Rambo Reboot in the Works Without Sylvester Stallone


After years of rumours about Stallone potentially returning for one more Rambo movie, it seems that he is finally ready to throw in the headband. Last year we heard that a Rambo TV series was in the works at Fox, potentially focusing on the son of John Rambo. Although it was originally reported that Stallone was on board as an executive producer, he later clarified that he would not be involved in any way. Now this week it looks like the Rambo reboot has moved from the small screen to the big screen instead and it apparently already has a director. Alas, Stallone is still not involved. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

According to THR, Nu Image / Millennium Films are in the process of setting up a Rambo reboot titled Rambo: New Blood. The movie will be directed by Israeli director Ariel Vromen (Criminal, The Iceman) from a script by Brooks McLaren (How It Ends). Plot details for the movie are currently being kept under wraps.

Despite sharing a title with the proposed TV series, they do not seem to be retaining any of the previous script work done by Jeb Stuart (Die Hard, Lock Up). They also seem to be eliminating the idea of using John Rambo’s son, which may or may not be because Stallone expressed doubt about the idea in an interview with Variety last year. Either way, the movie will star a younger actor in the lead role and they are supposedly viewing the Rambo character as being “akin to James Bond”, which would seem to indicate that the new actor will be playing John Rambo himself. Are you interested in seeing someone else play Rambo?

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