the Hunger Games/Maze Runner/Divergent films I think the discussion they spawn from comparing one to the others is really fun, especially when it comes down to nitpicking the weird nuances of their respective movie universes. That said, I think you really need to see all of the films from each of those franchises in order to have the best/most fun discussion possible. With all due respect to Jay’s animalistic urge to justify the blind buy, reviewing only the hunger game series by itself would be less interesting overall, in my view, since the film has definitely been influenced by other films in the “teenage dystopian” film landscape.

    If you did watch all of the films from each franchise and wanted to do a “teenage dystopian” premium pod, I think a change to the premium format would make it work better for the discussion. Thinking out loud, but instead of doing 8-9 sections of 30-40 mins on each individual film, maybe instead its 45min-1.5hr on each franchise, with a final 30-45mins at the end comparing them all against one another?

  • Samb

    Frank, regarding the movie about a man falling in love with a cat, were you thinking of “Passion In the Desert”? I used to see the box art for this at Blockbuster, and it filled me with questions…not questions I needed answers to enough to ever rent the movie, but more like “What the hell is this supposed to be?”, and “What target audience is this cover meant to appeal to?”. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen something so inexplicable. Anyway, here it is:

  • traie

    The Master also has reversible art that features the image of PSH from the soundtrack cover, owned it for almost two years before noticing…gulp

  • Colin

    Double Beater

  • Colin

    We need a new spinoff show… Jay ‘n’ Frank Talk Tech

  • pcch7

    On an unrelated note, you guys planning another game night stream?

  • Nobody

    Takeshi Kitano premium. It would likely be your least popular premium by a wide margin so there’s not much of a reason to do it, but one can dream.

  • FDB

    Was hoping we’d get mention of the horrid Blu-Ray covers for Boiling Point and Violent Cop.

  • pcch7

    it was, I couldn’t contain my laughter haha

  • Tim

    Quite shockingly Jay let himself be photographed for the behind the scenes feature of the latest “I Was There Too” episode. Will this be the beginning of the end for Jay´s strict “no pictures!!” ban?

  • Tommy Aww. Lookit ol’ Jay Thomas Andercheel :)

  • j-diggle

    SPOILERS for Fantastic Beasts

    The child Colin Farrell was looking for was Ezra Miller. He wanted to find the Obscurus to use it as a weapon. He thinks it’s the little girl near the end, but it’s revealed that it’s actually Ezra Miller.

  • Craig

    Girl With All the Gifts is not better than Train To Busan . It might try and say deeper things, but it ends up not being good enough do them well. TTB knows what film it is and does is really really well.

    The terrible scene with the feral kids that is a rip off of The Road Warrior on it’s own makes it an inferior film.

  • bobsponge42

    ******** SPOILERS for Arrival ********

    Concerning the Arrival spoiler talk… I agree with Sean on the main disagreement between you guys. Choosing to experience a painful (early) death in your life is bigger than Jay and Frank make it seem. The grief and mourning can last many years and be every bit as painful as the period of time with the child/person was joyful. She could be thinking, “What if I adopt a child instead?” Or some other line of thinking. That may seem to carry a lot of the joy without the certain grief. Bottom line: There is a real choice there. The consequences (good and bad) are very real for all involved.

  • Jay Cheel

    Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought that Sean was suggesting that the choice you’re talking about wasn’t even that important overall and didn’t really have any significance to the theme of the film. He kept insisting that it didn’t matter if the choice was believable or not because it wasn’t integral to the story (or something.) So whatever you do, DO NOT AGREE WITH SEAN.

    Either way, I don’t disagree that the consequences of that choice would be difficult. But I’m not talking about real life. I’m talking about the choice as presented to Amy Adams’ character within the boundaries of this story. I feel that the structure of the narrative dampens the emotional impact of HER choice. Of course she’s going to choose to do it all over again…otherwise the film wouldn’t have started the way it started.

    The problems for me seem to be structural, generally.

  • Sean

    My main points were that (a) I’m not sure that Amy Adams actually had a choice anyway because the timeline may not be alterable and (b) I think that even if this element of the movie doesn’t work for you, there is still plenty of other stuff to get out of it. I am pretty sure I said numerous times that her “choice” was believable and meaningful for me, but that I can forgive some narrative trickery to make it happen.

