Amanda Knox Trailer: Another True Crime Documentary Coming to Netflix


Netflix has already announced that there will be a new season of Making a Murderer, and although there have been some interesting recent developments in the case, it will still be a while before we get to see any new episodes. In the meantime, they’ve got another true crime documentary coming out later this month that might scratch that itch. Amanda Knox is a feature-length doc about the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, a British exchange student living in Italy at the time. Her roommate, Amanda Knox, was quickly accused of the crime, although much of the evidence was later called into question. Directed by Rod Blackhurst (Here Alone) and Brian McGinn (Ferrell Takes the Field), the film seems to explore both sides of the case, as illustrated with two different trailers showing opposite perspectives. Amanda Knox arrives on Netflix on Sept. 30th; check out the trailers after the jump and see what you think.

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  • mikeyt34

    Might be interesting, but it seems to me that everything about this case has already come out. Knox might add some to the narrative, she’s remained fairly low profile since her release, so hearing what she has to say may be worthwhile.

  • Nick P.

    I will totally watch this, but I have a hard time with this Amanda Knox person. She isn’t “interesting” the way Steve Avery or Adnan Syed is. The “guilty” video already asked the most damning question about her innocence…..If she is truly innocent, why did she initially blame an innocent black man (her boss) for the murder?