Film Junk Podcast Episode #579: War Dogs


0:00 – Intro: Frank’s Cringeworthy Comments Revisited
23:55 – Review: War Dogs
44:15 – Headlines: Arrival Trailer, COPS Movie in the Works
52:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: Dial M for Murder, The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, The Tick
1:08:05 – Junk Mail: Rotten Tomatoes Conspiracy Theories, The Tragically Hip, Jay’s “Televisual” Criticism, Busking Turf Wars Response, Watching Older Movies on the Big Screen, Movies That Could Have Been Better With Other Directors, Bret Easton Ellis and the Death of American Cinema, Adding Flair to a Movie Collection
1:55:10 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
1:57:30 – Outro

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  • DestinationThreshold

    Holy Shit, Jay’s “You Be The Judge” audio clip is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on the show. So good. Have a great day guys!

  • ah

    Always love it when Jay rocks up to the show with a fully loaded audio clip in his holster and just starts firing it at will.

    One request: would love to hear that thing play out in the uninterrupted glory it deserves. Any chance you could add it on to the end of your next podcast?

  • Indianamcclain

    Personally Nice Guys, Nerve, and X-Men Apocalypse were the only wide releases I really liked this summer. 2014 was the last one that I had great releases throughout.

  • Sam

    I think Jay’s comment about someone else supposed direct The Wrestler instead of Aronofsky, was that at one point Darren Aronofsky was supposed to direct The Fighter, wasn’t he?

    I believe I recall him working on what was supposed to be a “sports” type trilogy with The Wrestler, The Fighter, and Black Swan.

  • devolutionary

    I remember that Aronofsky left the film to work on Robocop before finally settling on Black Swan. At some point he unsuccessfully wanted to tie the 2 extremes (Wrestler & Black Swan) into a Beauty/Beast film.

  • Lori Cerny

    Poor Frank, he got so owned!

  • iammattz

    Yyyyyyyyyikes, such a great opening salvo from Jay. Absolutely hysterical stuff guys.

    Also, Frank’s comments about “just saying things for the show” have me a bit concerned… If everything he says now is couched in him just joking around, who’s to say what his true feelings are? Think about it, after everything said in the intro, can you definitively say that his “love” of Nothing but Trouble is anything but a long-con? Time for us Junkers to start reading between the lines…

  • Lan

    About the trailer of ‘Arrival’, if this movie adaption keeps the main plot of its original novella, which is one of my all-time favorite sci-fi short story, and yes, the alien language is the theme, and the key to all the mystery. Upon watching the trailer, It gave me chill just seeing the language visualized on the screen. I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  • adam

    please give us a clean, uninterrupted upload of it somewhere. youtube?

  • Ashley

    I hope Frank settles down, stops interrupting and ceases to make the entire show about him. I’d love to see him stay but, honestly, I’d rather see Shawn and Jay paired with someone less interested in constructing a narrative or ‘character’.

    It’s got to the point where I’m questioning the authenticity of the show rather than enjoying the guys talk about films, with a little gentle banter.

  • Sean
  • Jr

    A fruit party is always a sausage party but a sausage party is not always a fruit party.

  • SquidHead#1Fan

    Frank’s Bret Easton Ellis impression is killer.

  • Markus

    Dont listen to the hate Frank, you’re fucking awesome and is all heart!
    I do love it when Jay gives it too you tho’.

  • ah

    Couldn’t disagree more. Jay, Sean and Frank are the podcast trinity where Jay is Batman, Sean is Superman and Frank is Wonder Woman. Just imagine that Wonder Woman theme kicking in every time Frank speaks – he brings that energy and fun to the show. The narrative thing is overblown, and regardless I prefer listening to someone who makes big statements and tries to back them up and sure often fail to, than someone who just sits there like a dried out muffin and has little to offer. It’s meant to be fun and I love it!

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    I agree. Frank rocks. I don’t care if he’s vamping or not. The Film Junk trio is one of the best dynamics in podcasting.

  • Laura

    It is, and it’s even better when it’s a quartet (Dax)

  • bobsponge42

    “Fruit Bowl” would be the name of the fruit equivalent of “Sausage Party”, no?

  • Josh

    So what you’re saying is that this podcast is more mockumentray than documentray.

  • So if most of Scorsese’s filmography is embarrassing because he uses the same music, does this mean they’ll be dropping out of the top 100 as well?

  • Comcast owns Universal.