  • No one important

    Arrival spoilers.

    Firstly, Jay is wrong and Sean is right.

    She is not able to relive time. There is no time travel. There is no choice about whether to have the child again or not. It has not happened yet. I think it’s exactly what Sean says. She sees future memories. I believe, in the movie, the memories of the future are perceived the exact same way we perceive memories of the past. The present is all that exists. There is no way to change a future memory, there is no way to change these visions she is having and I can prove why a future memory like this cannot be changed. With science. 

    Scenario 1. Lets say you had a future memory of not paying your phone bill next week. Instead of missing the payment you pay it on time. The time line of not paying your phone bill would not have happened so that future memory would not have occurred because that is a future that will not exist. The future memory would be either paying it or not paying it and that’s what you would do.

    Scenario 2. Let’s say there will be an earthquake next week. Unless you want to die the only future memory you would have is the one where you survive. The future vision where you die would not occur because for you to possibly have a vision like that, you would have had to accept it, and die. If you want to live the only future memory that could occur is one where you survive. 

    Having such foresight would make our species zen like. We would essentially always be in the right place at the right time because any vision that we would try to change would either not exist, or we would fail to alter the outcome. There would be very little crime or murder because any attempt that was witnessed, during or after would be foiled. The clever aspect of her child having an incurable disease is that even having such foresight, there are forces within the universe that we cannot control. This may be why the aliens need us in the future. 

    At the point where we leave her in the movie, she only has memories of her child. She hasn’t even met her yet which is why.. “Let’s make a baby”. If she chose not to have her child she wouldn’t have visions of her because the child would never have existed.

  • Reed Farrington

    So I guess I’m wrong in stating that the theme of the movie being that if you had a choice to have a child knowing that the child would die young, you would still have the child. You’re saying the movie is stating that free-will is an illusion. Oh, well. I wish someone would make a better movie with my theme.

  • Jay Cheel

    This is from an interview with Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer From the Q&A Podcast with Jeff Goldsmith:

    Eric: The message in Ted’s story was more about Louise embracing the inevitable. It was a very kind of deterministic realization that likely everything is predestined and you just gotta find a way to make peace with that. I was a bit rebellious about that. I’m like “Ted, I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all.” And I said I think it’s more profound for me if she has a choice. If she has free will and can change her future and yet she chooses to have Hanna. That to me is more affecting. That gets me, and that’s really where I wanted to land on it. But if I did that, then I had to make sure it wasn’t a rock climbing accident in which Louise could just call the day before and say “Don’t go.”

    Jeff: Obviously you’re getting into the biggest reveal of the film which is that these are not flashbacks but furthermore, flash forwards that she’s experiencing in time. Seeing the future and opting to go for the love of her child even though she knows that her child is going to die.”

    Eric: Right.

  • Jay Cheel

    From another interview:

    Eric – “Those who can immerse themselves in the language will experience nonlinear time & help guide humanity to eventually save them. Hence the 3000 years line from Costello.”

    Taylor – “True Eric, but the language locks the one understanding the language into a timeline, no? Didn’t aliens originally want to learn flexability from humans? Seemed like a bit part of Chaing’s original story idea.”

    Eric – “I deviate from the story in that aspect — rather than locking into determinism, choice is still on the table. Which, in my humble opinion, makes it more profound that Louise could have chosen NOT to have Hannah with Ian.”

  • Jay Cheel

    Also, the film seems to suggest that Ian left Louise because of the choice she made.

  • Reed Farrington

    Oh, so I was right about the theme; however, I think the screenwriter messed up by changing the intent of the original story’s writer. Basically, to live in a nonlinear timeline implies that you cannot change things. Think about all the things that can affect something in the future. If you have a vision of something in the future, it’s easy for someone else to change that future, so visions of the future would just be like you imagining what could happen.

    “No one important” brought up the interesting point of why Louise’s daughter died from illness rather than from a car crash. IMO, the illness should be avoidable as well although not as easily. I don’t think the screenwriter solved anything by making her die of illness.

