Film Junk Podcast Episode #585: The Girl on the Train


0:00 – Intro
11:00 – Review: The Girl on the Train
30:30 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Wailing, Westworld (2016), The Magnificent Seven (2016), Massage Parlor Murders!, The Ghost & Mr. Chicken, Adventures in Babysitting, The Earth Dies Screaming
1:06:55 – Junk Mail: Horror Recommendations for Halloween, Hunt for the Wilderpeople Missed References, Most Frustrating Food-Related Moments in Movies, What’s Holding Frank Back from 4K?, Roseanne Updates, Who We Would Vote For in the U.S. Election
1:40:45 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray / Outro

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  • Colin

    Quad City DJs opening? This has to be the work of Editor Frank

  • schizopolis

    Looking forward to The Wailing. I loved The Yellow Sea. Highly recommend. I prefer it over The Chaser. This director makes damn good crime-thrillers.

  • parapa

    For Frank’s analysis on Fuqua, theres a really good interview with him at Deadline:

    The vibe I get is that he legitimately tries his hardest to do a good job on every movie and keep getting work, but he’s just not very good.

  • schizopolis

    Eeek. Frank talking and laughing about the Trump tape and admitting that he was “laughing so hard” listening to Trump brag about Tic-Tacs and kissing beautiful women. You know, Billy Bush is about to get fired from NBC just for laughing too.

    Like Devin Faraci, Frank might need a podcast lawyer. The COPO might say “Frank is admitting to laughing so hard while listening to Trump describe sexual assault”. Oh man, I hope Frank is on the podcast this week.

    Frank, your lawyer should advise you to put on a bright red V-neck sweater and apologize for laughing and then admit to never getting pussy. The COPO will accept.

  • Tommy

    Was it the fifth screenshot down that cemented the China and Silk purchase for you, Jay?

  • LordAwesome

    Sean, there’s already a series where a drunk solves mysteries, it’s called THE THIN MAN.

  • Sean

    Haha fair enough… been meaning to watch some of those for a while now. Now that I think about it, there are probably a ton of detective movies from that era where the main character is a drunk.

  • traie

    No comments on the HORRIBLE CG at the end of The Magnificent Seven??

  • Frankie Knuckles

    What part? It’s tough to spot at the Drive-in.

  • traie

    The crosses in the last shot, the grass, everything was CG for some reason. Wait till you revisit on Baby Blue yer gonna barf. Also super nit picky but the film was titled both The Magnificent Seven in the opening credits and then in the end The Magnificent 7…that shit makes me crazy!

  • traie

    Sorry Frank didn’t see this before my reply, the playing card was the worst.
    I hear ya, was really hoping for something fun but with teeth and it was so disappointing and bland, I too could not wait to get the heck outta there, was just sticking around to hear the Magnificent Seven theme which they also chintz out on.

  • Maik

    To the Letterboxd Police :
    According to the commandments is Jay allowed to rate his VS-porn-blurays if he is only half paying attention while furiously jerking off?

  • LordAwesome

    How anyone could think Clinton is better than Trump is beyond me. Trump may be a bumbling sleazeball but Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians in US history, a murderer, a war-monger, an incompetent and a sociopathic with zero empathy.

    Trump may have said lewd things but Clinton is a rape enabler and intimated her husband’s victim. Seriously – which is worse?

    Trump as president might be a disaster but Clinton as president is a certainty to be catastrophic.

  • devolutionary

    It’s just “locker room” talk. Kinda like how naked bros towel-whipping each other’s tushies is just “locker room” antics. Rat tails forever!

  • Colin

    That’s the only way I’d allow it to be logged.

  • DestinationThreshold

    This is exactly correct.

    Sean, every one I know thinks Trump is far from ideal (most think he is an idiot), but people are not supporting him because they think they have to vote republican, they are supporting him because they think Hillary is way worse. We have no good choice. Politics is the worst.

  • Maik

    ok, well, let´s just hope Jay has an easy access trashcan next to his Blurayplayer then

  • Sean

    I guess I really do need to watch Hillary’s America then.

  • devolutionary

    Even the mostly left-leaning Netflix doc “13th” exposes Hillary’s double-talk regarding race-relations and mass incarceration. Glad I’m not American right now. Wouldn’t vote for either.

  • Mark

    Love ya, Frankie, but you can be a world class dope sometimes.

  • Mark

    She’s a murderer now? I’m With Her, because I don’t want her to kill me.

  • schizopolis

    If I remember correctly, this episode was all about the Frank narrative. Emily Blunt’s performance is “garbage” (sexist). Frank “hates Antoine Fuqua” (racist). Even the last junk mail actually calls out Frank on his Trump-like, privileged white male transgressions. This episode seems almost scripted!

    Actually, Film Junk’s podcast lawyer will clarify that the show is in fact scripted and that Frank’s persona is of the typical privileged white doughy male just for entertainment. The COPO needs to know that there is no record of Frank’s transgressions. No misogyny. No white privilege ignorance that could be misconstrued as racism. Frankie “loves the broads and the blacks”.

