8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars Trailer


We’ve already seen plenty of documentaries about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates’s contributions to the personal computer revolution over the years, but there are many other key players who to this day still do not get the credit they deserve. One of these key players was undoubtedly Jack Tramiel, the hard-nosed businessman behind Commodore International. The Commodore 64 still holds the record as the highest-selling computer of all time, and if you happened to grow up with one in your household (as I did), I’m sure you’ll agree that it was an amazing machine. 8-Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars is a long overdue documentary that finally tells Commodore’s side of story and offers a first-hand account of the cutthroat business tactics they used to beat Apple at their own game. You can pre-order the film over on VHX now, but if you happen to live in Toronto it is playing at The Revue this week on Sept. 20th and 21st. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • mrpigeon

    Sean, have you seen either of the two ‘From Bedrooms To Billions’ documentaries? They’re heavily C64/Amiga focused and might be up your alley.

  • Sean

    I haven’t, but it does sound like it would be up my alley. Thanks for the heads up!

  • stinker

    I case you like to read : Brain Bagnell “Commodore Acompany on the Edge”.