  • No one important

    Hey Sean,

    This is for the upcoming manifesto episode. It’s long but necessary.

    Dear Film Junk,

    I simply cannot abide by the following rule. 

    Separation of DVDs and Blu Ray. Let’s be honest, Blu ray packaging looks like shit. It’s ugly and DVDs look way better. The only reason Blu ray won the format war against HDDVD was because their packaging was even worse.  The only way I can tolerate the look of Blu Ray packaging in my collection is by trying to blend them in. The true benefit of this are all my movies are together. My Mad Max 2 Blu ray can sit harmoniously next to my DVD copy of Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunderdome. You really need to embrace diversity.

    This error in judgement on your behalf does not mean your manifesto is a complete disaster. Sure, there is a lot of wasted time discussing slip cases that has nothing to do with “organizing”, but you do have ideas that I agree with completely, like separation of TV and Movies and seasonal shelves. However, after three podcasts of discussion, and one of Jay and Frank jerking each other off, you still haven’t considered several organizational methods.

    1. On one of the manifesto episodes an intelligent listener proposed chronological organizing. Frank immediately shot it down because of different release dates in different countries. I organize alphabetically by year of release. Each year is separated by a blank DVD case with the year on the spine. So for example 1989 is followed by The Abyss, The Adventures of Milo and Otis and Bad Taste at the start and finishes with Tremors, Turner and Hooch and Uncle Buck at the other end. I could not imagine any other way of organizing. It’s the history of film organized as it happened and it encourages exploration of periods you may have neglected. Year is decided by copyright symbol on back or year chosen by IMDB. As you get further back and find you don’t have many films then you can create a classic section and alphabetize accordingly. Frank will try and argue “but what if I’m in bed and my dad has to find something”. Any credible film buff should be able to guess within a few years the release of a film. Basic alphabetization, although creating a necessary order, is boring. This keeps order but creates interest.

    2. Franchise section. Anything with multiple movies can be grouped together. This alleviates separation of movies with non numbered or alphabetized sequel names and allows the grouping of films like Prometheus with the Alien films or the x-men and wolverine films.

    3. Multipack section. Some films are just not available any other way. I organize by types of multipack. Directors, actors, genres, country of origin and distributors, for example the shout factory movie marathons are all together. 

    4. Shelving. My solution to gaps is to always have not enough shelving. You may find that you don’t have enough room anyway so you should aim to have a displayed collection and any extra movies that do not fit will have to go in storage. By limiting your displayed collection there will never be gaps and only the best films will be on show and thus your credibility as a collector increases. You can always trade from the stored collection to add variety and if you have enough in storage for a complete set of shelves you can add another knowing it will be fully stocked. This method also reduces the inclusion of films you may have purchased to juice your collection when it was in it’s early stages.

    5. One section I have been considering is the New Release section. Most collectors have many films in their collection they have not seen. I like the idea of having a separate section of films that I have not yet viewed. I find that when I go to my collection with the the intent of watching something new, the old favorites lure me away. Not having this enticement will encourage new experiences and there is also the argument of should films that you have not seen be a part of the general collection. 

    Thank you.

  • no one important

    Eric is an idiot. He says there is a choice but Louise chooses to embrace the future memory she had anyway so this choice is an illusion. She was always going to have the child.

  • Frank is so wrong about Eddie Redmayne in Jupiter Ascending. He’s the only one in that whole movie that knows what movie he’s in. He’s the only interesting performance in the entire film.

  • Jay Cheel

    Which is exactly what I was saying. How could she not? Which is why the ending didn’t work for me.

  • no one important

    I remember on an old podcast you mentioned doing TV directing work. Some Dead show? Am I imaging this?

  • Jay: “I watched ‘Field of Dreams’ again. I don’t have much to say about it…”

    45 minutes later you’re planning a 12 hour trip to a mythical baseball field. Love the junk!

  • Nobody

    I assume there’s a good reason why Criterion and their great covers haven’t reached any of his movies yet.

  • Cones

    Can we please see a picture of your collection? It hurts to think of DVD and Blu-ray ray together.