    All kidding aside, this is way more fun than responding to Mamo and their self-admitted white privilege and Matt Gamble’s white knight/SJW ramblings. It’s no fun when the adversary concedes before the game even starts. That’s why Frankie’s the best. He’s the new Reed Farrington punching bag. And don’t get me started on Film Junk & Reed Farrington..aka the Fez of the group. At least, the show mostly evolved out of it.

  • devolutionary
  • Samb

    It’s just the Clinton Derangement Syndrome talking. Nobody, literally nobody in the history of Earth, has taken more published or broadcast axe-grinding-for-ratings-and-book-sales shit than she has. Some of it sticks, sure — I believe she’s corrupt in the usual ways. But never forget, while Bill was the original official target of the hair-on-fire industry, many within it not-so-secretly admired his philandering. No such luck for Hillary, who became Enemy #1 for all time when it became clear she wasn’t going to help bring him down.

  • Samb

    Anyway, about the idea of voting Trump to support the Republican party…we’ve had a rightward-tilted Supreme Court for a generation, and the balance has been precarious for much of that time. It’s been kept that way by strategic retirements — conservative justices have tended to retire during Republican administrations, just as liberal justices have done so during Democratic administrations. But the unexpected death of arch-conservative Scalia during an election year has thrown everything into an uproar, which is why the Republican controlled House has refused to allow a successor appointment. Many will vote for Trump primarily for the reason that they don’t want a Democrat to have the next few appointments, as that will tip the balance definitively the other way for the first time in a long time.

  • frenetik1

    Which one of these guys is the snort-laugher?

  • Sean

    I think it was me, although strangely it was the first time I’ve ever done it. Frankie just has that effect, I guess!

  • Zac

    I mean George W. Bush was a war criminal, so I think the country can take the hit. What baffles me is how anyone in their right mind could trust Trump with Nuclear access codes, especially over a career-politician that has proven herself capable and poised on the world stage.

  • Dom

    Sean, don’t second guess yourself. What you said during the show was right. I’m going with Hillary. This will be the easiest vote I’ve ever cast. I won’t go into all the reasons why- they keep mounting. The choice is clear to most people, even if some don’t want to admit it.

  • Strybeck

    On the food question…how about Looper. If JGL and Bruce Willis would’ve been eating their big plates of steak and eggs (rare and scrambled) they might have not have gotten into such a tense disagreement in that diner scene. Instead the food just sat there while they argued…and well, it doesn’t end well for the poor uneaten food. It was hard to concentrate on their important discussion while their delicious breakfasts just sat there.

  • No one important

    Frank clearly wants 4KUHD Blu ray to fail. Apart from the comedies we all know his collection is purely for show. To impress people. For street cred. He can’t aquire the admiration of his fellow cinema aficionados if he doesn’t posses the most pristine version of a film. I can only imagine his frustration of having to upgrade and replace his soon to be inferior Criterion Collection. Triple dipping on films he has never watched. That must eat away at his very soul. Frank has stated that he wants to go Digital and 4K Bluray’s failure will be his justification. The highest quality, most glorious image.. Can’t get it on a disc.

  • iammattz

    Wonder what the other junkers think – getting to be time for a Vinegar Syndrome premium pod?

  • Dwight Gabadon

    Can you guys stream BBC iPlayer over there? Would love to hear your thoughts on the new Adam Curtis doc Hypernormalisation. Its like a highbrow version of those crazy youtube propoganda vids, only really well made.

  • Heather

    You guys throw around 5 stars waaaaay too easily. A 5/5 is a 10/10 which is a 100%, which implies an absolutely perfect masterpiece that has no flaws. When whoever described the wailing didn’t even sound like he loved it. Come on guys

  • gibson8

    Heather – The issue of inaccurate and misleading ratings has been covered extensively Jay has stated repeatedly that they are not reviewers and that his ratings are not meant to be taken that seriously. They used to use a four star scale which was vagueness personified. I have been criticising the rating system and the inconsistency of their comments for years and basically the response is that ‘our comments only highlight the negative elements of the movie’. So there you go.

  • Sean

    Well, I guess there are two issues here really. One is the idea that a 5/5 should be an absolute perfect masterpiece that only comes around once every few years. That’s a personal thing and I don’t agree with that. I think a 5/5 is a movie that is among the best in its genre and does what it sets out to do perfectly, perhaps while innovating or doing something unique as well. It doesn’t mean it is 100% without flaw. I don’t know if I think any movie is 100% without flaw. I can assure you that The Wailing was still one of our favourite movies of the year as I believe both Jay and I had it on our top 10 lists for 2016.

    The other issue is that our praise or criticism of a movie during a discussion doesn’t always match the ratings we give. That’s a tough one. Sometimes the conversation just goes where it goes and we lose perspective on how it sounds. We don’t plan out our reviews ahead of time and in most cases we don’t even have notes. We are much more interested in the casual conversation than attempting to be film critics (which we clearly are not). Ultimately all we can do is try to be open about our own biases and the ridiculousness of rating movies in the first place. Hope that helps a little bit.

  • gibson8

    Have a word with Frank because I don’t think he understands what any of this means. (See my recent comment)