True Memoirs of an International Assassin Trailer Starring Kevin James


Following in the footsteps of his good buddy Adam Sandler, Kevin James has his own Netflix original film coming later this year. Unlike The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over, however, this is not a Happy Madison production (which could be a good thing but is probably irrelevant). True Memoirs of an International Assassin is a comedy that follows a pretty familiar premise: an average joe gets mistaken for a deadly assassin and finds himself pulled into a world of danger and intrigue. In this case, the main character is an author whose debut novel is falsely marketed as the true memoir of a professional killer. Directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2, Never Back Down), the movie is at least attempting to provide some solid action to go with the laughs. As for whether it actually succeeds, that still remains to be seen. True Memoirs of an International Assassin arrives on Netflix on Nov. 11th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Frankie Knuckles

    Soooooo IN on this

  • Kasper

    This looks great! After Sean’s write-up I was expecting a turd, but this looks super fun.

  • adamn

    Surprising no one

  • gibson8

    adamn where were you when I needed reinforcements!