New to Theatres This Weekend: The Accountant, Max Steel, Kevin Hart: What Now?


Ben Affleck gets a chance to prove he can still pack ‘em in when he’s not wearing a cape as the Gavin O’Connor thriller The Accountant hits theatres this weekend. The movie has been getting lacklustre reviews but still seems to be the one to beat at the box office (which isn’t saying much). Other major releases include Kevin Hart’s latest stand-up comedy concert film, Kevin Hart: What Now?, and the Max Steel movie, which is opening on over 2000 screens but will probably be lucky to pull in $5 million. In select theatres, we also have Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women, Jonas Cuaron’s Mexican border thriller Desierto, and the Christine Chubbuck biopic Christine starring Rebecca Hall. What will you be watching this weekend?

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  • Colin

    Please don’t review guaranteed snoozefest The Accountant… I’m sure we’d all much rather you review Max Steel, which is guaranteed to be horrible, hopefully in an entertaining way (I know that Jay doesn’t believe in so-bad-its-good, but still)

  • Sean

    The current plan is to review Mascots and Rob Zombie’s 31.