  • No one important

    So are we looking at a “Scifi Renaissance” with films like Interstellar, The Martian and now The Arrival. It reminds me of the time Frank questioned Jay about what movies justified that there was a supposed “Horror Renaissance” and he said “The Guest”.

    Also, please, do we really need another super hero show? I’m talking about voting for The Tick. I don’t know if you guys realise this but super hero movies are the definitive movies for mouth breathers. Bring on Van Damme.

    Finally, if there is going to be another manifesto episode, it has to be a video. You guys need to show us your collections, show us what an acceptable collection should look like. One obvious solution for a few problems you discussed… Example Alien, Alien Nation and Aliens ordering…have a franchise section. A dilemma though.. if you have a franchise section, do you need all entries in the franchise. Example.. I have Alien, Aliens and Alien Resurrection but I don’t want to buy Alien 3. Also, multipack section, because a lot of films cannot be found any other way. I have director, genre, country and star multipacks… How should I organize these?

  • Samb

    Frank doesn’t make the show about Frank. Jay makes the show about Frank, and I for one am entertained.

  • ProjectGenesis

    Hope you guys can get to HELL OR HIGH WATER soon.

  • Lance

    It is suppose to be expanding to more theaters this weekend, so fingers crossed we get a FJ review next week.

  • Sean

    We’ll be reviewing Don’t Breathe on the next show. Not sure about the week after but I still don’t think it’s in wide release in Canada.

  • iammattz

    I think it works like this:
    1) Alien, Aliens, Alien Nation
    2) Franchise section? Puh-leeease
    3) Multipack section? yyyyyyyyikes

  • Sam

    It’s all a character for the show Matt, come on.

  • No one important

    1) more like.. Alien, Alien 3, Alien Nation, Alien Resurrection, Aliens

    Also, I know you guys love the image quality of Blu ray. It is nice. But the packaging is awful. The blue plastic, to put it in film junk terms, is “offensive” and was only really a design feature to separate itself from the HDDVD. I tried to separate my DVD and Blu Ray but it just looked dumb. DVD packaging is far superior. The only way Blu ray cases can be even remotely tolerated is by mixing in with DVD cases.

  • RoahN

    I get it. I finally get it.

    For years, I’ve been wondering why no one has ever punched Frank in the head for his constant dismissal of opinions that differ from his.

    You like something that Frank doesn’t? You must be riding the critical wave or have classitosis / criterionitis.

    I used to think that Jay and Sean had the patience of fucking saints. But now I get it.

    Frank’s just playing a character. Someone get this guy a fucking Golden Globe.

  • Primal

    If only the podcasts were also filmed and we could get an exposé of Frank’s facial expressions.

  • Tim

    We could also revisit Jay´s frantic and absurdly frequent bathroom breaks!
    Remember when he would mysteriously dissappear every 15 minutes during the Ustream broadcasts? !!CLASSIC!!

  • Primal

    Hehe, I remember! Maybe Singe can hook Jay up with an officer body cam.

  • I’d love to see the hand motions and faces behind every “I’ll mouth it” or “You know, when he… and then… and (sucking noises)”

  • Tim

    Niiice, but doubt it.
    Jay sort of banned all photgraphs and/or films of himself some time ago.
    Got quite angry at Sean when he wanted to take a picture of him: “I don´t do photos! You know this!”

  • darksiders

    Just wanted to point out – Jay saying he would never take the stance of ‘i never said that’ – he actually said those exact words on the last podcast about Gwyneth Paltrow…

    Go get him Frankie!

  • gibson8

    I thought you were on his side Matt and I have to say that I feel vindicated so whether Frank is real or imagined it doesn’t change the fact that his bullshit needed to be called out.

  • gibson8

    gibson8 gibson8 8 days ago
    2:54-3:00: Frank doesn’t like the Jaws incidental soundtrack. Why can’t Frank stop trying to be right. I am starting to believe this is a behavioural problem which probably began in childhood with little Frankie desperately trying to avoid getting into trouble and constantly coming up with clarifications and explanations to extricate himself from potentially perilous situations so much so that now he frequently engages in this behaviour to convince himself and others of his version of the truth. This little passage was a rare occasion when everyone present knew he was lying and attempting to edit the past. For the haters out there Jay has called repeatedly for listeners to find the evidence and nail Frank’s duplicitous ass (only for entertainment purposes you understand) so don’t jump down my throat for bothering to listen.

    Well, were you entertained Lori?

  • gibson8

    I have to smile when I consider the amount of shit I’ve taken for highlighting this. Just a bit of fun though like Frank’s ‘answers for the pod’.